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Vegan Shoe of the Month: olsenHaus Preview

The following article was written by PETA staffer Royale.

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and while designers are previewing their Spring/Summer 2011 collections, I’m giving you a sneak peak at some of fall’s hottest vegan boots. Designer-inspired vegan shoes may be my forté—I love to help fellow veganistas get the look for less (money and cruelty)—but this month, I’m shaking things up!

For anyone who is as addicted to cruelty-free shoe shopping as myself, I’m sure that you’ve already discovered olsenHaus—and probably given a pair of the company’s shoes a forever home. (“But babe, they looked so lonely online. Can we keep them? Please?”) According to the olsenHaus website, the shoe company is “committed to being 100 percent animal-free/cruelty-free, producing functional goods with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment.” With a philosophy like that, who wouldn’t want to support and sport these shoes?

Not only does olsenHaus aim to save animal lives, it also hopes to help save the planet—in style. The shoe company’s collections are vegan and made from sustainable/renewable materials, including uppers made from recycled television screens! I’ve picked my favorite TV shows—I mean shoes—for your viewing pleasure.

Talk about having a beautiful sole. The Beauty boot is perfect for paring with tights or skinny jeans! Throw a pair on with a skirt or dress, and you’ve got that over-the-knee cool look for night.


Not that innocent? Wear these Innocence peak-a-boo booties with a pair of colorful or printed tights, or show some skin and knock some socks off.


The Harriet is my favorite boot, with its quirky wedge heel and golden cuff—the look is certainly an attention grabber. This boot screams, “Let’s paint the town red!”


Check out olsenHaus’ full fall preview, and then be sure to check back here next month because we are giving one reader a pair of shoes of her choice! OMG shoes.

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  • Jessie says:

    Just the type of insight we need to fire up the deatbe.

  • Jessie says:

    Just the type of insight we need to fire up the deatbe.

  • ElizabethsKindCafe says:

    Please check out my eco-friendly vegan shoes at my online store!
    Elizabeth’s Kind Cafe

  • Lisa says:

    I agree with the commenters who say fashionable, eco-friendly vegan shoes are hard to find. Add to that the fact that I wear a size 11 and it’s nigh on impossible. I usually end up compromising somehow–vegan but not eco-friendly, fashionable but not vegan. I keep wishing that people like Ms McCartney and Natalie Portman would use their clout to create gorgeous, cruelty-free, eco-friendly, affordable shoes, sweaters, coats, etc. We’re ready to buy!

  • Muge says:

    How lovely designs.. and thanks the Olsenhaus for being animal friendly company x

  • JO says:

    Ahhhhh!! they’re all awesome! but I would definitely wear the red ones…or the blue ones. My current canvas shoes have holes in them =(

  • Liz says:

    It’s too bad most of us can’t afford to pay $220 for a pair of heels. I applaud the efforts and it’s great that there are vegan shoes but they’re never affordable unless you go to Payless or scour for “all man-made materials” shoes – and frankly they’re hardly ever stylish. Just venting…

  • LIZZYGRL!!!! says:

    omg i absolutely love these shoes! the second pair is to die for omg their like…their like from heavan above

  • LaRoux says:

    Those prices are ridiculous. I hate how easy they try and made it sound to go green, & be an all around vegan & then everything is super expensive. :C

  • Sophia Schwind says:

    “OMG shoes!!!” is sooo right ILOVESHOES (especially vegan friendly ones) 😀

  • DAISEY says:


  • Mylie says:

    Hi Lois,

    Please visit: for more information on their products. You can find a store near you here:

    Happy Shopping!

  • Lois Yiaski says:

    where do you have the cost of your boots posted?

  • Maggie says:

    This is wonderful work but please can the designers/manufacturers please stop making the boots look like animal skin as the wedge heel one’s look very similar to sheepskin, perhaps this was the intention but even fake animal skin is wrong as it sends out the wrong message!

  • Moran says:

    Is it possible to make an order to Israel?

  • Mylie says:

    Hi Maire,

    As stated in the blog, olsen Haus’ collections are vegan and made from sustainable/renewable materials, including uppers made from recycled television screens! All of their shoes are made using alternative, sustainable and renewable plant-based and man-made, non-animal materials. And just so you know, The livestock/leather industry is the largest contributor to global warming, land devastation, environmental pollution, usage of valuable natural resources and water supply contamination.

    For more information, please visit:


  • Dakata says:

    Omg… I’m in love. :)))))))) Its so sad that I’m living in Lithuania… :/

  • KerriDarling says:

    OMG I’m in LOVE! I’ve been wanting cute boots for this winter! I’ve been DYING to get my hands on actual Vegan shoes! They’re just the brand I would LOVE to buy and show off and tell everyone about!

  • Sasha Hulse says:

    i love this shoes, they’re to die for. and the best part is that no animals were harmed in the making of these beautiful shoes. 🙂
    that’s one reason i love them.
    i love these shoes overall for the look quality and making of it
    i would love to have one and show off to my friends who wear things made out of animals. && i could show them that i could look so much better and not hurt an animal in the process

  • Marie says:

    Out of what materials are these boots made? Fossil-fuel based polymers? NOT good!

  • Don Lamson says:

    I make custom and production non leather Cycling shoes. No leather products used at all. I also sponsor one of the ladies on the Peanut Butter & Co TWENTY12 Professional Cycling Team, Cari Higgins. Just some info for you…
    Keep up the good work!!

    Don Lamson