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Fashion Friday: Sweater Weather

Baby, it’s starting to get cold outside! Stay warm when the temperatures drop with these cozy picks. Each of these sweaters is crafted entirely from man-made materials, meaning no animals were harmed to make them. Wool causes sheep immense pain and suffering—find out why you should leave it off your shopping list now.

Sweater Weather
Sweater Weather by officialpeta
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  • jackie says:

    It’s easy to find cruelty-free synthetic options, I look for sustainability too! Suggestions for low priced, cute swetaers like that would be extremely valuable to me.

  • S says:

    We need affordable natural clothing made from plants like hemp, jute…the ones I’ve seen are not so great and really pricy. If someone takes the initiative I think there is a market. I don’t think synthetic fleece is really the long term answer or even so healthy to wear. So lets see some nice looking and affordable plant based material clothing you young designers 🙂

  • sabbath lili hawks says:

    I don’t mean to split hairs but petroleum products aren’t exactly cruelty free when you consider the massive damage from the oil industry. I recommend hemp and organic cotton. But I do appreciate not wearing fur, wool and leather. Let’s keep working on it in the meantime. Layering is good too!

  • Ashley-P says:

    Melissa: Polyvore is not a store, and does not sell any products. Rather it’s a social networking site. Just as PETA would not delete its Facebook fanpage because Donna Karan has one, we will always use every channel available to us to spread awarness. We are utilizing Polyvore to show that you can create a fashionable outfit with out the use of animals. This is fun, just as fashion should be!

  • nannyfairy says:

    Those are very nice 🙂

  • Melissa says:

    How could you promote this place when on their site they sell suede, wool and leather shoes? They should not have any clothing products that sell products from animals! 🙁