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Leather-Free Purses for Every Budget

Written by Caitlin Kustes | February 9, 2012

Stella McCartney’s latest PETA exposé, which reveals the horrors of the leather industry, made my skin crawl … just like the skin of the animals who once crawled, walked, jumped, and ran before it was ripped from their bodies. Are you ready to ditch the dead skin (really, that’s what leather is) from your wardrobe? Check out my picks for leather-free purses for every budget.

In the “less than $20” category, we’ve got this cute little envelope clutch in funky ’80s hues:


Mossimo Colorblock Pink Envelope Clutch, $16.99

Moving on up to the “less than $40” category is this rocker-esque studded crossbody bag in black:


Stud-y Buddy Black Purse, $35

If you’re looking for something a bit roomier, maybe this “less than $50” pebbled gray oversized bag is more your style:

Innsbruck Encounter Grey Handbag, $45

This next handbag fits in nicely in the $100-$125 price range and would fit even better under your arm! In a deep purple, this satchel is the perfect statement piece for any outfit:


Navoh Bari Top Handle Satchel, $105

Got a little bit more budgeted for your bag? Then this fringed, Earth-friendly bag will have your hippie heart leaping for joy at just under $400:


Cri de Cœur Whitney Fringe Convertible Bag, $390

And rounding out our list, we have the most coveted of all—a Stella McCartney handbag. What veganista doesn’t have this at the top of her wish list?


Shaggy Deer Big Tote Falabella, $1,095

Which leather-free bag would you choose?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  • rattfinkbaby says:

    these are real nice purses my fave is the purple one!!!

  • Elaine says:

    Also try Susan Nichole purses and bags. They are vegan and so cute and fashionable. They are in the upper range, but you can get great deals with their frequent discounts and promotions. I have bought from them and they ship in the US and internationally. Great animal friendly company. 🙂

  • Francine says:

    I agree with Connie and Lisa. Please stop bagging Stella.

  • AgamaLiz says:

    Lisa and Connie make very good points. And remember, you do get what you pay for. In the past, I’ve purchased leather alternative bags that were very affordable and then proceeded to look very worn and cheap very quickly. The Stud-y and the Innsbruck are my comfortable price range, but I would spend more to have a bag that would last for years and still look chic and of course is CRUELTY-FREE!!! That’s the crux here…

  • giveextramoneytopeta says:

    Come on. A grand for a bag? A purse??? Please. I won’t pay over $30.

    Why don’t these rich idiots pay $100 for a bag, and then give the other $900 to PETA for vans, food, etc., for the animals who are starving and the ones at the shelters every day?

  • Moira says:

    Lily Bloom (found at TJ Maxx, Sears, Macy’s, Marshals’ & I’m sure many other places), has some cute, colorful purses made out of 100% recycled plastic. VERY affordable.

  • Linda says:

    Innsbruck Encounter gray bag and that Navoh Bari Top Handle Satchel are awesomw:)

  • Ellie says:

    Your prices on leather free bags is outragious . How about some very fashionable fabric bags with more realistic and affordable prices instead You can do it. I did.

  • Kinga says:

    I agree with Rusti – price tag over the top!! Stella needs to create for your price conscious gals.

  • Jacqueline Rainwater says:

    I was wondering am i the only girl that prefers a backpack or rucksack as they call them in the UK? I hate purses they hurt my shoulders and my back. The only alternative I am left with is a backpack and there are none that are very cute or pretty.

    I have to agree with the one lady. Why is it that the biggest names making vegan lines make things that your average person could not dream of affording in their lifetime?

    I want to be kind to the animals but I am left with few choices. Unless i start to make one myself but then i lack a sewing machine and I make things by hand. I have never made a backpack before..I suppose this is my only choice.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    good purses.

  • jenny says:

    Boden has some really cute reasonably priced new bags on their site that are non-leather. Just got one! Now to find shoes…

  • ana rita dos reis bispo says:

    i like the innsbruck and the navoh purses

  • Connie says:

    People on these posts need to stop complaining about price. Stella is not trying to market to people like yourself that can’t afford these bags or that might already be vegan…she’s going up against the fashion industry and trying to lure people who can afford a $1000+ bag and might not be vegan. In fact, a non vegan friend of mine, bought his girlfriend the pink one for V-day instead of getting her a Marc Jacobs leather bag. The girlfriend posted a pic of it on Facebook and had 10+ friends (Non-Vegan) drooling over the bag, saying they love it and want one. That seems like a WIN for me. The idea is to create a high end alternative to the leather ones. Bottom-line the FRUGAL HIPPY VEGAN is not going to get the masses to change their ways. The HIP FASHIONISTA VEGAN is.

  • Lisa says:

    Not sure why people are dogging the price tag on the Stella bags. Stella McCartney is purposely marketing high end bags that are cruelty free to fit into the high fashion scene. She is practically single-handedly proving that high-end, cutting-edge (and yes, therefore, pricey) shoes, bags and clothing can be cruelty-free! That’s the point. If you want a cheap bag, great-there are plenty non-leather ones out there that are fine. But try to understand what Stella is doing…

  • Animal Lover says:

    We need alternatives to leather for laptops, Ipads, Kindle and Kindle Fire, and we also need MAN handbags…

  • Judy Lindow says:

    I find that because it’s more common now now to find beautiful non-leather products, it’s mostly a matter of my remembering to check labels – on belts, shoes, bags, coats, trims,etc. I check first, so I won’t even be tempted.

  • Nanci R. Davis says:

    Although the particular Stella bag is pricey, check out her adidas collection. Nice style and quality, and durable as well….. at an affordable price. Especially if you buy from the previous year’s stock, color.

  • Margaret says:

    Recently purchased a Corneila Guest bag at Bloomingdales. The best.

  • Barbara says:

    I love the shaggy Deer but price is way over my head….I have found lots of non- leather purses on the market at a price way more affordable.

  • Onawa says:

    Definitely VERA BRADLEY 🙂
    Cute, quilted purses in 4 new prints each season. Purses vary from $40-100. I’ve been oh-so-hooked for years!

  • Lauren says:

    The Innsbruck bag is cute and actually affordable. Sorry but the Stella McCartney bag is ugly and to pay over $1,000 for a faux leather with chains on the side is ridiculous. I get my bags from A ton of styles and they have a $30 sale going on right not.

  • Vivian says:

    I would love to have one of those bags, but that price must come WAY down.

  • Carol Carson says:

    If you’ve got so much money that your handbags cost over $100, then you should be giving it to PETA. My bag- the Baggallini made out of microfiber.

  • Ashley says:

    If you are ever in West Edmonton Mall there is this kiosk where you can get some really awsome and unique bags made of fabric and the prices are usually around $29-$35.

  • Rusti says:

    I think the only attractive bag above is Stella’s but the price tag is a joke. Over a grand???? C’mon! How can we encourage people to reject animal products with this nonsense?

  • sherryette says:

    The Stella McCartney bag. I’m in love!

  • marie says:

    Stella’s of course!! just gorgeous!!!

  • Tracey says:

    Oh, goodness, how I would love a Stella McCartney bag. The Shaggy Deer Big Tote Falabella is dreamy. Just dreamy.

  • Leather Free says:

    Why doesn’t Stella McCartney make a cheaper line of bags? Very few people can afford her ridiculous prices; I sure can’t.

  • Marnie says:

    I’ve never spent over forty dollars for a purse in my life. You can find non-leather bags almost everywhere — no need to spend big . . .unless you want to. Because you can find non-leather purses so easily there is really no excuse for toting around a dead-skin bag.

  • Char says:

    The Shaggy Deer tote – it is more dear than deer! Love it!

  • NovemberMoon says:

    I love that you are displaying leather-free bags!! I think you should know about another company that makes leather-free, vegan bags that are quite beautiful. The company is called, Susan Nichole Handbags and you can find them on Facebook, or at their site,
    Please check them out and read her story!! I think you’ll love it like I do:)

  • Libby Lawn says:

    Innsbruck Encounter Grey Handbag its perfect for anything

  • Rebecca says:

    I’m a big fan of Matt & Nat handbags ( as well as of Susan Nichole handbags ( Both are available online. Check them out!

    Susan Nichole is currently offering a Valentine’s Day special – 40% off with coupon code CUPID… but note that it expires Feb 10th.

  • Jem says:

    Wish I could afford a Falabella!!