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Fashion Friday: Fake for the Animals’ Sake

So you love reptile-print shoes and accessories, but the thought of wearing someone else’s skin makes your skin crawl. What’s a gal to do? Check out the plethora of fake snake, moc croc, and other synthetic animals prints lining the shelves this fall. These luxe-looking materials can help you achieve a fashionable look—without hurting or killing any animals. Choose fake for the animals’ sake!

Actor Laura Vandervoort stars in a new public service announcement for PETA that asks, “Whose Skin Are You In?” and encourages others to leave wildlife out of their wardrobes. Check out Laura’s ad to learn more now.

Fake for the Animals’ Sake by officialpeta
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  • Rev. Meg says:

    I have a pin that PETA sells, “Fake For The Animals Sake.” When I am wearing imitation leather I also wear that pin. It helps to start a lot of conversations about animal rights!!

  • Philip and Barbara Burghardt says:

    I would never wear any fur or skin from any animal, I own one “faux” fur coat and I get compliments all the time, I love it!!!!!!!

  • Andrea says:

    Yvonne, I would say the complete opposite. Fashion will never die, therefore, it’s about increased awareness and making people realize that fake looks better and isn’t as disgusting. I still don’t understand the concept of wearing a dead animal on your body, it’s not a status symbol it’s gross. I have tons of soft foux blankets that my friends adore! They have pledged not to buy any fur related products because the love the way mine felt (not to mention the idea of yet again torturing and wearing an animal is GROSS!!)

  • kathyKron says:

    I agree with Scarlett. The fuax stuff looks so real that many people assume it is real. If they don’t ask (and most won’t) then those of us wearing it would inadvertantly be sanctioning realy fur is ok. It is an ironic twist – we encourage faux fur because it really is so real looking that there is not excuse to buy the real thing, but the flip side is it’s almost too real looking. Too bad we couldn’t flash a sign on our forehead or rearend that said “it’s faux!!!!!”

  • Yvonne Scarlett says:

    Even wearing fake skins I would not do, why, because I don’t want to encourage anything to do with the use of skins, fake or real. Just don’t think it’s a good idea. There will always be that percentage that are unconscious to the wearing of animal skins, fake or real.