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Fashion Friday: Hippie Chic

Since when did being called a “tree-loving hippie vegan” become an insult? I’ll gladly take it with pride and stick it to “the man” in style with this peaceful ensemble.

Pair denim shorts with a flowing white blouse and clogs for an instant hippie-inspired outfit. Add statement pieces like a large colorful necklace, an oversized vegan bag, and bold yellow nails, and you’ll take this look from simple to chic in no time. Peace. ☮

Hippie Chic

Hippie Chic by officialpeta

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  • Ashley-P says:

    Of course they’re vegan. Looks like we fooled you! 😛

  • Leuise says:

    Nice ensemble

  • awrymag says:

    I hope those clogs and that bag are plastic. Sure looks like leather though.

  • Thom Malone says:

    Regarding the original post, I have taught at the elementary school level for decades. In the past several years, a few of my former, current, & future students affectionately coined the term in friendly teasing toward me. I embrace it. <:D

  • Samfay says:

    This outfit is super cute!!! I’d love something like this!