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7-Eleven Stores That Have Vegan Entrees Available

Stop by one of the following 7-Eleven locations to pick up a delicious meal of vegan pad Thai noodles, vegan spinach noodles with vegetables, vegan Asian linguine, or vegan linguine tikka massala!

Location Name



1837 Old York Rd.

150 E. Champlost St.PhiladelphiaPa.
7607 Ridge Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
811 New Rodgers Rd.BristolPa.
2981 Welsh Rd.PhiladelphiaPa.
2364 Street Rd.Bensalem TownshipPa.
3224 Byberry Rd.PhiladelphiaPa.
3508 Street Rd.Bensalem TownshipPa.
932 Street Rd.SouthamptonPa.
5401 Neshaminy Blvd.Bensalem TownshipPa.
320 E. Street Rd.FeastervillePa.
220 E. Street Rd.Warminster TownshipPa.
11 Maple Ave.SouthamptonPa.
2711 Easton Rd.Willow GrovePa.
6622 Rising Sun Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1830-38 Stenton Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1823 John F. Kennedy Blvd.PhiladelphiaPa.
4201-59 Walnut Street.PhiladelphiaPa.
7720 Ogontz Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
5259 Oxford Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
2144-48 Lombard St.PhiladelphiaPa.
3401 Lancaster Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
6919-27 TorresdalePhiladelphiaPa.
6101 Ridge Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
7329 Elmwood Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1 N. York Rd.HatboroPa.
1401 City Line Ave.WynnewoodPa.
2300 S. Broad St.PhiladelphiaPa.
4701 Mascher Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1900-10 Welsh Rd.PhiladelphiaPa.
106 S. 38th St.PhiladelphiaPa.
2301 W. Passyunk Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1034-38 Washington Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
2101 S. 10th St.PhiladelphiaPa.
2900 S. 70th St.PhiladelphiaPa.
9901 Frankford Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
362 Easton Rd.GlensidePa.
1056 Easton Rd.Willow GrovePa.
5231 Harbison Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
527 W. Lincoln Hwy.LanghornePa.
9001 Frankford Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1912 Liacouras WalkPhiladelphiaPa.
1201 Chestnut St.PhiladelphiaPa.
800 Walnut St.PhiladelphiaPa.
1500 JFK Blvd.PhiladelphiaPa.
1501 Cecil B. Moore Ave.PhiladelphiaPa.
1215 Filbert St.PhiladelphiaPa.
150 N. Broad St.PhiladelphiaPa.
3440 Market St.PhiladelphiaPa.
2511 Lincoln Hwy.TrevosePa.
226 W. Rittenhouse Sq.PhiladelphiaPa.
226 Rt. 9Pine BeachN.J.
2603 Atlantic Ave.Atlantic CityN.J.
1500 Pacific Ave.Atlantic CityN.J.
7 W. Water St.Toms RiverN.J.
1681 Lakewood Rd. (Rt. 9)Toms RiverN.J.
100 Lindbergh Rd. (at the ramp)NewarkN.J.
722 Huntington Ave.BostonMass.
2002 Beacon St.BrightonMass.
566 Washington St.South EastonMass.
1306 WashingtonBostonMass.
200 Seaport Blvd.BostonMass.
600 Technology Sq.CambridgeMass.
1633 Beacon St.BrooklineMass.
1441 Beacon St.BrooklineMass.
532 CommonwealthBostonMass.
426 Main St.HyannisMass.
20 W. Central St.FranklinMass.
121 June St.WorcesterMass.
750 Massachusetts Ave.CambridgeMass.
1224 Main St.West ConcordMass.
475 Merrick Rd.OceansideN.Y.
103-01 Queens Blvd.Forest HillsN.Y.
3342 Nostrand Ave.BrooklynN.Y.
2247 Utica Ave.BrooklynN.Y.
254-02 Hillside Ave.Floral ParkN.Y.
65-07 Woodhaven Blvd.Rego ParkN.Y.
72-01 Eliot Ave.Middle VillageN.Y.
66-04 Queens Blvd.WoodsideN.Y.
31-31 Thomson Ave.Long Island CityN.Y.
953 Kings Hwy.BrooklynN.Y.
67-21 FreshpondRidgewoodN.Y.
57-01 Myrtle Ave.RidgewoodN.Y.
6920 MyrtleGlendaleN.Y.
763 Central Park Ave.ScarsdaleN.Y.
101-04 MetropolitanForest HillsN.Y.
107-24 Corona Ave.CoronaN.Y.
61-19 Northern Blvd.WoodsideN.Y.
307 Central Ave.White PlainsN.Y.
167 Martine Ave.White PlainsN.Y.
1740 Hylan Blvd.Staten IslandN.Y.
59-01 Roosevelt Ave.WoodsideN.Y.
395 Flatbush Ave. Ext.BrooklynN.Y.
100 Sunrise Hwy.Valley StreamN.Y.
97-07 Queens Blvd.Rego ParkN.Y.
557 Grand ConcourseBronxN.Y.
99-49 Horace Harding Exp.CoronaN.Y.
218-01 Northern Blvd.BaysideN.Y.
1200 Victory Blvd.Staten IslandN.Y.
1705 Richmond Ave.Staten IslandN.Y.

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  • rebecca says:

    How about Hillsborough NJ??

  • Mike and Lillie Sekerak says:

    So disappointed none available in or around Terre Haute, Indiana or Indianapolis, Indiana. Wish they would bring them to us!!
    Mike and Lillie Sekerak, Marshall, Illinois

  • Mike and Lillie Sekerak says:

    So disappointed none available in or around Terre Haute, Indiana or Indianapolis, Indiana. Wish they would bring them to us!!
    Mike and Lillie Sekerak, Marshall, Illinois

  • winniesings says:

    Seriously? Nothing in Austin TX? It’s ONLY the vegan capital of the southwest.

  • Mary says:

    Connecticut!? 🙁 disappointment.

  • Lucy says:

    Hi, Just wondering if these vegan meals are available in Sydney Australia 7eleven stores? Thanks.

  • chloe says:

    they need some in texas :/

  • Sarah says:

    Only on the east coast? Not cool. What about Midwest (hello! Come to St. Louis!) and the West coast? Definitely letting 7 elven know they need to expand their vegan meals!

  • Barbara C says:

    What happened to California? LOTS of vegans live in CA, maybe more than anywhere else? Please add some of these yummy options to a store near me…I’m in Healdsburg, CALIFORNIA. And we DO have a 7 Eleven, that might be the reason I become a regular at this store!!

  • Genesis says:

    god dang-it california! I was really looking forward to these…

  • Mark says:

    No Colorado, really? Need one in Colorado Springs.

  • ragdoll27 says:

    We are anxious for the vegan meals to come to AZ. We don’t have much of a selection for vegan meals the way it is.

  • Momma Bear says:

    Why isn’t Denver CO lining up to dish out the VEGAN GOODNESS? Not fare at all.

  • moi says:

    No California?

    Say what?

  • hollers5677 says:

    …and what about the other 55 states?

  • dorothy says:

    Why not a single one in California? This is where there are more vegans like me, ready to start buying some of those delicious noodle dishes! Rice curry, hummus, and salads would also be more than welcome. Please sign up some California stores fast!

  • Stephanie Brown says:

    None in Texas? Come on, you guys are based in Dallas!!! But, you know, awesome that there are options coming… Kudos for that. Hope they make it this far south.

  • Monica says:

    This is awesome, but c’mon, no California stores? Let’s get this thing up to snuff!