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16 Photos That Will Change Your Mind About Eating Meat

Animals are thinking, feeling beings, and we shouldn’t eat them. The following are 16 reasons why:

1. Because this calf lives in a dirty, fly-infested veal crate.

2. Because this goat is about to be slaughtered.

3. Because these ducks, rescued from the foie gras industry, need their livers.

4. Because this rescued cow escaped from a burning transport truck bound for slaughter.

5. Because this cow isn’t so lucky.

6. Because this rescued chicken had her beak burned off without any painkillers.

7. Because this rescued rooster survived a factory farm that collapsed during Hurricane Katrina.

8. Because this pig just arrived at the slaughterhouse.

9. Because the mother-calf bond is instantaneous.

10. Because these other mother cows look on. They’ve all had their babies taken from them just hours after birth.

11. Because these cows don’t want their baby taken away.

12. Because she was taken away anyway.

13. Because calves raised for veal spend their short lives in a small pen and are then shipped to slaughter.

14. Because this calf can’t even walk to her prison.

15. Because this is where she’ll stay until she’s either slaughtered for veal or used for her milk.

16. Because later that day, the fly-covered calf we saw before is now dead.

Don’t support an industry that steals life and living away from the most vulnerable. Order your free vegan starter kit now and start living a cruelty-free lifestyle.

All images from We Animals.

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  • Harriett says:

    Vegetarian from now on, those pictures are an eyeopener

  • luisa says:

    No aminal should be treated this way!!

  • Bill Walker says:

    Humans can be so cruel to animals that die to let us live.

  • Lisaglenn Goodman says:

    Humans HAVE to change— we have no respect or compassion for the Earth, animals, children or the elderly. We have become a society of dumbed- down , Hollywood obsessed, consuming, heathens. We live in our ego-centric, self gratifying bubbles with no real connection to nature or one another. Those of you who agree with this statement are applauding– those of you who take offense at this statement are the ones that this statement is targeting.

  • Lida says:

    it’s a disaster

  • adrian says:

    meat is delicious!!!

  • hardik says:

    we humans just suck !


    @@@@@@@ GO VEGAN !!!!! PLEEEEEEASE !!!!! @@@@@@@@

  • Pavan says:

    This is not the way to treat animals.its so bad.

  • Susan says:

    I do not eat meat because of the cruelty of claves etc

  • vaibhav viswanath says:

    this is sad..i mean we live in the 21st century stone age..:/

  • Emma Ruppert says:

    This is very sad. I don’t like seeing pain and suffering of animals but I dont want to be naive about this. Say no to veal 🙂

  • Lauren Wallace says:

    It makes me cry everytime i see scenes like this. I do not eat meat! Its because i feel this is murder! plain and simple.

  • Toni Curry says:

    I have been vegetarian for 20 years, and recently became vegan. Seeing pictures such as these reinforces my strong opinion that I am doing the right thing. That poor little baby!!!

  • McKenna Bewley says:

    Wasnt a vegitarian before, but thats changing RIGHT NOW! these poor animals dont deserve such terrible and cruel treatment. These monsters killing these poor ajimals needs to be ended!

  • annie kleefstra says:

    we moeten stoppen met die arme dieren te kwellen

  • maria says:

    it is terrible, but i was working and living on a farm for a few years and i swear it could be differend, the animals on that farm grow up with more better than this. They get so much love, like a child. The dying calf had diarree and if you are a little to late he could die. If you have animals you must take care of them, we let them grow for the milk not for the meat. I appriciate your work, with compliments

  • Marly says:

    This is why I just celebrated my 3 month anniversary for being vegetarian (close to vegan even because I avoid milk and eggs too [grossed out by the video that affected me so much I changed my diet to being vegetarian], but so far I’m still working on not consuming items that contain milk and eggs)….I am so happy I made this choice; it makes me feel so much more humane and just more…is there even a word to express how good not consuming animal’s makes one feel? I’m just very happy knowing that I am NOT supporting horrible practices. I’ve even educated some coworkers and one of them is trying not to eat meat and actually has made it to 1 month so far (with a few slips but still a great effort)!! Even a close friend of mine is cutting back, so I’ve helped a couple people by being positive about the change and showing them that they can have a creative and tasty meal without meat!
    I am very saddened by these pictures though…I can not believe how badly these animals are treated…Actions are starting to happen to help animals though. I mean the EU just banned animal testing! What a great movement. And I’ve noticed that there are a lot more vegetarians out there these days. Of course there are still a lot of ignorant people who make ignorant comments that can’t see the farm animals as being more than objects for food…but past their ignorance are a lot of people that care for the animals and that’s what I appreciate. I hope one day the animal’s won’t be treated with such brutality…

  • Patty Pacheco says:

    I pray to God every waking day to please help the animals of the world because there aren’t enough of us who care about them that can make any real, permanent changes. Only a miracle can. My heart bleeds and my soul cries for these innocent beings every day.

  • NotConvinced says:

    Cows with flies on … THE HUMANITY.

  • bimal kbs says:

    i will do everything i can, and i promise to my life that i will never use red meats ever…and i have been sticking onto this for the past 8 years and have been trying to stop others from consuming. one day i believe i can change the world or atleast i can try…..

  • Lorena Mendoza says:

    Please STOP animal evil breeding! STOP torturing & killing innocent animals! STOP stealing calves! It is time to EVOLVE! Enough of animal holocaust!

  • Bob Halley says:

    I am constantly horrified at the cruelty inflicted by man on the animals that share this planet…..If man does not change his ways it will be too late… so much pain and suffering and all for no reason but he sad appetite that a lot of humans have for flesh…. If only they would learn about a healthy vegan way of life… This would be such a wonderful world for all living beings…..

  • Penny=Ann Singer says:

    Pictures like these, and other inhumane practices brought to my attention by my amazing daughter, stopped me in my tracks and I decided vegetarianism is the way ahead. Unbearably sad photos of real instances.

  • Penny=Ann Singer says:

    Pictures like these, and other inhumane practices brought to my attention by my amazing daughter, stopped me in my tracks and I decided vegetarianism is the way ahead. Unbearably sad photos of real instances.

  • Sheila Bartol says:

    I became vegan after seeing your videos and pictures. I have never before been at peace with my soul as much as I have been since doing this. I pray everyday that this suffering and abuse of animals stops, it’s so senseless.

  • shivalika says:

    thank god i am born in hindu family where cows and buffaloes are treated as mothers which gives us milk and beef is totally prohibited in our country. i am a vegan not coz i am hindu BUT I LOVE ANIMALS AND I CAN DIE FOR DEM

  • angie claxton says:

    SIck! SIck! SICK!

  • Kartikeya Negi says:

    i have this question for the western world. You say yourself to stand for human rights, liberty, equality, freedom and other virtues. Dont these animals deserve some of those? Experiments have shown that animals react to love, pain and loneliness in the same way as human beings. Then why not show them some mercy? I am equivocal in contempt of all religions and faiths but the brutality of these crimes is severe in the West. The only way out is some sort of legislation that bans animal slaughter. I am sure with the kinds of technology we have, we can find alternative materials for all products that come from animal skin, fat or body parts.

  • Mary Vales says:

    Ok let me start off with how heartless people sound when they say things like “as long as I get my meat or dairy I don’t care how they kill the animals, people are meant to eat meat” ok people like that do not realise the pain of the good lords beautiful animals have to go through, meat eaters how would you like to be treated that way!!!!!

    I am a vegan and will never wear or use or eat animal products.

    Also I read an article that said Korea like to torture dogs to get better tasting dog meat, that is completely despicable and heartless!!!!

    Americans now in days are all about money and don’t care what the animals go though, it’s sad how some human beings will let money take over there lives and not care about others.

    Destroy things like Tyson!!!!!!!! I say again we will destroy their stupid brand that torture animals!!!!!

    We really need to put an end to this torturing or atleast decrease the torturing!!!

  • Shweta says:

    i am feel so sad, i am Indian & i am 100% vegetarian & i am tell the people pleas go vegan please and save animals.

  • human rights says:

    Why focus on this subject and not people around the world who are suffering? i am not saying that these pictures are right but I am saying that why focus on this subject but you turn your heads away from starving people around the world? please support animals and humans the same.

  • Stella Moore says:

    It’s so sad that the animals can’t ever defend themselves, It’s not fair why that have to be treated that way. :'(

  • Leonora Velasco Ariza says:

    We are slowly gaining terrain over meat eaters, the way is through education and sensitization such as these photos

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i love animals.

  • tam karam says:

    These photos of precious living beings being tortured and killed re-affirmed why I became vegetarian 26 years ago/finally said no to my father. The tears are flowing right now…

  • sara bergeron says:

    this is unacceptable

  • Rupen says:

    It is in our roots & clearly stated in our religion to not encourage or perform a single act that is responsible for destruction of any form of life.

  • jostoich says:

    May the world see the ugliness and be disgusted with how “humanity” is so cruel. I became a vegetarian more 35 years ago and have never regretted it. I remain ever more committed to visualizing a world where animals suffer and face slaughter by humans.

  • Alice says:

    The bad news is that there are more and more people that get sick from eating factory farms produced meat. The good news is that all vegan people are healthy and they live good quality lives. Our hope is that the truth will come to surface, and sooner or later our world will change. It must if it were to survive.

  • S. Andregg says:

    Thank you. Ignorance is NOT an excuse so now that you know, please make a difference!

  • Cindy says:

    Thank you.

  • Sefinew says:

    Thank God,I am a new vegan,Karin fallower and I am gonna fight for this.

  • Joyce Shulman Cruciani says:

    These images of horror should have been shown world-wide a LONG time ago-just think of all the poor animals that could’ve been saved-

  • Eva says:

    Humans need to wake up, these photos are very distrubing. I am so proud to say my family and I are vegan, and always will be.

  • robert goldman says:

    just discovered another reason why i made the right choice of becoming a vegan 22 years ago: the major cause of global climate change is not cars, planes or industrial pollution but the raising and killing of animals.

  • Smiles says:

    I just saw this link on twitter, so I clicked on it. It reveals the very sad and depressing truth. I feel horrible.

  • Linda Lebedovych says:

    This breaks my heart so much, it was racing before I could finish. I will pledge to be a better vegan.

  • Angelica C says:

    How sad u.u

  • Lisa DeLoach says:

    THANK YOU!!!!