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Men’s Vegan Shoe of the Month

The following is a guest post by PETA intern Jared Misner.

Let’s be honest for a second, guys.

There’s nothing like sitting next to one of your showoff colleagues in his silver tie clip and polished shoes—while you can only manage to throw on an old pair of dingy hand-me-down penny loafers—to make you feel self-conscious at the annual staff meeting.

And while we’re being honest, I’ll let you in on one of my secrets: I used to be the guy in the penny loafers.

When I went vegan after realizing the horrors involved in raising cows for the leather industry—horrors that include castrating, branding, dehorning, and mercilessly slaughtering cows without anesthesia—I had a hard time finding dress shoes that were both easy on the eyes and cruelty-free.

Luckily, you have me to help you become that guy everyone in the office will envy—the guy with the shiny new kicks and a newfound smug expression that comes with the knowledge that no animals were killed in the making of his footwear.

You’ll have to find the tie clip on your own.

We all love deals, and when it comes to deals, Payless ShoeSource will never let you down. Frequently offering buy-one-get-one-free or buy-one-get-one-half-off deals on shoes, this personal favorite offers some seriously stylin’ shoe selections for your cruelty-free closet.

Check out these pairs for less than $35:

Callum Slip-On
Men's Vegan Shoe of the Month
Trent Dress Slip-On
Men's Vegan Shoe of the Month


And this one for less than $29!

Carlo Slip-On
Men's Vegan Shoe of the Month


With a soon-to-be-full closet of shoes and a surprisingly full wallet, you’ll be turning heads with every cruelty-free step.

You can thank me by telling me about your favorite vegan shoe deals in the comments section below. I can always use another pair—or two.

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  • monroe says:

    let’s not forget labor practices, as well. what are the conditions these are made in? sweatshop, child labor, etc. any sustainability issues here? it’s a big picture

  • Jeff says:

    How do you know they are vegan friendly? most of these shoes are made with other animal ingredients in the components if not in the material. moreover, the materials are invariably tested on anaimals. and at that price they will have been made by poor little kids working 12 hour days in a chinese factory. shameful really.

  • Bhavin Modi says:

    Does anyone know where is vegan shoe store in Los Angeles or San Fransisco area. Thanks.

  • loveanimals says:

    Make sure you are all asking about the glues used to and not just about leather. Most mainstream brands/stores use animal based adhesives!

    Why not support all vegan footwear companies and stores like Novacas, Borgeous Boheme, etc? You can get them online at Mooshoes, Karmavore, etc…

  • Laura Spitalniak says:

    I’d love to get a pair of these for my dad (even if I don’t win ’em). Happy B-day, Daddy!!!

  • Jacob Dijkstra says:

    I have bought my “man-made material” shoes at Payless for years and I am very satisfied. Particularly State Street has the largest selection. But their styles used to be more original until up to a couple of years ago.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    liked it.

  • abraham says:

    I like study bugs alike this page peta living is intersting for my

  • Lauren says:

    Great guy shoes! I think the 2nd pair is my fav.

  • Matthew says:

    Does anyone know where to find vegan brogues? I found some online but the were around 300 dollars!!!

  • Michal Kolman says:

    Cool shoes, I hope that they ship to Europe, I would love to have one pair for my final exam celebration.