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Warm, Fuzzy, and Animal-Friendly!

The following article was written by PETA staffer Royale.

Baby, it’s cold outside!

As the winter months wear on and the shelves overflow with flocks of fuzzy-wuzzy selections, remember: It’s as important to stay tenderhearted as it is to stay trendy. When it comes to fur—whether it came from an animal on a fur farm or from one who was trapped in the wild—every bit of trim produced caused an animal tremendous suffering and took away a life. You don’t want that on your hands—or feet—right? And shearling has the same sad story; no amount of fluff can hide the fact that anyone who buys wool supports a cruel and bloody industry.

So, to keep your toes toasty (and your heart ice-free), I suggest the following faux-fur footwear and synthetic shearling shoes!

No socks needed. The following picks are like pillows for you paws—and the only kind of furry tongue a girl dreams of. Am I right?

Bakers’ Oscar: $59.95

River Island Turtle Faux Fur Lined Flat Boots: $77.56

Blizardd by Steve Madden: $89.95

These heeled booties are nothing short of shear-joy!

Woollen Collar Heeled Boots: $35.80

Aldo’s Straugter: $48.99

ASOS Autograph Faux Fur Cuff Lace Up Boots: $94.82

Flats or heels, these winter shoes are sure to make a statement. Faux snow! (Like fo’ sho’, get it? OK, I’ll stop now!)

I have a pair of Aldo’s Straugter boots on the way. Which pair is your favorite? Tell me in the comments section below.

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