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24 Vegan Candies for Halloween

This list of classic candy might take you right back to your childhood, but did you know that they are all vegan, too? Here are 25 classic vegan candies that you can dish out this Halloween:  

1. Airheads

2. Bottle Caps

3. Brach’s Cinnamon Hard Candy 

4. Chick-o-Sticks 

5. Cry Babies 

6. Dots

7. Dum-Dums

8. Fireballs

9. Fun Dip


10. Hubba Bubba bubblegum

11. Jolly Ranchers (lollipops and hard candy) 


12.  Laffy Taffy (some varieties)
13. Lemonheads

14. Mamba Fruit Chews 


15. Mary Janes 

16. Pixy Stix 

17. Runts 

18. Smarties (U.S. Brand)


19. Sour Patch Kids

20. Super Bubble

21. Swedish Fish


22. Sweet Tarts 

23. Twizzlers 


24. Zotz

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  • Kenny Harvey says:

    @Alanna-R Thank you for the update on the Twizzler information.

  • wapf says:

    None of these items are fair trade.

  • Alanna-R says:

    @Kenny-H It has changed! Twizzlers no longer contain gelatin.

  • Alanna-R says:

    @pixiepigs Try checking !

  • Kenny H. says:

    I was under the impression it was Red Vines that were vegan, and not Twizzlers due to the gelatin ingredients listed on their packaging. Has that changed?

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    This is a wonderful list. I am so glad Swedish fish are vegan. I am also so glad that so many people are reading ingredient labels to make sure no animal products are listed. We are moving into such a compassionate age.

  • pixiepigs says:

    I love this list of vegan sweets and glad to see some that are familiar! But are you able to do a list of Vegan candies which are from the UK? I live in England and would love to know what sweets are vegan :)

  • Trae says:

    Thanks for this list ! I wanted to pick up some Halloween candy in case I get any trick-or-treaters, but also wanted to avoid those that contained animal byproducts. I will double-check the ingredients lists before I buy any, just to make sure that the companies haven’t changed anything, but at least this list gives me an idea of where to start my search.

  • Jeri says:

    Mike and Ike candy lists confectioners glaze in their ingredients list. I’ve read that confectioners glaze is not vegan. Is that true?

  • Amy-C says:

    At the time this was published and still today, the candies you mention are vegan. Laffy Taffy (some varieties, including rope), Airheads, and Swedish Fish list their ingredients on their website and they don’t contain egg albumen, gelatin or whey.

    Your comment made me think of an important point though. These candies aren’t made by vegan companies and they don’t guarantee that their products will remain vegan so you may want to read the labels before purchasing!

  • tripwirestrippin says:

    About the candy you are advertising as vegan, I happen to know that some of these contain egg albumen, gelatin and possibly whey. Please check your sources. I cannot eat laffy taffy/airheads/swedish fish because they contain these products. I do eat Dots, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, and dum dum suckers.

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