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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing: Quick Reference Guide

The following companies are either vegan or else sell alternatives to leather, fur, or down. Be sure to keep an eye out for the “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo. As the name suggests, those items are vegan!

Athletic Shoes
Baseball Gloves
Biking Gloves
Bowling Shoes
Companion Animal Accessories
Cycling Shoes
Dance Shoes
Dress/Casual Shoes
Faux Fur
Guitar Straps
Hiking/Work Boots
Ice/Hockey Skates
Motorcycle Apparel
Rock-Climbing Shoes
Sleeping Bags
Snowboarding Boots
Snow Boots
Tap Shoes
Tool Belts
Weight-Lifting Gloves
Western-Style Boots
Winter Coats (Insulated)

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    Esto es el resultado de la barbarie en la que estamos los seres “humanos” unos porque no ven el dolor y solo oyen el sonido del dinero lleno de sangre y otros que sabiendo esto no hacen nada!!!!
    Yo firmo y me declaro profundamente en contra de todo tipo de maltrato humano y animal!!!!

  • Genory says:

    sorry, but I’m confused, Adidas does or does not do animal testing?

  • Cheyanne says:

    PETA please show the products that do absolutly no testing on innocent animals & uses no animal meat fur ect . I dont want to fuel the com panies that do this.

  • Kris Schmidt says:

    PETA – Please put your bunny symbol next to the clothing stores which are vegan.

  • Amy says:

    I thought Kohl’s tested on animals? as far as i know they sell real animal fur and i dont know about everyone else but i personally think that is wrong in so many ways. as well how can walmart have non testing products for one thing and not the other they sell so many different brands. anyway cruelty is wrong it should stop for the pets and the people.

  • ogjnewnwxhne says:

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  • lara says:

    sorry,i’m italian and probabily i didn’t understand…how can you put in a cruelty free list ADIDAS if their productions of shoes is based on kangaroo leather??? (sorry for my english)

  • j.k. says:

    I think you should post something about boycotting Nike due to their support and endorsement of Michael Vick after being convicted in all his animal abuse cases.

  • susan says:

    Anyone know any sunglass manufactures that don’t test on animals????

  • sarah says:


    Viscose is rayon. It’s manufactured from trees or bamboo. Also, Modal, Tencel/lyocel, etc. are brands/types of rayon.

  • Jason says:

    This list is not saying that everything that these brands sell is cruelty free. This list is just of brands that have some cruelty free items.

    This list shouldn’t even be on this site. All of these brands are questionable.

    Always read your labels.

  • Zaniki says:

    Hey I saw Skechers up there. Didn’t they promote greyhound racing though? I just read that article.

  • Fred says:

    There’s a thing I don’t understand….if Converse do not use real leather, why some of its shoes are named as “leather”? Go to this page and see it

    This is killing me because I like Converse shoes. Anyone got the answer?

  • Lakay says:

    So every store on this list is completely vegan?

  • jenna says:

    i’m trying to find out if a shirt that says “100%viscose” is an animal product or a man-made non-animal fabric. anyone know?
    i know if it says viscose silk it’s a no-no but what if it doesn’t?
    help please!!!!
    any ideas anyone b/c i’m getting conflicting answers.

  • Yoey says:

    Hi! Does anyone know about the glue used in the vegan option shoes listed above? Many shoes are made with glue made from animal products.

  • Stephen Gash says:

    I’ve asked some footwear manufacturers to list their vegan-compliant products on a special section on their websites and to send the lists out to retailers so they can do the same. If they don’t use the word vegan they can use fully synthetic, or maybe a logo. Anybody got a good idea for a logo?

    So far I’ve had a favourable response. The thing is not to put off non-vegans and so stop them buying a product they would otherwise buy.

  • matt says:

    wheres under armour

  • janice says:

    i’m looking for a list of designers that DO sell fur so we can know to avoid them. is that on the site somewhere? if you don’t have it, it would be great if you could post at least the popular department stores and designers (like saks, tory burch, etc.) thanks!

  • Lisa3180 says:

    Pacific Sunwear (pac sun) not on here????

  • Moonah says:

    Adidas use K-leather … Kangaroo!!!

  • Heidi says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after several days sturggilng

  • Nettie says:

    Got it! Thanks a lot again for helnpig me out!

  • Kelly says:

    I thought Express would be on here. They have “(minus the) leather/fur” coats : )

  • For the love of horseriding says:

    I have been looking for synthetic riding boots forever. I’m looking for the “classic” look boot, not the Tretorn ones. Does anyone know where to find such boots that aren’t too expensive?

  • Kathy says:

    what about yarn?

  • Liz says:

    I am not surprised to not see Walmart on the list. Not only do they sell non-cruelty free products they also sell products made by people who are not treated humanely in their working conditions.

  • Barbara says:

    What is the alternative to wool socks?

  • Ashley-P says:

    Hi Paul, the best way for you to check would be to contact Adidas directly and confirm whether or not that particular style is synthetic. Good luck!

  • Paul Phillips says:

    Hi. I am a vegan and have always boot vegan football boots of synthetic materials. I was interested in buying the adidas predator absolado x TRX FG football boots for £35.95. I know the exact same boot but which is £99.95 are made of leather. However, i know that quite often the cheaper boot is made from synthetic leather. I would be most grateful if you could let me know if they contain any animal products in the boot such as leather. In the catalouge is says made from synthetic but i would like to be 100% certain. Thanks.

  • RazorBlade says:

    wow! im pretty happy to see Hot topic, Converse and Jcpenney on this! 🙂 im glad that im not wearing anything made from fur or leather!!!

  • mikeh8 says:

    Re: Adidas- very true…I used to sell sporting goods, and am very familiar with the soccer shoes that are produced.

  • Julie says:

    I agree – saw Adidas above and came find and address to ask they be taken off the list (kangaroo slaughter). Glad someone else has already written to say the same!

  • susan says:

    I thought Adidas uses Kangaroo skin for their football boots. While claiming it’s done humanely? and legally? Strike them off list!

  • Carol says:

    WOW I never thought so many companies produce animal cruelty-free products. I am really impressed and inspired!