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Egg Replacements

There are plenty of egg substitutes available for baking or preparing a dish that calls for eggs. The neat egg and Ener-G Egg Replacer are reliable egg substitutes that can be used in baking. They are available at health-food stores and some grocery stores.

bucket-list-_2D00_-tofu-scramble.jpgTofu: Tofu is great for egg substitutions in recipes that call for a lot of eggs, like quiches or custards. To replace one egg in a recipe, purée 1/4 cup soft tofu. It is important to keep in mind that although tofu doesn’t fluff up like eggs, it does create a texture that is perfect for “eggy” dishes. Firm tofu is also a great substitute for eggs in eggless egg salad and breakfast scrambles.

In Desserts and Sweet, Baked Goods: Try substituting one banana or 1/4 cup applesauce for each egg called for in a recipe for sweet, baked desserts. These will add some flavor to the recipe, so make sure bananas or apples are compatible with the other flavors in the dessert.

Egg Replacement Options Infographic

Vegan Egg Replacer Guide Infographic

Egg Replacement Tips

  • If a recipe calls for three or more eggs, it is important to choose a replacer that will perform the same function (i.e., binding or leavening).
  • Trying to replicate airy baked goods that call for a lot of eggs, such as angel food cake, can be very difficult. Instead, look for a recipe with a similar taste but fewer eggs, which will be easier to replicate.
  • When adding tofu to a recipe as an egg replacer, be sure to purée it first to avoid chunks in the finished product.
  • Be sure to use plain tofu, not seasoned or baked, as a replacer.
  • Powdered egg replacers cannot be used to create egg recipes such as scrambles or omelets. Tofu is the perfect substitute for eggs in these applications.
  • If you want a lighter texture and you’re using fruit purées as an egg substitute, add an extra 1/2 tsp. baking powder. Fruit purées tend to make the final product denser than the original recipe.
  • If you’re looking for an egg replacer that binds, try adding 2 to 3 Tbsp. of any of the following for each egg: tomato paste, potato starch, arrowroot powder, whole wheat flour, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, instant potato flakes, or 1/4 cup tofu puréed with 1 Tbsp. flour.

For more ideas check out our delicious egg-free recipes.

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  • ShmeaShmea says:

    I’m looking for an egg substitute for a pizza crust, I’m not sure which would be the best option. Maybe the flax egg? Recipe only calls for 2 eggs. Thanks!

  • meat lover says:

    What is with you people… Eggs are a natural byproduct of chickens. They want you to eat them. That’s why they’re laid.

  • Chandra says:

    I’m curious about the source for the statement put forth in the meme attached to this link: That an iPad is larger than the space an egg-laying chicken is given in a typical cage. As someone vehemently opposed to Agri-Business, I shared this post on my FB page and would like the data to back it up. Thanks!

  • Jane says:

    My granddaughter has recently been diagnosed with allergies to egg whites, so now she can not have any eggs. Please help with some great tasting alternative. She is only 7yrs old and already picky about what she eats now it is going to be even harder to find her something to eat because she was a big fan of eggs. It has to taste good and the texture can’t be to weird or she will not eat it. Thanks

  • Mindy says:

    The flax combo works great for chewy cookies!
    Make about 2-4 at a time and heat on the stove in a small saucepan for about 5 minutes; stirring constantly until you get an eggy texture.

    Tofu is best when you make brownies.

    Been vegan for a long time and was nicknamed “Betty Crocker” by an ex. lol

  • katiejarve says:

    check out Beyond Eggs!
    Its an egg free alternative that is vegan, cholesterol free, and guilt free and can replace eggs in your cooking needs! I just met with the CEO and got a tour of their office and lab. Amazing new start up! Just launched this week!

  • Andre says:

    You can also add Chia Seeds as an egg replacement. It is most useful in batters and for thickening.

  • Keller says:

    maybe you could try adding them both Lindsay, I’ve done applesauce and bananas together and it was delicious!!

  • Brittany says:

    This is a little late, but you could try cornstarch for the pumpkin cheesecake recipe. I’ve had success with cornstarch in cheesecake before.

  • Lindsey says:

    Could someone please let me know what I could use as a substitute for 2 eggs for a pumpkin layered cheesecake recipe? I saw the alternative of banana or applesauce but not sure if either of those would be compatible taste wise?

  • Margie devi Sethia says:

    Thank you so much!…
    what a wonderful tips for cook!

  • Soledad says:

    To make an omellete you can actually replace the eggs by mixing chickpea flour with a little pureed tofu (you can actually leave a few small chunks) and water or soy milk. Juts add enough liquid untill it resembles scrambles eggs, add whatever you want for your omellete and pour it in your pan untill its cooked. FABULOUS!!! =D

  • Nirmala Pather says:

    I usually use 1 tablespoon of vinegar to replace 1 egg. If a recipe calls for just 1 egg, I usually don’t add any subsitute. Just add a little more liquid.
    The link for my website has a bunch of tried and tested recipes that do not use eggs


  • samantha says:

    the best and easiest egg replacement is 1tbs ground flax or chia seeds mixed with 3 tbs water. water can be hot or cold, does not matter. it will thicken in a matter of seconds and works perfectly in any pastry, cookie, cake, or bread!!! 🙂

  • Patti says:

    I actually wondered if there WAS anything Eggs could be replaced with (my Youngest Daughter can’t have them…)
    What would You All suggest to make mashed potatoes?
    Thank You Again

  • 1Dluver says:

    This helped me get 5 more marks in my cooking class!! Thank you it made my grade an A…definitely using the baking powder one agian Xx

  • J says:

    Should try not to hurt every creature. Should try to obey the ten commandments of God to try not to hurt every creature. Bible reference: Genesis 9::12-13, Deuteronomy 4:13, Deuteronomy chapter 5

  • Jan Barry says:

    I am very chuffed to find this information regarding egg replacement. I would be interested in finding out if there is any nutritional properties in the egg replacement product. If not I would still use it in cakes and desserts, or if I was without eggs when I needed to cook.

  • jamuna amowas says:

    using your egg replacement recipe is a breeze to my baking! it makes food preparation a lot easier specially because i promote healthy living by feeding friends and clients. thank you very much

  • Jentry Nielsen says:

    Just tried the Vegg for the first time the other day! I’m not even vegan, but they do taste just like eggs! They’re awesome!

  • The Vegg says:

    Also try The Vegg! The world’s first vegan egg yolk. Perfect for french toast, tofu scramble and many more recipes!

  • Dani says:

    @Greta: Post Punk Kitchens cookbook,”vegan brunch”, has an awesome omelette recipe that involves making a kind of tofu batter. They also use Indian Black Salt which has a sulfur-y, eggy taste. I got nuthin’ on the hard-boiled egg front. Good luck!

  • stephannie says:

    I recently made muffins and instead of eggs used 1/2 c almond milk mixed with 1tsp vinegar. They turned out great and were most moist than when I make muffins with eggs.

  • mayannaise says:

    TOFU SCRAMBLE !!!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Greta says:

    Okay, everybody’s talking and writing about replacing eggs in baking… but what if you want to make an omelette? Or, for example, I want to make this salad that requires chopped boiled eggs… how do I replace THAT? Is tofu my only option? (I love tofu, but I just thought maybe there’s something else, that tastes closer to what eggs taste like..?)

  • Rachel says:

    I’m a omnivore who tries to do raw & vegan 5 days a week with a butcher for a husband. I like coconut oil instead of butter and pumpkin for eggs if you’re making out of the box brownies. I usually add a tablespoon extra of water to keep it a little more light. Currently have a chocolate pumpkin pie in the oven with walnuts and lapsang tea. Batter tasted good!

  • sauhana says:

    Hi, I AM IN Gauteng, South Africa and I want to purchase the egg replacer powder. I am having trouble finding a store that stocks it. Please asisst.
    Thanks, S

  • Angelstarr300 says:

    Last time I used applesauce instead of eggs in banana muffins it was way too moist. It was like it was raw & needed to be cooked alot longer but actually cooking it longer did not help. Also when I made brownies the same way they were very crumbly. Any suggestions ?

  • LcoyoteS says:

    I have a recipe that calls for 4 SMALL eggs. How do I substitute for small eggs in a recipe?

  • Stacy C says:

    Thank you so much for such a useful site! I have a newly discovered egg and milk allergy issue and I’ve been beside myself in eating what I miss. Thanks for providing all this great info!

  • well-duh says:

    This is all good stuff. But everyone needs to remember that at the environment pollution and resources level, vegan lifestyle alone is simply another method of procrastination and ignoring the human overpopulation issue.

    Vegan measures to increase human feeding efficiency simply allows cities to be come bigger factory farms for humans. Being 10 times as efficient in feeding humans is only a 20-40 year extension over omnivore human eating habits before human themselves starve.

    And the excess human population is even more effectively killing off animals by crowding them out of natural habitats either with housing or organic farms.

  • Tanu says:

    One can use soda water for rising agents in cakes.For me even sometimes baking soda taste will be strong so I usually avoid using it too much.I use soda water instead of milk or any other liquid agent to make batter watery enough.For detailed process of baking an eggless cake you can go through this link.

    Be vegetarian

  • jakmoy says:

    If you have the just ad water pancake mix it works well for baking. I never measure just kind of add some in.

  • Jaime says:

    @Sarah. We are actually making bread right now and we’ve been using the water+oil+baking powder method and it’s been coming out better than the regular recipe!

  • constanze berlin says:

    Hi, what can I use for ice cream? 3 egg yolks = ?

  • veganista says:

    I make homemade noodles using Flax Eggs and Semolina flour and a little bit of salt. Flax Eggs: 1/4 c ground flax seeds + 1/2 c warm water blended together in a blender, with 1/4 c of Flax Eggs roughly equivalent to 1 egg. Flax and water are a great binder.

    For leavening, use an acid and a base, like orange juice, tomato juice, vinegar, or lemon juice with baking soda and/or baking powder.

    Food Coloring: Red is easy-use beet juice for something savory or raspberry juice for something sweet

    Tofu is fantastic for making scrambles and crepes and quiches

    Ice cream: You can make it from scratch and not even need an ice cream maker-just a couple of plastic ziploc bags, some rock salt, nondairy milk (almond is my favorite) and a little bit of sweetener & flavor and about 10 minutes (there are recipes all over the web)

  • Jenni says:

    My family is disappointed that I haven’t made homemade egg noodles since the switch. What would be the best substitute?

  • Barbara says:

    I would also like to know what to use for food coloring I cant use red food coloring at all but they are very bad for every one Also what about Taking MSG out of things it is very bad also

  • Sarah says:

    Hi! I’m really wanting to make this Mango Tea Bread recipe on Whole Foods. I’m new to being vegan and am not sure which egg substitute would be best for it. I know baking with egg substitutes can be tricky especially just starting out. Thanks for your help! Here’s the link to the recipe, it calls for two eggs but has a whole bunch of different fruit and bananas in it already:

  • Duke says:

    “I use 1 Tbsp corn starch + 3 Tbsp water as an egg replacer in everything”
    Not much of a cook but I wanted to try this, wish I would have mixed the corn starch and water together first to make an egg like substance and then added it to the recipe… duh, needless to say it turned out terrible

  • Duke says:

    “I use 1 Tbsp corn starch + 3 Tbsp water as an egg replacer in everything.. works well.”

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I tried to use this to substitute for eggs in an omelet and it was terrible.. hehe

  • Bridget says:

    Hi Sarah!! There is a great book called Vice Cream. “V” for vegan. Many of the recipes call for cashews and water as the binder. I like to use a can of coconut milk. Either one taste great. The coconut milk takes less time.

  • Rob says:

    I use 1 Tbsp corn starch + 3 Tbsp water as an egg replacer in everything.. works well.

  • Alex Tracy-D'Unger says:

    Which egg replacer to use depends on the recipe. I’ve found that the Ener-G powder works well in cakes, banana bread, brownies etc. I tried using it in a pumpkin pie filling and it didn’t work as well, but I found a recipe that called for corn starch in place of the eggs and that worked perfectly.

  • Maria says:

    More of a question….. my granddaughter has lots and lots of allergies to name a few eggs,peanuts and soy which we find in way too many products. Anyone have any suggestions.

  • Ashley-P says:

    Hey Sarah! You should be able to use Ener-G Egg Replacer for ice cream recipes. Good luck!

  • Sarah says:


    I’d like to make ice-cream, and alot of recipes call for egg yolks. What do I substitute this with? Would something like butter help?

    Thanks alot!

  • isis0081 says:

    I’ve also used avacado for egg in recipes that bind ingredients together, such as veggie burgers or even brownies

  • The Red Cat says:

    Tapioca works well in baking as an egg substitute.

  • beginner says:

    I’m just starting out as a Vegan and I love to bake. This site regarding eggs is a great help.