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Vegan Men’s Watches: Keeping Up With the Time(s)

The following article was written by guest writer Sean Collander.

In an era when our phones can do everything from displaying the local time in Zaire to tweeting a picture of your pet’s “cutest pose ever! OMG,” wearing a watch can seem almost as outdated as sending mail via the Pony Express (or just sending mail, period). But if you are like me and feel that the extra three seconds it takes to remove your phone from your pocket to check the time could be better spent concocting your wittiest tweet yet, read on, because these vegan watches could help launch you into Twitter stardom.

Finding a vegan watch for fancy occasions is easy. Observe:

1.  Walk into your local department store.
2.  Pick out a watch with a metal band.
3.  Go home.

See, super easy—only three steps. While you may be able to do the same thing for your typical everyday watch as well, I’m here to show you a few different options that will help you stand out after achieving Twitter fame.

First up is a line of watches made by Swatch called Color Codes. This is one that I stumbled upon while looking for Christmas gifts last winter. With plenty of color options (there are 19), you’re bound to find one that fits your style. I’m partial to the “Up-Wind” and “Fresh Papaya” variations. Plus, at $50 a pop, you can probably afford more than just one.

Sample tweet from time saved: “Swatch out, Twitterverse—it’s about time [Insert name here] invaded your Twitter stream!”


I’m a bit of a sucker for design. You show me a product that is different from anything I have ever seen and chances are I will want it. Fossil’s S+arck O-Ring falls into that category. This watch is what I imagine Thomas Edison thought watches would look like in the year 2011. I mean, look at it! It’s like Iron Man teamed up with Fossil to design a watch! The minutes are displayed by the dashes, and the hour is shown as a numeral in its appropriate spot along the watch face. The band is made out of polyurethane, and the watch face itself is encircled by a “stainless steel O-ring.”

Sample tweet from time saved: “Thomas Edison would be so jealous of my watch! [insert twitpic here]“

This last watch by WeWOOD is my personal favorite for a couple reasons. First off, it’s made completely out of wood! When was the last time you saw someone with a wooden watch? Never? Didn’t think so. Secondly, not only are these watches totally unique, WeWOOD has also partnered up with American Forests’ Global Releaf campaign and pledged to plant a tree for each watch sold. The watch pictured is the CHRONO brown. WeWOOD has multiple designs and different colors, so check out the company’s website for all your options. Last I checked, most models on the website were backordered until the middle of July, but I first saw WeWOOD watches at Nordstrom, so you might be able to find them there too.

Sample tweet from time saved: “You WOODn’t believe what my new watch is made out of! [twitpic of killer new watch]“

Whether you’re searching for a watch that looks like it was designed by NASA or one that will help save the Earth, rest assured that there is one out there for you. So go out, find yourself a new watch, and start concocting the next big idea, because you never know when a few extra seconds might come in handy.

Which of these vegan watches is your favorite?

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  • Mick says:

    i’m looking for vegan or hippie watches but none of these have ANY style or class… if anyone can recommend sites that have some original stuff that isn’t so TECHy looking or like tree branch would love to see it. thanks.

  • Es says:

    Nice!! They are beautiful!

  • dil says:

    i have already decided never to purchased anything tested or any product made by animal skin in future. i stopped since 2 months , since the damaged has done with out my knowledge , i will use what ever i have now until its over and wears and tears . but i am already heading for right direction since long being a vege… thanks PETA for encouraging us . i dont see why these innocent animals have to die to keep us beautiful when there is plenty of stuff without any chemicals to keep us young and healthy . GOD certainly made a beautiful world for us with natural stuff and i really dont think he wants animals to go through any pains . its all man made decisions and they are ignorant and selfish . i am so happy that i was enlighten before i am old and weary .

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