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11 Vegan Meat Brands That Are Changing Everything

It’s a great time to eat vegan. There are more plant-based meat options than ever before, and they’re available everywhere, from your local co-op to big-box stores, including Target and Walmart. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which ones to try first—so we’ve taken away the guesswork with this handy list.

1. Beyond Meat

This innovative company is single-handedly changing the vegan meat game. What’s its secret? Beyond Meat’s mouth-watering products are made from non-GMO, gluten-free pea protein, but beyond that, the company has garnered the support of some highly influential people. The former CEO of McDonald’s is on its board of directors, and Bill Gates and Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams are all investors. Must-try product: the revolutionary, “bloody” Beyond Burger.

2. Gardein

We love that Gardein offers fishless fish, including a golden fishless fillet, as well as mini crabless cakes. Its website also features fun recipes and a page of gluten-free products. Must-try product: Classic Meatless Meatballs.

3. Tofurky

Founded in 1980, Tofurky quickly became famous for its holiday roasts, but it’s known for many other delectable vegan products as well, including deli slices, veggie dogs, tempeh bacon, vegan pizza, and more. Must-try product: chorizo-style ground “beef”.

4. Field Roast

Made with grain meat, Field Roast products include vegan sausages, deli slices, roasts, burgers, and even a meatloaf. Its famous vegan cheese Chao Slices are a great complement to what we consider a must-try product: the Hand-Formed Burger.

5. Yves Veggie Cuisine

Yves has a wide range of vegan products, including Vegan Grain Strips with BBQ Sauce, Original Meatless Jumbo Hot Dogs, and Meatless Canadian Bacon. The company was founded in 1985 and continues to provide cholesterol-free vegan meat options to a growing demographic of compassionate consumers. Must-try product: Veggie Brats Classic.

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6. Trader Joe’s

A trip to Trader Joe’s is a pleasant experience for any vegan, as the grocery chain carries a large array of vegan meat products. Thanks to the law of supply and demand, the more yummy meatless products you buy, the more Trader Joe’s carries—so keep up the good work! Must-try product: Chickenless Crispy Tenders.

7. Lightlife

Lightlife offers a variety of vegan meat options, which are easy to identify, thanks to a prominent “certified vegan” logo on the package. Must-try product: The Original Tofu Pups (veggie dogs).

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8. Boca Burger

Boca Burger was born when a chef in Boca Raton, Florida, wanted to make a great veggie burger his way. His creation became such a hit that he had to set up shop in a warehouse next to his restaurant—his small kitchen simply couldn’t keep up with demand. Must-try product: Spicy Chik’n Patties.

9. Sweet Earth Natural Foods

Sweet Earth is well known for its seitan, burritos, and veggie burgers, but be sure to try the company’s other products, too, such as its “bacon” and three flavors of vegan ground round. Check the ingredient list to make sure your choice is vegan. Must-try product: Hickory & Sage Smoked Seitan Bacon.

10. Simply Balanced

Target’s line of soy-based meatless meat is delicious—and available in four varieties: Mushroom Miso Meatless Turkey, Teriyaki Meatless Chicken, Smoky Chipotle Meatless Chicken, and Korean Barbecue Meatless Chicken. Must-try product: all four!

11. MorningStar Farms

MorningStar’s vegan meats are delicious, but be sure to read the label, as not every product from the company is vegan. Must-try product: Hickory BBQ Riblets.

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For more information about vegan meat options, visit our guide to soy- and gluten-free meatless meats.

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