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Easy Banana S’mores

Banana s’mores just might be the easiest dessert you’ll ever make. All it takes is store-bought vegan graham crackers and a vegan chocolate bar heated in the microwave, then you add slices of fresh banana to the sandwich—that’s it!


Not only is this version of s’mores easy (maybe a little too easy—I ate three in one sitting), it’s also healthier than the traditional recipe and vegan-friendly. By replacing marshmallows—which are one of the components of a typical s’more—with bananas, you’re kicking the dessert up a notch by adding vitamins and minerals and eliminating animal products.

I’m not sure how well bananas will hold up over a campfire, so I recommend making this an indoor-only treat. Enjoy!

Banana S’mores
1 vegan chocolate bar
4 vegan graham cracker sheets
2 bananas, sliced

  • Cut or break the chocolate bar into 4 equal parts.
  • Break each graham cracker sheet into 2 equal parts, along the perforated line, so that you have 8 equal-size squares.
  • Make a sandwich using 2 graham cracker squares and 1 chocolate square in between, then heat in the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds, or until the chocolate just begins to melt.
  • Remove from the microwave, open the sandwich, and add 1/4 of the banana slices to the sandwich. Then close and serve while the chocolate is warm.

Makes 4 large s’mores

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  • Landria says:

    Where can i buy Vegan chocolate and gram crackers?

  • ratexla says:

    Lookin good! :)
    Are you kidding, bananas + fire… + some chocolate… it’s nom!
    So I might try this with some bbq’d bananas…

  • nicole w says:

    i seen these last night, so at 10pm i went to the store so i could make them….and they were so good i ate them for breakfast…after all it has bannana :)
    two thumbs up!!

  • Leah says:

    This is awesome! I have to make these! I’ve always disliked s’mores because I don’t like marshmallows. Now I can finally have some.

  • Top Culinary Schools & Culinary Courses says:

    My nieces love smore’s and bananas. I will definitely make this for them next week when they come over!

  • Lauren says:

    OMG–AMAZING!!! :)

  • Anj says:

    This is awesome! Pure genious and so easy!!!

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