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Incredible, Edible Tofu: 5 Ways to Prepare It

The following article was written by Megan Bedard.

If you’re new to veganism, tofu—the incredible, edible soy product—can seem a bit mystifying. The great news is that it’s hard to go wrong with it. You can bake it, fry it, skewer it, and blend it. You can season it with herbs, marinate it, or drench it in your favorite sauce. Tofu works in appetizers, casseroles … even desserts!

Here are five recipes to get you started:

Dynamite Tofu With Rice and Broccoli 

Sweet and Sour Tofu With Vegetables

Egg-Free Tofu Scramble

Step-by-Step Stuffed Shells

Vegan ‘Eggs’ Benedict

Already experienced with tofu? Share your favorite way to prepare it in the comments section below!

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  • Grel says:

    I like to stuff tofu into chickens and roast it or take a whole block of tofu and wrap it in bacon and just munch the whole thing.

  • Bella says:

    I use smoked tofu to replace bacon in the BLT. Fried smoked tofu is one of the best things in the world. I also add it instead of sausage in my spaghetti sauce.

  • jackie says:

    Trying to go vegetarian Doing good until started watching Gluten, And GMO levels in food..Had to get rid of half the food i bought. Any Ideas? Thanks

  • Cassy says:

    Tofu scramble is amazing with fried onion, capsicum and mushrooms in it! And I never serve it without a big chunk of avocado on top. Yum!

  • Florence Price says:

    I like to make Vegetarian Goulash with:
    1pkg diced extra-firm tofu, 1 diced large yam,Spanish onion,
    zucchini,large carrot,jicama, 1/2tsp ground cumin, turmeric,
    1tsp Hungarian paprika, grated ginger & 2-4T tamari sauce. Saute in a large skillet the vegetables & tamari for 10-15 minutes on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Add the tofu,seasonings & cook for 5 minutes. Serve with a salad of your choice.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    awesome recipies.

  • Greg LeGore says:

    My wife and I have found that we do better not trying to replace meat exactly in the same recipe but instead use a tasty homemade or store-bought sauce with tofu and the freshest veggies and herbs to have delicious meals almost every time. Trying new veggies in new ways has helped us get beyond the same veggies we previously ate with meat.

  • L. Kelly says:

    Dear Peta:
    The tofu recipes look great, but you need to stress that only organic tofu should be used. GMO foods are a terrible reality now, and contaminated soy is one of the top five foods to avoid. Use only organic soy products. Thanks.
    —L. Kelly

  • isa says:

    look good, can’t wait to try them.