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Who Can Resist a Halloween Cupcake?

Written by PETA | October 31, 2007

Still not over Halloween, even after my weekend bash, I decided to make more sweets to celebrate today’s holiday. It was time for the obligatory cutesy cupcakes, and of course, they had to be chocolate. I used the recipe I posted a few months back, but this time cutting it in half. I must have been high on cupcake goodness when I said that recipe makes only 36 cupcakes. The actual number is a little closer to 48. After baking, the chocolate cupcakes were slowly transformed into ghosts, pumpkins, graveyards, and spider webs—all more cute than creepy.

But the sweets don’t end there. People around the country are still stocking up on treats to dish out tonight. I’ll be giving out my favorite vegan candy—Now and Laters, Chocolove Chocolate, and Sweet Tarts—because I’m sadly too old to go out and participate in the fun. The last time I went trick-or-treating, my best friend, my sister, and I dressed as Bell Biv DeVoe—I kid you not. Maybe my age is sparing some child from the most frightening Halloween of his life.

Find out more about candy that is surprisingly vegan, and happy Halloween!


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  • Whitney Sinclair says:

    I agree that Chocolove is amazing chocolate! Have you tried the Organic 61% Chocolate Bar? It is my favorite. It’s kosher, vegan, and 100% Organic! Just Organic Chocolate, Organic Cocoa Butter, and Organic Cane Sugar : )

  • Abigorbot says:

    Which member of Bell Biv Devoe did you dress as? 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  • Ed Coffin says:

    The cupcakes look very delicious and I am always up for a good, vegan dessert. I took a tip from Martha and actually handed out real dried liquorice roots for Halloween. It may not be the most popular treat on the block, but at least I am offering a valuable lesson. You know, the part where you see the actual flavor instead of just tasting the artificial indregients? I hope no one is giving out any Mars candies tonight!!! Shame on them.