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French Fry Sandwiches Can Save Your Life

You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s 11 p.m., and you’re at an airport on a lay-over. You have been traveling all day and have nothing but pretzels and ginger ale in your belly. You size up the offerings during your two-hour layover and see that at this time of night, your choices are pretty much limited to trail mix or gum from the newsstand or the fast-food burger place. What is a hungry vegan to do at a time like this, when nuts and raisins simply won’t cut it? The French fry sandwich, of course!

Most burger chains will be accommodating to nontraditional requests (even though they may initially seem puzzled or need to ask a manager for help punching in your order).

So, here is what you do: Look at their menu and figure our what sandwich looks the best to you, then order it without the meat, cheese, mayo, or other animal-based items and make sure to order a side of fries. What you will hopefully end up with is a bun loaded with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. Once you get your food, however, some minimal assembly is required on your part. Open up the sandwich and add about half of your order of fries (or more) and some more ketchup if you are so inclined. Close it up, marvel at the beauty in all its French fry glory, and enjoy! Also, make sure you check out our list of vegan items at popular restaurant chains.

French fry sandwiches obviously aren’t health food, but sometimes you just need to indulge in a guilty pleasure for survival!

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  • Giselle says:

    Would also need to ensure fries are not in palm oil that destroys orangutan habitats

  • LARK says:

    BK, Wendy’s, and Nathan’s fries are vegan.

  • Sara says:

    Again, great in theory, but a lot of times the burger bun has some non-vegan product (some made with eggs or something else). That’s the worst, because nothing is more embarrassing than asking the waiter, “Are the burger buns vegan?”

  • sandy veliz says:

    haha…that is sounds like a great idea!

  • Liz says:

    Sounds good in theory, but I read in “Fast Food Nation” that McDonald’s fries are still not vegan because they contain animal products, even though they are fried in veggie oil. Just research ahead of time.

  • randi fair says:

    yeah, Brandon Van D and I would get onion ring burgers at Sonic. it was awesome.