Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

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Did you know that you could save 100 animals per year just by adopting a vegan diet? That’s right—going vegan saves lives. Getting started is easy! Just fill out the form below to receive a free copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit. It will guide you through the transition to a healthier, happier, and longer-lasting life. It has everything from recipes and tips on eating out to health information and videos! Want to get started right now? Check out info on how to go vegan, on making the transition, a two-week meal plan, and a list of accidentally vegan foods (some of your favorite snacks might already be vegan)!

Here are some other great resources to help you transition to a compassionate lifestyle:

  • Learn what to buy, what to eat, and where to eat.

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  • Browse hundreds of free recipes.

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  • Know someone who is looking to make the switch but needs a little assistance?

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You can also check out our online version of the vegan starter kit.

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  • Tina says:

    I want to atleast try to become vegetarian :)

  • Tiredofbeingalemming says:

    I’m looking forward to making a change:)

  • Rach says:

    Ive been a vegetarian for a while, and it’ll be fun to get this kit to revamp my passion for saving animals

  • Fatimah says:

    I am determined to alter my life to stop animal cruelty

  • Frank Reynolds says:

    Super Tofu boy sucks!

  • Laughoutloud says:

    Great gift

  • Todd Cunningham says:

    Thank you!

  • Lgould says:

    This isn’t only for the need of every individual to accomplish a higher state, but also for the society as a whole to move into the new world, a greater and divine spirituality.

  • Erin says:

    Cant wait to get started!

  • cristin levatino says:

    Going vegan isn’t as difficult as some may think…. Did you know most store brand or “white” soaps are made with the fat of animals..YUCK !!

    Wash yourself clean with Organic Soap Factory Soaps.

    A percentage of each order goes to the Connecticut Nature Conservancy which helps ALL of New England !

  • Mizzkatkat says:


  • Bonnfire says:

    Just want to do the right thing! Factory farming horrifies me & I will not contribute to it ever again!

  • Ilovemydog says:

    When will its arrival be? I ordered mine about 3 wks ago.

  • Sam Jones says:

    I’ve taken the piss out of friends of mine for so long for being vegetarians and it’s taken less than 20 minutes for me to change my mind forever. Thank you for enlightening me…

  • Teti says:

    Stop eating meat

  • Bev says:

    I am looking forward to a happier healthier lifestyle for myself and doing my part in the prevention of cruelty to animals…Its something we should all take part in!

  • catrina e. says:

    WOW… My husband and I have been doing the vegetarian thing now for almost a full week and ALREADY have noticed a difference in how much HEALTHIER our bodies feel and energy levels!

    I also want to mention, what solidified my decision to make this lifelong decision was looking up the living conditions of the animals Americans eat! They live on FACTORY FARMS…Even the ones that claim they have ‘free range’- that simply means they have free range of an OVERCROWDED & DARK WAREHOUSE, not living in a cage… That’s not even shocking though compared to the pictures I saw of these factory farms… Living in a crowded warehouse would be paradise compared to the other things these animals go thru.

    Baby cows ‘veal’ are raised in a box that they can’t move in AT ALL or see light until they are slaughtered at 4 mos old- THAT IS THEIR ENTIRE LIFE- living in that box, NEVER to leave the box, ALONE, in the DARK, until they are killed!

    Chickens are debeaked and de-toed (yes, they cut off their toes/claws and beaks without pain meds) from the time they are babies.

    Cows and pigs are treated HORRENDOUSLY as well… There was a story I read about a pig that was on the back of a carrier truck on its way to the slaghterhouse that got STUCK to the metal, due to the freezing cold, and when they got to their destination…The people just RIPPED the animal OFF the truck and it was missing a piece of flesh… The poor young pig literally was knelt down in pain and horror and you could see the pain on its face and its WHOLE side was ripped open…
    I also want to mention that they feed these animals MASSIVE amounts of APPETITE STIMULANTS (hmm- if you are what you eat- could this be why americans are SO fat?) as well as MASSIVE amounts of anti-biotics because they live in UTTER FILTH and their own feces and urine and their food is mixed with it… They give them the antibiotics to keep them from gettin sick, but MANY still die from lung/respiratory issues just from breathing the putrid air!
    See this link!!! SHOCKING!


  • Meatlover says:

    I’m happy to become a vegetarian. It’ll make me more energetic and fit.

  • Pandalove says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for years. But am looking forward to a healthier and animal free diet!!

  • Annonomous user says:

    I would love to do this but I have alot of trouble getting off eating meats…

  • Kittykat says:


  • eatkinson7 says:

    I’ve seen videos that really changed my life. Its terrible to let these innocent animals be tortured any longer.

  • Beth says:

    Everyone needs to stop being so damn stubborn and learn the facts. Eating animals and animal products is bad for the environment and your health!!

  • Paloma Rojo says:

    *new* for the new year

  • Natalie says:

    Can’t wait to get my free kit in the mail!

  • Mish says:

    Excited to go veg!

  • Liza says:

    I found one of these vegetarian/vegan starter kits out in the streets!! that was how I found out about PeTA

  • kat_girl86 says:

    I can’t stand that in this day and age we are still cruel and horrible to animals they were here before us!

  • Spindle says:

    Sooo… speaking of Super meat Boy.

  • Rick Alexander says:

    It`s completely mind boggling to me, that the meat industry continues to operate without any fear of punishment for there acts. Clearly there are legal boundaries that are being crossed and yet these companies continue to flourish. Surely there must be more extreme measures that can be taken other than abstinence.

  • Crystalr84 says:

    Thank you!!

  • Patrice says:

    I “friended” someone on an animal website back in Dec. ’08. In Aug. ’09 he offered a challenge to simply go vegetarian for 30 days, meaning we could continue to consume dairy, eggs, honey, etc. Simply look at our food, watch Peta’s and other videos, and become informed. He set up a loose format – simply asked that we share our finds, our new recipes, our frustrations, our cravings, etc. There was tremendous support among the participants, along with his guiding and supportive words. He even managed to have Peta donate a cookbook to the winner, decided by the participants! I didn’t wait for Sept. After 10 days of seeing more than I ever wanted to, or could have ever imagined, I decided to become vegan; there was no other alternative to me. I couldn’t believe how I’d just accepted those pretty packages of flesh, the cruelty behind my food, my ignorance. At 57, I’d been a couch potato for 20 years, and without changing another thing in my life, lost 30lbs. in 3.5 months. Eight months later, when I had my annual exam, I’d lost 38. My BP went from 146/90 to 126/70. HDL/LDL cholesterol – 73/161 to 92/64. My Dr. was truly amazed! While I was basically a chicken person, I am co-owner of a Subway restaurant, and those sliced meats were also available to me, along with the meatballs. In personal life I was a cheesaholic – in every salad, sandwich, baked potato I ate. What a happy side effect from simply no longer wanting to support the cruelty and torture in factory farming! I cannot tell you the peace that my spirit felt when I made the decision to change to a vegan lifestyle. And I do mean lifestyle, just not a dietary change. True, it’s not easy but can be done to the best of one’s ability. Trust me, considering and possibly changing to a vegan lifestyle, even if just dietary, will free your soul and conscience. I’ve currently lost 50 lbs. and just recently decided to join a gym. Consider it for the animals; they feel pain, they feel the fear in the slaughter process, they want and deserve to live their lives as intended. Be compassionate.

  • macky says:

    please save our animals from tortures and slaughtering

  • Kenzi says:

    Skinny Bitch is opening my eyes

  • isabel :) says:

    i ordered this about a month ago. How long does it take to ship????
    Be vegeterians! :D

  • lalit says:

    please display the web

  • Ellieg says:

    Great website for a great cause.

  • Redsoxmejoe says:

    Love having a kind diet!!

  • Tony says:

    Can the starter kit magazines be ordered in bulk (i.e., 50 or 100 copies at a time)?

  • Mary Metzger says:

    I’d like to order the Vegetarian Starter Kit in Spanish. Is there one available? thanks

  • Karmon Ferraz says:

    I just read ‘skinny Bitch’ WOW. I cried.

  • Mellahella says:

    I can no longer be a hypocrite anymore and say I believe in animal rights and continue to use them as a source of food when I can sustain a healthier lifestyle without using them….

  • Talia says:

    i’ve never been more proud to be a born vegetarian in my life!!

  • epicbeck says:

    i’ve always happily been an omnivore.. tho after watching the videos.. i’m physically ill. i never cared before until i had to watch it happen. i’d have preferred to stay ignorant of the situation. but i’ll give it my best shot.

  • Jennifer Stahl says:

    I just came to your recipe page for the first time looking at your egg replacer options (AWESOME page btw!) – and I wondered if you have a list of recipes that are 100% gluten free and vegan/vegetarian? I have some friends with some allergy related issues (dairy, nut, soy etc) and wondered if maybe your website might have more to offer than what I could come up on my own going through recipes I have already collected.

    Thank you!

  • Cri says:

    :) I’m excited about my decision to help save animals.

  • Cwayda says:

    All these poor animals getting slaughtered so people can eat something that’s not even good for them is just sickening.

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