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Vegan Food

Leah’s Weight Loss Story

A little more than two years ago, I weighed more than 200 pounds. I had trouble breathing, and I was always sick. I tried diet after diet, but I …

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Breakin’ the Rules: Risotto for Thanksgiving

Break the rules for Thanksgiving this year and try this vegan pumpkin risotto recipe.

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What to Do With the King of Mushrooms

Here’s an interesting recipe by David Chang that pairs sautéed mushrooms with a pistachio purée.

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Smothered and Stuffed Cannelloni

Try this delicious vegan recipe for Tofu and Spinach-Stuffed Cannelloni With Tomato Sauce.

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Chocolate Chip Scones

Scones should be golden brown and firm on the outside, with a soft crumbly texture hidden inside.

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Who Can Resist a Halloween Cupcake?

You can celebrate Halloween vegan-style! Check out our vegan sweets and candies.

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Haunting Halloween Treats

Check out this vegan Halloween recipe for delicious pecan spiders.

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That Cake’s tha Bomb

This post is a review of treats so sweet that my teeth are aching just from looking at the pictures.

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Sweet Potato and Avocado Sandwich

Looking for a new way to make a sandwich? Try using sweet potatoes and avocados.

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The Vegetarian and the Meat-Eater

Read “The Vegetarian and the Meat-Eater, Part 1″ by the Almost Vegetarian food blog.

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Vegan Food 101

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