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Meal Ideas for Vegans on the Go

This article was written by Keegan Baur.

Life can get pretty hectic. We all have places to go and things to do. So what does a hungry vegan grab when faced with a big appetite and a limited amount of time? The following are five of my preferred vegan munchies for when I’m on the go:

1. Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich (No Feta) From Panera Bread

Substitute the eatery’s tomato-basil bread with its artisan country loaf, and this sandwich is officially vegan-friendly. The peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, and hummus taste so light and fresh! I like to round out the dish with an apple as my “side.”

2. Snack Bars From Clif Bar & Company

Sometimes I grab a Clif Bar post-workout, and just in case hunger randomly strikes, I usually carry one of these babies in my purse. With flavors like Berry Almond and Chocolate Peppermint Stick, who could resist?

3. Salad From Chipotle

Because everything at Chipotle is made to order, you can have any dish prepared vegan. I always go for the salad and request black beans, fajita vegetables, corn, mild salsa, and guacamole. Let’s face it, I’ll eat anything (vegan) with guac on it!

4. Tall Soy Mocha From Starbucks

I usually try to avoid caffeine, but every once in a while, I just have one of those days when stopping for coffee is essential.

5. Japanese Pan Noodles From Noodles & Company

Asian cuisine is one of my favorites, and at Noodles, I know that I can get a quick fix to satisfy my craving. Oh, how I love that sweet combination of soy sauce, broccoli, Asian sprouts, and cilantro.

These are just a few of the vegan food items that come to mind for when I get hungry while I’m on the go. However, I’m always up for new ideas and suggestions on foods to help me fill my tummy. What do you reach for when you need a quick vegan meal or snack?

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  • Jus2honest says:

    Chipotle now has “sofrito” which is crumbled tofu…looks and tastes like turkey taco meat but its all tofu 🙂 so excited. I just decided to try veganism…but glad to know I have that option, but the sad part is I tried it a few weeks ago when I was back home in California, but I live in Houston and they don’t have it here yet.

  • sebastian says:

    you guys need to read! it says sub the bread at panera, and the noodles are NOT the pad thai but it says the japanese pan noodles!
    and i don’t get how these remind you of meat? it’s a veg sandwich and noodles?!

  • kaley says:

    yes. soy sauce is vegan. check the bottle if you are concerned it’s not.

  • faithrules99 says:

    Taco Bell is my late night snack stop. I get a burrito with rice and beans- fresco style (with onions and tomomatoes). My husband gets a rice & bean burrito with red sauce and potatoes. The cinnamom twists are vegan too!

  • Kiley says:

    Subway Restaurant in Comox BC is awsome. I always order the Veggie Delight without cheese – just go straight for the vegetables and condiments. Also, the manager/owner was super receptive to my request for a vegan soup option to be on the menu each day (along with their other varieties). Just today the manager/owner was telling me about another vegan soup flavour he is going to put on his next order. He told me Subway used to have a veggie burger but because of the low demand they threw too many away so no longer offered.

  • MichKu says:

    Chipotle is my absolute favorite go-to for a healthy, delicious, and low-cal vegan meal!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    too much nice, good.

  • Jenny says:

    Is soy sauce vegan?

  • neko says:

    Emily- I,ve worked at Starbucks for overr five years, and have been a on/off vegan always vegetarian for 10 years. The mocha is deefintely vegan. One of Starbucks’ trademarks is a bitter or dense mocha. Neko

  • marda says:

    People in the USA are really lucky, the UK too – you have so many options and products for vegans. In SA we have a few and more are coming, but we have some way to go.

  • Katelyn says:

    …and this is why I should not click on links to food subjects when hungry and impressionable…lol. 😉 These look soooo good! Subway is my favorite place to eat! My omni family can eat, and I can eat as well at the same restaurant without being given a bowl of lettuce (and dressing IF AND ONLY IF I am lucky…). And only one Subway I’ve ever been to seemed to have a problem with the fact that I did not want cheese…weird…

  • Beth says:

    If you like Italian ratatoille (not positive on the spelling) makes a good dinner…zuchinni, onions, eggplant, tomatoes oregano basil sauted in olive oil..if you have a garden, its really good.

  • zencatgrrl says:

    Isn’t being vegan not only about what you eat, but what type of lifestyle choices you support? It is for me anyway… I stopped eating at Chipotle the day I found out they were owned my McDonalds.

  • Yvonnatron says:

    Oreo cookies, soy milk. If you get the mini’s, it feels like you’re eating more. :p

  • Emily says:

    Are Starbucks mochas vegan? I thought that the chocolate syrup they use is milk chocolate. I usually get a soy green tea or chai latte.

  • Rhiannon Scrivener says:

    I’m a major fan of celery/carrot dipped in hommus. And you can get yummy vegan nibbles at the grocery store to curb those cravings! :o) soy crips are to die for mmmmm

  • Elise says:

    Last I checked, Taco Bell uses milk in their tortillas. Weird and sad, I know. I grab a Del Taco Veggie Works, hold the cheese and sour cream. Yum.

  • carole says:

    If you are out on the road ,there is always taco bell. They have a bean burrito “al fresco’for 99 cents. Put a couple of packs of fire sauce on them and you’re are good to go.They really fill you up!

  • The Vegan Police says:

    Viki-Honey is bees’ gift to themselves–NOT nature’s gift to us! Why don’t you try some agave nectar instead? Subway’s wheat bread is not vegan, their white is.

  • Chad says:

    Aimee….subway wheat bread isn’t real wheat bread…but I get the veggie subs there at least once a week…better than eating meat!

  • Viki says:

    Honey is nature’s gift to us. Specially if it is organic. With out Honey allot of foods would taste bland. I grab a honey and low sodium , low fat organic peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread, for a sweet but filling snack or sack lunch topping it off with a yogurt dessert and green organic tea. It is also my comfort food when I am sick, fast and eaay to make.

  • Linda says:

    Too many carbs and not enough protein in all those options.

  • mitchellaneous says:

    RIGHT NOW I’m eating a salad from Paradise Bakery. You can create your own, the rule is it has to fit in the bowl. So mine has cabbage, romaine, carrots, edamame, pecans, tomatoes, corn, black beans, sunflower seeds and green onions. So good, I was starving. I usually do my salad without dressing, so it works perfectly for me.

  • uberherbivore says:

    omgoodness, I eat (and drink) all of these, too! Except I’ve never had Pad Thai from Noodles & Company, but I do enjoy Pad Thai. Good taste-buds, lady.

  • Aimee says:

    Subway footlong veggie sub: wheat bread and almost all the veggies with salt/pepper and oil/vinegar. Sometimes you have to ask them for more veggies b/c the can be a little stingy on the toppings. Plus its only $5!

  • Gordon says:

    Usually Pad Thai noodles has fish sauce in it. This one is made without fish sauce? Also, for tomato bread at Panera looks like there is some sort of cheese baked on the top. I usually order the Mediterranean on whole grain or wheat bread because of this.

  • Hayley says:

    Are you sure the Pad Thai from Noodles and Company doesn’t have fish sauce in it? The online menu seems to imply there is fish sauce 🙁

  • Robin F. says:

    Not trying to be the vegan police but I did confirm on the Panera website that the Tomato Basil bread from Panera contains honey, therefore it is NOT VEGAN!!! I normally order their Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich on the plain white bread they carry (since their wheat breads all have honey as well) and it still tastes great 🙂

  • Dani says:

    Love it! I always get the med veggie sandwich from panara- delish- and if you are looking to lower the carbs, get the whole grain white!

  • vanessa morgan says:

    it looks lovely but personally i cannot eat things like this! it reminds me of meat! i am finally getting use to veggie fingers though and linda mcartney pies are great too (:

    but if the food is too dark i cannot eat it! lol (: x