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Did you know that you could save 100 animals per year just by adopting a vegan diet? That’s right—going vegan saves lives. Getting started is easy! Just fill out the form below to receive a free copy of PETA’s vegan starter kit. It will guide you through the transition to a healthier, happier, and longer-lasting life. It has everything from recipes and tips on eating out to health information and videos! Want to get started right now? Check out info on how to go vegan, on making the transition, a two-week meal plan, and a list of accidentally vegan foods (some of your favorite snacks might already be vegan)!

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Here are some other great resources to help you transition to a compassionate lifestyle:

  • Learn what to buy, what to eat, and where to eat.

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  • NADIA says:

    I`m inspired!

  • Bracha says:

    I was a Vegan for many years and stopped for some stupid reason. I need to get back on track and start feeling better.

  • Mennow says:

    Gunna rejoin in the fight 4ever animal rights. Fight the good fight!

  • Adrian says:

    Can’t wait to start.

  • Jen says:

    Looking forward to feeling healthy and helping our planet.

  • Ian Brewer says:

    I look forward to a vegan lifestyle.

  • pearlie88 says:

    Inspired by all the animals.

  • cyn says:

    Ready for a healthy change

  • lisa says:

    We all owe it to this planet to take responsibility…every single one of us

  • Marisol says:

    Awesome and lovely work! So proud!

  • Bethan says:

    I love animals

  • Vivek Barot says:

    I am proud to say I am a vegetarian….!!! I wish all the people understand the fact that eating animal for the sake of our pleasure or health or taste is a sin. As per my understanding they have to repay that harm they are causing to animals for their selfish intentions. I wish I could convert all of them to vegan. Thanks.

  • Melissa Pucely says:

    I’m proud to say I am vegan as of today. I’ve done a lot of research and feel that is the best thing I can do for myself, the planet and the animals I so dearly love.

  • deb says:

    thanks for helping me to get starting going vegan!!

  • Lana says:

    I Love animals so much I wished I could recue every last one of them,like a super heroe

  • Verónica says:

    Would love be a vegetarian 🙂

  • Pandorasings says:

    Do you guys have any suggestion on a vegan menu/way of life that is also wheat and grain free? I know I am limiting a lot here. Hoping someone can help!!!

  • Erik Alexander says:

    I just only 1/3rd of the documentary Earthlings. It is the most violent, vile and proignant film that I have ever attempted to view with effort.

    One third of the way through the clothes I was wearing were soaked with persperation and my appetite was absolutely gone. I challenge any willfully ignorant meat lovers (as most of the people I know are) to watch this documentary before, during or after your typical dinner. I guarantee that it stays with you longer than any Hollywood thriller /orror movie because when you are done watching you realise it is not over. It is a holocaust that the majority is willing to ignore.

    The sloppy mechanical effeciency of the machines used is as callous and removed as those doing the work. I cannot imagine how anyone could work in this or related industries without losing their humanity and compassion.

  • Patience says:

    I’ve been vegetarian for about 6 months and now I plan on transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. This is so great what y’all have available! Thank you!

  • KJain says:

    Although I am vegetarian by birth, & all my ancestors for 1000s of years. Thanks to my religion ( Jainism ) which propagates Non-violence to its highest level, PETA has given new prospect to non-violence!. Hope I can help your organization directly some day.

  • Desiree says:

    Save the lobsters!

  • new york lady says:

    Im trying to go vegan for my health .

  • Carol B. Johnson says:

    I am welling to try become a vetegarian for health reasons.

  • Stephanie D. says:

    I’ve been following PETA’s Facebook page for a while and just recently watched a video that it posted about slaughter houses and what really goes on. That one video was enough for me. I was a vegetarian for one year a couple of years ago. I started eating meat again because of lack of support from my family and friends. Now I realize that it’s not about them or me or even eating meat. It’s about the way those animals are treated. And if I can somehow make a difference, then I’m going to do everything I can to help. I’m ready to make the full transformation from meat-eater to vegan. For the animals.

  • TAMARA D HALL says:


  • Got a problem says:

    I have so many questions.. Where does your “Vegan” food come from? How is it grown? What do they use to fertilize it? Where does this fertilizer come from? What items do you use in your everyday lifestyle?

  • syb says:

    I have not eaten beef or pork in 18 years. However, I was a person that ate chicken, fish, and turkey. I recently decided to become a vegan after learning about the cruelty towards animals and the GMO’s that are placed in food. I need to learn more about the vegan lifestyle and preparing/eating foods that provide all of the nutrients the body needs in order to avoid feeling lethargic. Thank you for educating me on this topic.

  • Stephanie says:

    Being an animal lover i googled something about cows going to slaughter and it was worse than i ever could imagine and what i was thinking was bad enough. My heart broke and i was in tears. This directed me to this link. Ill do whatever i can to save these beautiful animals

  • tracie porter says:

    i have had my share of eating fast food lately i have became sick to my stomach,so i have decide to try goging vegan for the next 30 days too become healthy and change my ways of eating.

  • Mikki says:

    I gave up all red meat and pork 7 years ago. After marrying a hunter, the first time he came home with his kill I was literally sickened to a point of vomiting while he was cutting the animal up. I haven’t been able to look at red meat since, and if I smell it, I’m a goner. I’ve gave up all meat for two months a couple years ago, but I didn’t know what I was doing and wasn’t prepared to supplement my diet with other high protein items, so I ended up craving turkey and chicken and falling off the wagon. Hopefully this kit will get me going and give me good ideas for substitutions so I can be successful this time.

  • Sylvia C. says:

    Read some info about the Japanese people who live to be in the 100’s. All of them eat 2/3rd’s plant diet and 1/3 bonus food. None of them overweight. they eat lots of plants, fruits, beans, nuts, fish. I once went a whole year mot eating meat and I shed 45 lbs. quickly. Fast forward to
    Now and I am now motivated to retry this approach. I love my bacon, whipped cream in my coffee, pork, fried chicken and burgers but am going to give them up for a year. So please send me your starter kit. all of them

  • LaNita says:

    I wouldn’t mind some different foods. the meats are mostly poisoned these days anyways.

  • alisha says:


  • autryhaley says:

    I hope this works!

  • Rajah B says:

    I have been vegan or a little over six months now and I love it 🙂 I do however still have problems finding things I can eat. It’s even harder living with carnivores, not because of temptation, but because they tease me and the sight or smell of beef just make me ill :/ I also end up eating the same things a lot so I am glad I found out about this sight 🙂

  • gdillard says:

    I gave up pork & beef 3 months ago and haven’t looked back. Chicken & turkey are a bit harder… I would love to be a full vegetarian so I hope this vegetarian starter kit will help.

  • Tania_lou01 says:

    Been vegetarian over a year now and really want to make the transition to vegan! Htr reading about the cruelty cows go through so we can drink there milk and the same goes for tr chickens used for eggs when they have their beaks cut off 🙁 hope to get some good ideas for recipes
    Off the free vegan/vegetarian start up kit!

  • Elena says:

    I’m a newly converted vegetarian and loving every minute of it! Thank you PETA!

  • Edgardo Martinez-Galindo says:

    My wife is an hemodialysis patient since 2011 an we are vegetarian since 2006, and she has the best condition in his group (about 20 patients, that all of them eat meat). The meat has too many options. Please don’t eat meat.

  • Karen F. says:

    My husband and I became vegetarians about 16 years ago, and have never missed having meat or poultry. We raised our children vegetarian, and they are active, healthy, honor students. Whoever says you need to eat meat, fish, or poultry to obtain protein is misinformed. Loving our veggie life!

  • dmmilt says:

    Pork has always been my favorite meat. I am giving it up completely. I cannot be a part of this evil!
    I refuse to turn a blind eye. I am furious at these barbarians who have no feelings!

  • Lindsay says:

    Love what PETA does for animals

  • Mgeck51488 says:

    I am interest in becoming more healthy and eating healthier foods and never really been a meat eater. I’m interested in cutting meats out of my diet

  • Nick says:

    Thank you Mr McCartney for opening our eyes and turning slaughter house walls into glass!

  • CourtneyLynn says:

    I want to start the process of living a happier, healthier lifestyle while helping animals too!

  • Fer says:

    I wish you could send the starter kit to Mexico City! It would be amazing! Thanks for the info though!

  • steph says:

    i want to help animals and the earth

  • Melissa says:

    I want to help

  • hvemnd says:

    This is a wonderful tool/excuse to use with friends family coworkers.. Send to everyone, remember its going to take a global shift towards veganism to save Mother Earth.