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‘Kale-icious’ Protein Smoothie

The following article was written by Keegan Baur.

There are seemingly countless kale smoothie recipes on the Internet, and I’ve decided to add one more to the collection. I get one of these at just about every raw restaurant and smoothie bar that I visit because I’m pretty much addicted. As for my own recipe, I think there are three ingredients that set it apart from the others: (1) almond butter, (2) silken tofu (for extra creaminess), and (3) red kale, which is slightly sweeter than green kale. (FYI: Red kale has green leaves but a reddish-purple stem, so it’s easy to identify.) I have a couple of these smoothies every week, post-workout, and it’s always just the refresher I need. Hope you like the recipe too!

Kaleicious Protein Smoothie
2 cups chopped red kale, center stems removed
2 cups nondairy milk
1 pear, cored and diced
1 frozen banana, sliced
6 oz. soft silken tofu
2 Tbsp. almond butter
2 Tbsp. flaxseed oil
1-2 Tbsp. agave nectar (optional; another sweetener can be substituted)
1 scoop vegan vanilla-flavored protein powder

  • Place the kale and nondairy milk in a blender and process until completely smooth.
  • Add the remaining ingredients and blend until completely smooth.

Makes 2 16-ounce servings

If I have it on hand, sometimes I’ll add a nickel-size piece of fresh ginger, minced. If you like the taste of ginger, give it a try.

What do you put in your smoothies? If you have any secret ingredients, do tell!

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  • May says:

    This was my first green smoothie of 2013 and it was delicious! Here’s to a year filled with more kindness, love and compassion towards all animals. : )

  • Marie says:

    Mangoes and acai berries and strawberries, are good citrus fruits to use in drinks, too !

  • MaddyG says:

    I can attest to spinach smoothies being really delicious. Raw spinach has a mild flavor, virtually unnoticeable when blended with lovely fruit and almond milk, etc. I also find a delicious and refreshing low-fat green smoothie to be (ripe)banana and romaine – it’s incredibly tasty, makes a terrific post workout refresher or morning wake-up smoothie. 🙂

  • Noelle says:

    I’ve heard a lot about using spinach leaves in smoothies; as repulsive as that may sound to some, supposedly spinach is rather flavor-free in these kinds of implications. I myself am contemplating the possibility of incorporating sweet potato in a smoothie of some sort. My only opposition to the smoothie you have described above is the amount of fat (albeit unsaturated) that is in it per 16oz. I feel like it would just sit too “heavy” in my stomach.

  • Melissa says:

    Instead of the pear, I like half a cup of frozen blueberries, half a cup frozen rasberries and a quarter cup frozen pineapple. I also like to add 1 tbsp of hemp seed and 1 tbsp of the flaxseed. This week instead if the flaxseed, I am going to try 1 tbsp of chia seeds.