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Cruelty-Free Gear for the Vegan Motorcyclist

Leather this, leather that—it’s all I heard about when I bought my first motorcycle. I had always wanted a bike, but when I saw Brad Pitt riding one in the trailer for Benjamin Button, I knew it was time. I mean, nothing is cooler than Brad Pitt except Brad Pitt on a motorcycle. And if looking cool weren’t enough, there was the economic advantage (65 mpg, anyone?). Plus, I thought it’d be a great way to restore the image of the vegan man as a cat-loving, tofu-eating Prius driver (OK, I do love cats … and tofu).

Cruelty-Free Gear for the Vegan Motorcyclist

For a vegan, finding the right motorcycle is the easy part. Even if the seat is made from chemically-treated leather, it still won’t stand up to the elements or hold its shape like a synthetic one will. As far as safety gear goes, popular opinion says that leather is most likely to keep you alive should you lay it down. For me, staying alive is important, and from boot to helmet, all my armor is man-made. And just as faux chicken nuggets and vegan cheese are becoming more readily available as demand increases, vegan motorcycle gear is on the rise.

Take these vegan motorcycle gloves that Aerostich Rider Warehouse is promoting this week. Complete with clever tagline “Ride ’til the cows come home,” Aerostich, among the biggest of online resources for motorcyclists, is giving away a free bottle of Nikwax Waterproofing Spray (it’s cruelty-free!) with the purchase of either pair of vegan gloves. I would have jumped on this immediately, except that I already own both the hot weather and the three-season version. These are high-tech, knuckle-armored, and tough as nails. They are reinforced with kevlar, which is the same stuff that bulletproof vests are made of—kind of important when it’s you versus pavement. Both pairs are lightweight and super comfortable, and they fit like, well … like a glove.

Most of us picture bikers as leather-vested tough guys, but two-wheeled vegans are sprouting up everywhere. Are you a vegan with an unlikely hobby? Tell us your story below.

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  • Brother Bill says:

    For vegan engine oil, AMSoil is from only plant oils.

  • Fredrik says:

    Hi! I love animals, all kinds, I may not be a vegan or vegetarian but I have never bought any clothes that I knew were made from materials made through animal-cruelty! I am also a motorcycle lover, I love old school cruisers and custom bikes, and I find that most of the synthetic motorcycle attire I’ve found out there have the more modern sport bike look to it with either very tight fit or lots of colors and logos on them.

    What Im wondering is where I can find cruelty-free old school-design motorcycle attire, all black, not too tight fitting jackets, vests, boots and pants? If anyone knows a company that makes products like this, please do tell!



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  • tyler durden leather jacket says:

    Such a nice post love to read it.

  • Stacey says:

    To the poster that made the comment ‘eggs are cruelty free’
    Try using that argument on the billions of male chicks that ‘discarded’ during the sexing process. They are either gassed in bulk or thrown into a mashing machine alive & conscious by the thousands .

    The female chicks that pass the sexing test them have their beaks cut off then sent to crammed cages for 2 years before being sent to slaughter featherless & emaciated from their caged life.

    Thank you PETA & PETA members for letting us all know we’re not alone in our choice to not be a passenger on the earth but be a participant doing the right thing by the creatures we share our home with..

  • ndotgw says:

    Not long ago made the commitment to being vegan, after too many years of waffling between being an omnivore and a lacto-ovo vegetarian. Still have leather pants, boots & gloves, and a leather seat and saddle bags. Plan to switch out as things wear out. I do thank the animals who gave their lives for what I own and honor their energy. Will, though, buy no more animal products in the future, just can’t do it.

  • skippya says:

    i’m a 12 year old boy and a vegan and this year joined the cheerleading squad and had to by the school rules buy and wear leather sneakers for the team, my mother and i tried to fight it if we could of found the same pair and style of Nike sneakers that would of been fine, more name brand companies should start selling more vegan products,i do get teased at school because i wear these leather sneakers and am a vegan…

  • Judith says:

    I was really surprised that an entire article would be devoted to a company that does not carry 100%vegan items. This company sells cowhide, deerskin, elkskin products. Although I think it is good that they do carry some vegan items, I still don’t think it’s worth praising. People need to be really careful when selecting things to buy, and read what these things are made of. This article made it seem like they sold all vegan things. I even called customer service and literally asked them if cowhide was from an actual cow.

  • Cernunnas says:

    WOW! I totally love this article!! I’m a biker girl, my bike and outfit are totally cruelty free too! I had a tailor make me some synthetic fringe for it only for 15€!

  • Henry Nguyen says:

    I ride and race a motorcycle as well, and Joe Rocket just released a hemp motorcycle jacket. now although I don’t believe that we should kill cows for leather, they haven’t found an alternative for leather race suits (textile/kevlar suits are not allowed)

  • Megan says:

    I almost exclusively wear Draggin’ Jeans ( They make jeans lined with Kevlar (for abrasion protection) and they have armor you can get too. They also have a really cool shirt made out of Kevlar.

  • Amber says:

    I love this post! I admit, is can be tough to find a motorcycle that is leather free. It just doesn’t make sense that for a bike to be great, it must have leather. I drive a scooter, and am glad it is all synthetic 🙂 There really is no need to have leather on any biker gear.
    Vegan bikers are hot!!!

  • Jessica says:

    OMG I LOVE this post. You have no idea. I’m already in a small niche (vintage scooter enthusiast) and then to be vegan – it makes it an even smaller niche. At the national scooter rallies I have met other vegan scooterests who deal with this same dilemni. It’s hard to find good gear. Thanks for this post – my boyfriend (hardcore vintage scooter/motorcycle guy) even approves of the brands you mentioned!

    I use a Corrozo (sp?) hot pink armor jacket – all vegan and I have various different veggie boots that I wear. I wear a hot pink full face helmet and blue jeans. My synthetic gloves didn’t hold up so well so I’ll probably be buying the brand you mentioned.

    Anyway thanks for posting – keep me in the loop. AT the national rally we were hoping to form a vegan scooter association with info just like this!

    Look at me at the bottom of this link!


  • Danielle says:

    My dad, who has no interest in going vegan or vegetarian, made certain that his, my mom’s and my (gift) riding gear was all synthetic. We all have fabric, plastic and steel boots that he got from a reputable company, whose name currently escapes me, and the mesh padded jackets. For those that are worried about the jackets, speaking as someone that has crashed at 60km/hr with one on I couldn’t beleive how well it held up! And instead of me rubbing along the jacket it kept me from smacking too hard either. It was awesome!
    And my dad keeps saying I’m the odd one. I crashed to avoid a squirrel. But everything, and everyone, is all ok and that’s what counts!

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Dude! I am a minister through Christian Motorcyclists Association, and the jacket you are wearing in the photograph looks just like mine. It’s great, and with the mesh lining and many zippers I can vent the thing and ride in comfort even on 110 degree days, zip in ice filled packs (specially made for the jacket) if I am still too hot, or just ride with everything securely zipped when it’s cold. Some of these jackets even come with heating elements that the rider plugs into the battery of the bike so the rider can keep warm on the coldest of days. Also, the rider can zip in body armor for extra protection against falls.

  • Jesse says:


    Hey man, I ride bikes too.
    I use airseal paratrooper boots for riding my bike, and they wear very well. They have steel caps as well, and the ankle support is good as well. 🙂

    These are what I use.

    This boot is also great for bikes. 🙂

    Oh, they also have jackets and gloves for bike riding as well. 🙂

    Take care, Jesse.

  • Mylie says:

    Hello “Concerned By-Stander”,

    Thanks for commenting!

    While I cannot address each of your concerns in this small space, I wanted to address the overall tone of your comment. We are not interested in depriving people of the freedom to make choices; we simply want to help them make informed choices. Just because something is legal doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be challenged. Slavery and spousal abuse were once legal—until compassionate people acted to help people understand why such practices are unacceptable. PETA acts to help animals whose suffering is ignored in favor of human pleasure and convenience.

    To learn more about PETA and our life-saving work in behalf of animals, please visit


  • Concerned By-Stander says:

    Look, I know that “PETA’S” agenda is to go against animal cruelty, and that’s kool, but I think y’all are takin’ it too far! What correlation do eggs have with animal cruelty? And what gives us the right to tell people in other countries what is, and isn’t okay to do? You know, like that article about telling the Indonesian government to not do what they are doing.As a person that doesn’t really care for the “PETA” lifestyle, let me suggest that you stop trying to fight everything you don’t agree with all of the time.

  • pv says:

    Where do I get a vegan bikers jacket & pants?

  • Nirupama says:

    Does anybody know of a vegan engine oil to use in cars?

  • kikio says:

    high-tech, knuckle-armored, and tough as nails. more than.

  • luciser says:

    nothing is cooler than Brad Pitt except Brad Pitt on a motorcycle. hehe

  • Parker says:

    Jonathan- actually, plenty of Vespas are vegan. Just make sure the seat is synthetic!

  • Anna says:

    God Bless You All!!!

  • Scott says:

    I’m a vegan and a guy, which is (sadly) plenty unlikely in itself. But I am a recreational street speed skater with a pair of Roces five-wheelers that are made entirely from plastics and metal, as opposed to leather. I still get a good skate on, and I didn’t have to have anything killed to do it. Own the streets!

  • melodie richardson says:

    telling my harley riding parents about this!

  • Jonathan says:

    Is a Vespa vegan? I want one so bad…what do you think about the leather on the seats? What do I do?

  • carol clay says:


  • jeffro says:

    Right there with ya, brother. Love my Cortech jacket and trust it to protect me as much as leather (without smelling like dead skin).

    I wish there were more casual/cruiser styled vegan motorcycle boots, though. Sidi is the only company I know of that makes cruelty-free motorcycle boots and they’re all racer style. I’d prefer something more Mad Max than Tron.

  • carol clay says:

    its cruel and inhumane to kill animals for own greed and vanity.