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Vegan Food

Finding Vegan Hotspots in Seoul, South Korea

Vacation days saved with nowhere to go? Say hello to your next animal-friendly culinary and shopping adventure!

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Top 5 Vegan Super Bowl Recipes (Videos)

Everyone can be a winner when you make these recipes.

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10 Vegan Hangover Cures That Will Give You Life

If you had a few too many drinks while you were out last night, check out these vegan hangover cures that will help bring you back to life.

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Microwavable Meals for the Busy Vegan

Too lazy to cook? Try these filling microwavable vegan meals that are quick to prepare—giving you more time to devote to helping animals.

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6 Ways to be Vegan at Chipotle

Sofritas (shredded, spiced tofu) is now available in Chipotle restaurants nationwide. Here’s to the availability of vegan food everywhere!

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Everything You (Never Really) Wanted to Know About Gelatin

Your definitive guide to gelatin: where it comes from and how easy it is to avoid it.

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Best Kale Chips off the Old Block

So many companies are now offering flavorful varieties of our favorite snack: kale chips!

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Think There’s Such a Thing as ‘Humane’ Meat? Read This Book.

When James McWilliams looked closer at “humane” meat and the farms that supply it, he found more torment and abuse of animals.

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Top 5 Juices for Your New Year’s Day Detox

On New Year’s Day, treat yourself to these detoxifying juices and smoothies. You’re guaranteed to feel better!

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Top 10 Recipes of 2014

2014 was a great year for vegans. Now I’m hungry!

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