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The Perfect Afterschool Snack for Kids and Parents

Written by Ashley Palmer | March 3, 2011

This quick and easy snack is the perfect afterschool treat, breakfast on the go, or packed-lunch surprise.

For a slight twist on the classic “ants on a log” snack, we decided to use dried cranberries in place of raisins. These will have you—and your child—begging for more!

Just slice fresh celery, smear on some of your favorite peanut butter, and top with dried cranberries.

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  • Ashley-P says:

    Hi Jenni, There are plenty of peanut butters that do not contain palm oil. The peanut butter I used for this recipe was made with vegetable oil (soybeans). Just read your labels if this is a concern for you. Good luck!

  • Jenni says:

    But all peanut butter contains Palm oil – so not exactly cruelty free :=/

  • kris says:

    Celery is an acquired taste in asia. but to go with peanut butter. i must try!! be vegan…be creative!! 🙂

  • Rhiannon Scrivener says:

    Celery and peanut butter is my FAV snack EVER!!! I even had it at my hen’s nite. Along with other vegan-friendly goodies.

  • Naty! says:

    1. I hate celery
    2. No peanut butter in Argentina (I guess peanut butter means to you people what dulce de leche -‘milk jam’- means to us)

  • bb says:

    of course we do! i dont think you know what celery is…

  • bb says:

    of course we do! i dont think you know what celery is…

  • EveMarieR says:

    ladybugs on a log!

  • Rose1 says:

    Unfortunatelly we don’t have celery sticks in Turkey.