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Chocolate Pudding Cake

Looking for a decadently rich chocolaty dessert? Try this easy recipe that’s both vegan and delicious. See, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Chocolate Pudding Cake

1 box Duncan Hines Classic Devil’s Food Cake Mix
2 small bananas, mashed
2 Tbsp. cornstarch mixed with 2 Tbsp. water
1 4-oz. cup soy chocolate pudding

  • Prepare the cake mix according to the package directions but instead of using eggs, stir in the bananas and the cornstarch mixture.
  • Add the pudding and stir for 20 seconds, or until just combined.
  • Bake according to directions.
  • Frost with your favorite vegan icing.

Makes 1 cake 

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  • Wonder_vegan says:

    I am not sure when this was posted, but the Pilsbury Devil Food mix is NOT vegan! I can’t find milk products, but it warns against having it in there. I used Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge cake mix, but Hines also has a Devils Food mix that is probably vegan-friendly. (It was sold out in my store.)

  • Jitka says:

    In our country I can not buy the box Pillsbury® Devil’s Food cake mix. Could you write me recipe how to make this cake?

  • MS. Stolte says:

    Love converting cake mixes to vegan, however does this mix contain hydrogenated fats?.

  • rachel says:

    Arent there eggs or dairy in those cake mixes?

  • Karintracy says:

    Can you taste the bananas? I love bananas and chocolate but my husband, not so much.

  • Resa Tortoise says:

    1 Packung Pilsbury Devil’s Food Kuchenmischung(kann man im internet kaufen)
    2 kleine zerdrückte Bananen
    2 TL Maisstärke vermishct mit 2 TL Wasser
    ca. 120 ml Soja Schokoladenpudding

    Den Anweisungen auf der Fertigmischung folgen und den Kuchen vorbereiten, aber statt der Eier nimmt man die Bananen und die vermischte Maistärke. Den Pudding hinzufügen und verrühren.

    Nach den Anweisungen backen.
    Mit deinem veganen Lieblingsfrosting überziehen.

  • Rich says:

    Is Pillsbury® Devil’s Food cake mix available in London?

  • Domcia says:

    it was delicious! <3

  • Denni Schizophrenia says:

    Is there any possibility to get this receipe in german ?
    I wanna make this cake so bad. 🙁