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Vegan Food

16 Thanksgiving Main Dishes to Be Thankful for This Year

You may have all your holiday side dish recipes ready, but what about the main entrée? Try one of these.

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The Future Is Now: Vegan Scrambled Egg!

What looks like an omelet, tastes like an omelet, and doesn’t hurt any chickens? Follow Your Heart’s VeganEgg!

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Taco Bell’s New Vegan-Friendly Menu Features Millions of Meat-Free Options

Vegans, rejoice! Eating on the go just became easier than ever. Taco Bell has unveiled new customizable online ordering and a certified vegetarian menu.

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White Castle’s Veggie Sliders Are Now Vegan

The times they are a-changin’, as burger chains such as White Castle offer vegan options.

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21 Reasons That New England Is the Place to Be for Vegan Ice Cream

All of these shops carry vegan sorbet or ice cream options. Guess we’re moving to New England.

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Want to Live Longer? Eat ‘Vegiterranean’

These “Vegiterranean” recipes can help you get that healthy Mediterranean glow.

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Celebs and Supporters Love PETA’s 35th Anniversary Menu

PETA celebrated 35 years of victories for animals with a unique plant-based menu.

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Sweet Earth’s Newest Sammie Just Made Breakfast More Fun

Spice up your morning with Sweet Earth’s new breakfast sandwich.

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31 Vegan Recipes for Every Day in October

This October, eat more fall and winter vegetables with these 31 vegan recipes.

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19 Hauntingly Good Vegan Pumpkin Spice Products

Enjoy the pumpkin spice craze without hurting any animals with these delicious vegan pumpkin spice products.

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