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National Sandwich Day

Think veganism is the greatest thing since sliced bread? In celebration of National Sandwich Day, feast your eyes on these photos of tasty, cruelty-free sammiches!

Smoked Portobello and Horseradish Panini


Faux Turkey Melt

‘Meatball’ Sub

Fried Green Tomatoes

Crispy Cucumber Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

Barbecue Seitan

All-American Vegan Sliders

Mock Tuna Salad

Need more inspiration? Check out these ideas!

Too lazy to make your own sandwich? If you’re lucky enough to live near one of these restaurants, try one of PETA’s Top Five Vegan Sandwiches.

What’s your favorite vegan sandwich?

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  • Stella Sudekum says:

    DEFINITELY the Jack Barbecue from Fud in Kansas City, Missouri. The first time I went there, my date got it and I got their tacos; very delicious but once I tasted that sandwich, I basically split it with him haha. I’ve been back twice since then and gotten it BOTH TIMES. It is seriously the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten. PLEASE do yourself a solid and try it out if you’re in the area.

  • sholloway96 says:

    I totally agree with Ashley. Fried green tomato sandwich IS GENIUS! I never thought of it before either. Wow! I gotta get some green tomatoes for dinner tonight.

  • Leotis says:

    The top three in my book are 1. Smoked Portobello and Horseradish Panini 2. Falafel Sandwich 3. Fried Green Tomatoes with grilled red onions.


  • Sonia says:

    Why are these sandwiches named as ‘meatball’, ‘turkey’, etc. I find it very offensive.

  • Ashley says:

    Oh man, these look delicious! I never even thought of a fried green tomato sandwich-genius!

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