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5 Vegan Meals You Can Get on the Road

You don’t always have time to pack a vegan lunch, prepare quick vegan snacks, or plan your entire vacation around vegan restaurants. The good news is, a few national restaurants and convenience stores have your back when you’re away from your kitchen. Here are five vegan meals you can get anywhere:

Where to Go: Chipotle

What to Eat: The Veggie Bowl

The veggie bowl is everything you’d find in a regular burrito, without the tortilla. White rice, black beans, green peppers and onions smothered in mild salsa, corn, guac, and lettuce make this meal an unbeatable option. (Photo by Michelle Carr/PETA)

Where to Go: Subway

What to Eat: The Veggie Delite

Skip the cheese, and get your sammy on Italian bread. Stack it high with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, black olives, onions, pepperoncinis, and pickles. Our tip: Add advocado.

If you’re in Washington, D.C, Maryland, or Virginia, look for a vegan patty option, now being served at select locations. (Photo by yoppy)

Where to Go: Taco Bell

What to Eat: The five-layer burrito

OK, so this isn’t a legit menu option. What we’re really talking about is the seven-layer burrito, minus the sour cream and three-cheese blend. Even without two ingredients, you’ll have a hearty meal to go: seasoned rice, beans, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and chunky guacamole, wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. (Photo by jasonlam)

Where to Go: 7-Eleven

What to Eat: A banana, an apple, a Cliff Bar, and a 7-Eleven 7 Select Cherry Snack Pie

This isn’t an ideal “meal,” but it’ll do the job in a pinch.

For more items you can often find on 7-Eleven’s shelves, check out PETA’s “accidentally vegan” list. (Photo by keepon)

Where to Go: Papa John’s

What to Eat: Whatever you like!

Papa John’s will make custom-order pizzas with little alterations to sub out animal ingredients. According to a PETA employee who tried it, the staff was very nice about it! (Photo by Mike Saechang)

What’s your go-to vegan meal away from home? Share in the comments section below!

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  • TheMakrophage says:

    I’d like to mention that all of the tortillas used in Chipotle’s food are vegan. As are the hard taco shells.

    – A vegan Chipotle employee

  • ddee says:

    are you saying the tortilla wrap at taco bell and the crust at papa john’s is vegan?

  • paulmars says:

    Melissa I agree. However, I get both. Spinach is one of the 12 most heavily poison sprayed veggies, so i usually try and stick with organic. Subway is not organic.

  • paulmars says:

    i like the chip… veggie burrito, but still its not organic and has corn which is gmo and one of their two type beans is cooked in soy, which is again gmo.

    subway veg delite they got wrong too. With the thick bread, it dont matter how many extra veggies you may get, its still mostly bread. The veggie burger is better, a cooked tasty 12″ veggie patty and add all the veggies from the veg delite and again no cheese. Now the patty is all veggies, pepper and some other spices, …and…it uses egg whites as a binder (bad), but not as bad as the soy lethicin binder some things use. I never seen avo at any subway. BTW if anything your thinking of eating lists organic soy lethicin, just put it back on the shelf and walk away.

    taco hell, taco smell? No friggen way!!!!

    papa john? I can get a vegetarian pizza where ever I go. All pizza places make pies to order. I choose veggi toppings and say no cheese. sometimes I say no sauce too (very high sodium). Pizza dough is usually not healthy at any pizza place.

    7-11. I guarantee that apple is high in pesticides. Im sure its NOT organic and apples are one of the 12 most heavily pesticide sprayed of all fruits and vegetables. For the complete list search the internet. Cliff Bar, and a 7-Eleven 7 Select Cherry Snack Pie. This is a joke, im sure the ingredients are atrocious!

  • AKM says:

    Taco Bell hasn’t used lard in their beans in years, if ever. They’re safe! 🙂

    No casein in either the cilantro or Mexican rice. Not sure why there ever would be?!

  • Cathy says:

    I made the Chipotle veggie bowl at home with extra lawers of salsa and Veggusto vegan cheese melted in. Great meal.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    so delicious.

  • Cathy says:

    Mmmmmm that vegie bowl look great but I will have to make one up myself because we don’t have Chipotle in Australia. But we are lucky that all of the Subway’s here offer the vege patty option. There is no reason not to have it on the meny because they keep the vegie patty frozen anyway and only defrost them in the micro when someone orders it.

  • cypriania says:

    sounds decent..

  • Tom says:

    According to Taco Bell’s ingredients’ disclosure on their website, they are both vegan.

  • Shelly Brown says:

    Is the white bread at Subway vegan? Is the flour tortilla at Taco Hell vegan? And the rice…I thought it had chicken broth in it at Taco Bell and Chipotle.

  • Samantha Trosky says:

    Great healthy picks when you’re on the go!

  • julie says:

    Mmmm, they all sound great, i’ll have to give them a try next time i eat out, i am new to this vegan lifestyle, but when i know i’ve eaten something that didn’t harm any animals, it makes it so much tastier, the thought of harming an animal just to eat, makes me physically sick.

  • Melanie says:

    I’ve stopped ordering from Papa John’s after 3 occurrences (from 2 different stores) of sausage on my veggie pizza. Apparently, they keep the sausage in bins next to veggies and they get mixed together.

  • Gail says:

    Very informative. Thanks to this.

  • Jackie says:

    Cool! But doesn’t taco bell rice have casein in it??

  • Zach says:

    Not 100% on this, but doesn’t Taco Bell use lard to cook their beans?

  • Melissa says:

    I always ask for fresh spinach instead of lettuce at subway. It’s healthier and tastier!

  • Laexis says:

    Falafel, hummus & babaganoush pitas!

  • William says:

    This post makes it look like veganism is bland…not true. There are way better fast food options. The options listed here are basically for if you’re in a real jam and can’t find anything better. Chipotle is a really good option though. I always get the veggie burrito.

  • ILoveMax says:

    I liked the Veggie Cantina Bowl from Taco Bell (No cheese)

  • Rosemary says:

    Most Mexican restaurants will serve fried beans and rice.(no cheese on top)

  • Rosemary says:

    Most Mexican restaurants will serve fried beans and rice.(no cheese on top)

  • Jess says:

    Another option is Domino’s pizza. The thin crust is vegan (but not any of the other crusts), as well as the robust tomato sauce (but not any of the others, including marinara). Ask for it without the cheese, and pick your veggie toppings.

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