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Vegan Food

9 Vegan Protein Bars for Your PETA Pack Workouts

If you’re still looking for the perfect post-workout snack, check out these delicious vegan protein bars for easy nutrition on the go.

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7 Vegan Words That You’re Saying Wrong

“Vee-gan” or “vay-gun”? “Temp-y” or “temp-ay”? We’re putting an end to the debate—right here, right now.

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9 Bacon-Flavored Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Are you an ethical vegan who misses the taste of bacon? These nine products will give you the taste without the guilt.

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11 Tips to Make the Happiest Place on Earth Even Happier (aka ‘Vegan-Friendly’)!

Check out this helpful guide to compassionate eating at the happiest place on Earth!

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Easy Kale Chips (Video)

Kale chips are a delicious way to sneak in a few essential vitamins and nutrients. Get the recipe now.

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12 Spicy and Delicious Vegan Recipes

If you’re a spicy-food addict with a compassionate diet, these recipes are for you!

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11 Ways to Spike Your Slurpee!

Make July 11 the best day ever with these tips on how to spike your Slurpee!

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5 Vegan Products With a Protein Punch

Check out five products we love that provide a walloping punch of protein!

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12 Vegan Garlic Recipes You Have to Try

Delicious vegan recipes to honor the greatest seasoning ever!

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Vegan Caprese Mac and Cheese (Video)

This recipe uses pasta and vegan cheese for a fun twist on the classic Caprese salad. Watch our video tutorial!

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