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Cruelty-Free Hair Color

Oh, the fun of hair color! There is just something sublimely satisfying about dying your hair a vibrant shade of red in the middle of a cold and gray winter or bright blond at the height of summer. Fortunately, these days there are many cruelty-free hair colors. No matter if you prefer an all-natural dye, a quick pick-up box from the drugstore, a semi-permanent color, or a salon service, there is definitely something for everyone.

Manic Panic
If you’re looking for semi-permanent hair color without ammonia or peroxide, then look no further. Manic Panic has wild and tame colors to satisfy your moods and tresses. Whether you want to have hot pink streaks or just a natural black or brown, Manic Panic is great.

Morrocco Method 

As natural as hair color can be, Morrocco Method’s henna hair color products will give you quality color without chemicals or toxins.

If it’s 100 percent natural plant-based henna color that you’re after, check out the henna bars from Lush in red, brown, and black tones.

For salon service, try these:

Paul Mitchell
Find a salon

Find a salon

What color do you like to dye your hair? Comment and let us know!

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  • Rae says:

    Is Manic Panic the only option for store bought product?

  • Lou.p.fing says:

    AVEDA is now OWNED by ESTÉE LAUDER – a company that DOES TEST ON ANIMALS. Personally, I will never ever use a brand owned by a company that tests on animals.

  • Lilly says:

    Hey, does anyone know if Davines are cruelty free. They say so. But haven’t got any label on the bottles. They are not on the Peta-list.

  • Iona says:

    La Riche Direction isn’t tested on animals it says on the tub it’s like manic panic and I do believe it is vegetarian /vegan

  • SkiVegChcik says:

    Splat hairdye!!!!!!!! Super vibrant colour, stays in for up to a year, and doesnt test on animals!!!!!!!1 :D:D

  • Vanessa says:

    I want a hot pink and flashy green streak in my hair…Btw i have blonde hair but i want it to be a tie die affect where the coulors mix in with eachother a bit 😀

  • Robin says:

    I’ve used a product called Naturtint. Definitely cruelty free and paraben free. No amonia and no resorcinol. Also some of the ingredients are certified organic.

  • Nicky says:

    Reckon is no longer cruelty free they are selling in China…they own Almay :(

  • Emma says:

    I am so trying my hardest to go cruelty free so I returned my mac makeup (they started testing on animals,selling to china)I am looking for hair dye but no luck yet, Its horrible what humans do to all those innocent lives that arent here to be tortured murdered….HORRIBLE!!!!!

  • Jess says:

    I do believe Revlon test on animals, I got to this link cause I am really looking to get some cruelty-free hair colour, I am in Argentina and all I get here is products that are tested..
    Need more data, please anyone can help me?

  • Nikkia says:

    Does anybody know for definite if Manic Panic don’t test on animals? It says on their website that they don’t but it doesn’t specify whether they mean just the finished product or the ingredients as well. I e-mailed them to ask about two months ago… they never got back to me which makes me think they aren’t being completely honest :(

  • lizzy says:

    Im gearing up to go a step further and I think we all should … we need to WRITE POST BLOG whatever “social venue” we choose and tell these companies ie: clairol, loreal, este lauder, mabeline, that we have, at our expense, THROWN OUT their products and do not EVER intend on returning until they are not only “animal testing” free but CRUELTY free! Peta folks? is No animal testing and cruelty free the same?
    Next step clothing … if they make ANY item out of fur Im boycotting their brand … I was saddened to see Juicy Couture RABBIT vests, jackets, so NO MORE JUICY for me … sad .. they are tagged “Made in the USA”. Our use of Chinese products MUST stop! and Japan .. they REFUSE to end the slaughter of whales, dolphins, seals, Im trying VERY hard to buy ONLY products manufactured ANYWHERE else!! it aint easy!!

  • DonL says:

    Question for the PETA readership (and staff): Is it ok to use hair dye ON pets? i.e., a friend wanted to dye her dog a sharp blue color. Putting aside, for the moment, that the ingredients of the dye would be animal friendly – what’s your take on that? If it’s ‘safe’ i.e., no parabens etc….would it be ok to dye your pet’s hair?

  • Lindsey says:

    Aveda and all Estee Lauder products DO get tested on animals. They used to be cruelty free but decided that the Chinese market was worth more to them than the lives of innocent animals – an absolute disgrace.

  • Avery says:

    I hate that they do that to animals just for the stupid hair dye testing for us! We sould be ashamed of our selves!

  • Andrea Jane says:

    i have thrown all my cleaning products shampoos, makeup, i saw a video on you tube on animal ekperiments,ive never seen any thing so traumatic, icried all that morning. ive bought faith nature products and almay

  • MysticoVerdi says:

    I forgot to mention that both Herbatint and Naturtint are cruelty-free brands, that is, they are NOT tested on animals at all.

  • MysticoVerdi says:

    I’m surprised that Herbatint and Naturatint hair coloring dyes are not included on this list. I believe both brands are vegan friendly, but I suggest using a search engine to double check just to make sure. I once used Revlon Colorsilk, but since reading through the ingredients list and discovering that ‘silk amino acids’ were in the product and who knows what other toxic chemicals, I switched to Naturtint. I believe you can purchase both Herbatint and Naturtint on and at your local health food stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.


    No more L’Oreal for me too! I believe Revlon does not test on animals. I will do more research. In the meantime, I refuse and I swear to never again buy cruelty products that inflicted pain on innocent creatures. I promise!

  • Helen says:

    A lot of the information provided is conflicting because it depends on what policies they follow to ensure companies are completely cruelty free. I follow they offer a comprehensive list of companies that operate a Fixed cut of date for animal testing – the further back the date the better the company. They detail parent company credentials and have an easy to spot leaping bunny logo! xx

  • Kristina says:

    Im also sitting in my bathroom throwing away products. Im also returning the hair dye I bought today. I can not believe clairol test on animals to. I feel like I let my kitty cat down since she was seized from a cruel environment.

  • Penny says:

    I would also like to know where I can find a list of cruelty free hair color. It would be nice if I could print it out to take with me.

  • Deni says:

    L’Oreal DOES test on animals! Their website states: “L’Oreal Paris ended all animal testing on finished products in 1989; however, new chemical ingredients must be tested on animals when there is no other approved method guaranteeing their harmlessness.” No more L’Oreal for me.

  • Jeni says:

    Aveda and Paul Mitchell do NOT test on animals. Here are some helpful lists.
    and a list of companies that DO test on animals:
    Here’s a list of products I use in my daily life:
    Collective Well Being (awesome body and bath products)
    Alba (great skincare)
    Jason- for toothpaste and hair products
    Mitchum deoderant
    I even use cruelty free dish soap and laundry detergents but am always trying different ones.
    I use Manic Panic for my haircolor touchups and go to an Aveda exclusive salon for professional jobs. My hair is bright red. It is more time consuming but I feel alot better about finding a product that is animal happy. Oh and try E.L.F. cosmetics. They are great and incredibly cheap! My pro makeup artist friends love them. Also to the comment above, Henna is a plant based dye so it’s all natural and shouldn’t hurt a monkey if they were dying it (not sure why they would do that though)…

  • Andreina says:

    I just have a small doubt tho…
    do they try or test henna on animals?
    cuz a few days a go I read that in Finland they dyed some monkeys with it…
    I just wanna be aware
    thank you

  • rachel says:

    doesn’t loreal own the body shop? and doesn’t loreal test on animals?

  • Kimberly says:

    After becoming vegan, I downloaded the PETA Animal Friendly Consumer Products and sat in my bathroom, tossing the evil out of my life and into my trash. I was so devastated to learn that many of the products i used were so terribly cruel to animals. And then I came across my favorite products: MAC, The BODY SHOP and ST IVES. They are my favorite because I use them EVERY DAY and I was relieved to learn not only do they not TEST on animals, but their products are in no way affiliated with ANY animal products, animal use, or animal abuse. WHEW! THANK YOU! I will always buy these products because of what they represent. xox Kimberly

  • Ann says:

    Your lists are confusing. Which name brand products are vegan and cruelty free? Please send the answer. I dont have time to spend on which makeup is or isnt but do wear makeup and so do my girls, so please respond.

    Thank you

  • dl says:

    is the a semi permanent hair dye that cruelty free and contains no animal products my hair is med brown and about 25 to 50% grey. thanx dl

  • Mylie says:


    Hi Jo. Revlon has signed PETA’s statement of assurance stating that it does not test on animals. You can search for more companies who have signed as well:

  • Jo says:

    I’ve been vegan for 4 months and just today I realized that it’s time to shop for hair dye…I went to the store and read the ingredients and the labels and not one label said that they didn’t test on animals or that the product was cruelty free, so I walked away after standing and reading the labels for half an hour. I won’t give them another dime. Now I’m doing research and will have to wait until I leave work to visit the health food store or the beauty supply and read more labels….it’s amazing how much goes into trying to do the right thing for your health, for the environment and for animals. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, I’m doing it daily (I’ve been an environmentalist much longer than I’ve been vegan), but what I’m saying is that there should be more options in the mainstream. I’m writing a letter to Revlon and Loreal today who I supported 100% and telling them why they’ve lost me as a consumer.

  • Emily says:

    Im recently starting to rid my house of animal tested products and something ive wanted to know is about hair dye.In the past ive always used L’oreal hairdyes…just a basic answer i need really – do they test on animals? please can i have a list of the hair dye companies that do not test on animals?
    (there’s so much info onthe net that sometime sits a little hard to get straight answerson what companies test!)

  • Linda says:

    Great! Will try Manic panic. But I have a question someone maybe cqan answer. Do I need to bleach my hair if im just going to dye it black? Will the color not stick to the hair?


  • lewis says:


  • Laura says:

    ive been dying my hair bright red for years now. and i always use manic panic hair dye. you get a great colour and its 100% cruelty free. you cant go wrong with it. 😀

  • Petra says:

    First off, Revlon DOES test on animals as they have not signed the Environmental working group pact. They have been infamous with testing of their make up and skin care products which are not only cruel but also very toxic to humans as well. Although PETA is concerned with products not being tested on animals, which is wonderful, they are NOT, however, experts on the harmful ingredients that many of these products pose to not only YOUR health but also the environment.Many of their approved companies still use parabeens, toxic preservatives as well as other environmental and human hazards. One way to be sure a company is NOT likely to test on animals is by reading their ingredients. Parabeens and other harmful chemicals are what give away that a product has been or may have been tested on animals. I wish PETA would work together with the environmental working group ( not only ensuring that products and company are cruelty free but also safe for both humans, animals and the environment.

    PS: Hair dyes, are especially toxic when they are chemical based and in the darker shades. Also stay away from Ammonia and Peroxide. You don’t realize, your body and skin DO absorb these ingredients and you might think it’s just a little of it isn’t a big deal, but consider how much that “little” turns into over the years. It’s best to be safe rather than sorry. I found a lot of useful information on the website, regarding the level of toxicity is certain brands and products, as well as information about the companies policies and production methods. It’s always wise type an ingredient in to make sure it’s safe. Though, sometime they don’t have complete info. on a product, they do give you enough information as to whether it’s safe to use or not as well as whether or not that company is in compliance with thier safety standards.

    Remember, not everything claiming to be “natural” and “organic” or “sensitive” can be trusted without actually reading the ingredients. For example: Many of Neutrogena’s products claim to be good for “sensitive” skin, however, they are shock full of parabeens and petro-chemicals. If you look up those ingredients, you can bet they are not only strong skin irritants but some also have been linked to Alzheimer’s and certain forms of cancer. Additional information can be found out by reading material from the medical journal of toxicology and other legitimate sources.

  • Jo says:

    Thanks so much for the info! I’ve been thinking of colouring my hair but was getting discouraged peering at the boxes in the supermarket (the usual suspects: L’Oreal, Clairol, Shwarzcopf, etc) and seeing no “cruelty free” statements.

  • Elina says:

    I also want to know more detailed about Davines hair products. They say that they are so perfect. I dream, that it was a true. But I need more details… Why I didn’t see them in the white list?

  • cassandra davis says:

    my hair is very dark it;s almost like an off black but now i want some color

  • Ivy says:

    What about Naturtint and Herbatint? I can get those locally. Are they animal-free and animal testing free?

  • Christian says:

    I like to dye my hair with color in the red family. I’m thinking of trying a copper color. I’m thinking I’ll try Revlon. I think I’ve used it before but am making a switch from Clairol which I found, much to my chagrin, that they test on animals.

  • Amy says:

    I know Revlon finally signed the Peta thing BUT I am still traumatized from a high school video we had to watch in science class in which REVLON conducted tests on monkeys and rabbits. It was the most atrocious thing I’ve ever seen. And no matter what they say now, I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy Revlon. Ever.

  • Anna says:

    Check out Davines hair products and color….they say cruelty free…but??? we need to look further into details:)

  • april says:

    im glad that revlon is on the list. their colorsilk like is under 3.50 a box! now I’ll feel really good about my new hair color

  • Nikki says:

    Special effects hair dye has every color of the rainbow and then some. They do not test on animals and I’m almost positive it’s all vegan. The dye also conditions as it dyes. I’ve got bright red hair and I use Cherry Bomb by Special Effects… their color are so vibrant and beautiful. Depending on how porous your hair is, it could last 2 months or faded within a few weeks. You can order it from multiple websites online for as cheap as $9 a bottle. You can save unused dye for a long long time.

  • Emma says:

    I use the Manic Panic hair color in Purple Haze, I have red hair (the most fragile, unfortunately) and I had no damage to my hair, and the purple looked great!

  • Paula Jackson says:


    Please advise me about which cruelty free product to buy to dye my hair blonde.

    I have light brown hair and may go with henna for blondes.

    Thank you,
    Paula Jackson

  • Aurora says:

    Manic Panic is a vegan company – they don’t test on animals or use animal ingredients. I like their hair dye the best because since it’s a cream formula, you can use it again and again – unlike the hair dyes you buy in the drugstore, which you have to dispose of after you mix. Also, if you leave Manic Panic dye in for an extended period of time (try overnight) then the dye acts as a permanent color, but without the damage of the usual permanent hair dye.

    I use Manic Panic to dye my hair all sorts of colors. I’ve had orange, pink, and purple, and right now I’m blonde.

  • Mylie says:

    The companies listed above do not test on animals and have signed PETA’s statement confirming that.

    Some products might not be tested on animals, but still contain animal derived ingredients, so it’s always important to check the label before you buy.

    For a list of common animal ingredients, go to:

  • Ivy says:

    Does cruelty-free mean that the company does not test on animals and does not contain animal by-products either? Revlon is one of those companies?