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Fashion Friday: Independent Woman

Four score and seven years ago, there were no leather booty shorts. There were no stingray bracelets. And there were definitely no alligator-skin high heels. Maybe our Founding Fathers were onto something.

This Fourth of July, show your pride for your country and your love for animals by donning red, white, and blue vegan clothes. Look cute and patriotic in a girly dress inspired by the ultimate symbol of our nation’s unity, the American flag. Pair your stars and stripes with gold jewelry and synthetic wedges or flats to really set off some fireworks. Or kick it casual style and pay homage to traditional Native American dress by pairing classic jean shorts with a braided belt and beaded jewelry.

Can’t decide what to wear? Mix and match looks—a fitting tribute to our melting pot of a country—and toss on an American-flag scarf to complete the look.

What to Wear:


Independent Woman by officialpeta
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  • Robin says:

    Very cute outfits – love the purses especially! You really should include the stores/designers for each of the items. It would be a great regular feature.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    cool fashion.

  • John @ East Lake, FL says:

    No, Martha Washington wouldn’t wear no leather booty short shorts. These are cute styles and I think I know a cute Florida girl (recent transplant) who would look great in them! To MS from JM with love.

  • Don Randall says:

    Lovely clothes for lovely women.

  • Ronnie says:

    Love the outfit in the center and the that bracelet. I would wear the whole thing!