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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing: Animal-Friendly Companies Wanted

Animal-Friendly Companies Wanted!

If your company sells alternatives to leather, fur, wool, and/or silk and you’d like to see them included in our “Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing,” click here to submit your information. If your company is already included in our “Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing” and you have updated contact information or new products that you’d like to have included, click here and complete the form.

If your clothing and/or accessory company sells alternatives to leather, fur, wool, and/or silk and you’d like to sport PETA’s new “PETA-Approved Vegan” logo, e-mail [email protected] for more information.

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  • Mohamed says:

    Carbs! Watch your carbs. You need beans and rice to get complete ptoierns, but watch the starchy vegetable portion sizes. A half cup of beans or rice is enough! Eat mostly lower starch veggies. Peppers, squash, onions, celery. Minimize starchy beans, potatoes, wheat products, especially bread. Add more broccoli, brussel sprouts. If you are eating some animal products like cheese, cut that back as well or substitute lower fat cheeses or cheese products like Happy Cow. Looking at your diet, you can decide if I nailed it.

  • BlueBud says:

    @Marilina Nivea does not test on animals. In their testing policy, they state that they only test on cell cultures and volunteer people. However, the company is not necessarily vegan. A few of their products contain ingredients derived from animal products.

  • Marilina says:

    Hello… I became vegan since last October… I´ll apreciate if someone knows about Nivea… Does it test on animals?

  • Marisa Tortolini says:

    I live in Argentina, and I’d appreciate if anyone knows of cruelty-free shops, brands, here. And what alternatives we have to regular leather, wool, etc, on the market.

  • Jenny says:

    Hi 🙂
    Please have a look at Wikaniko. This company is promoted more as an eco-friendly company but our products also contain no nasties and none of them or their ingredients are tested on animals 🙂
    We don’t sell clothes – although we introduce new products on a regular basis so you never know 🙂 We do have a massive range from everyday cleaning essentials or the home to pet care, baby products, skincare, make-up, health and nutrition and even yummy vegan chocolate,(I’ve tried it – it’s gorgeous) 🙂
    Check out the website, enjoy 🙂

  • deepti says:

    Body shop does not test cosmetics on animals. Go for it!!!

  • Tiffany says:

    I know this isn’t related to clothing, but is there a list or something about with companies that are animal-friendly? Like food companies and make-up companies. Thanks so much 🙂

  • Chaz Wilder says:


  • Ashley says:

    Alternative outfitters has some great vegan accessories and shoes. Nimli also has a lot of eco friendly clothes, and even though not all are vegan, they have a little sign at the bottom to tell you if it is vegan or not (or fair trade, organic, natural, recycled, etc). BTC elements has some vegan and organic clothing, as does The Green Loop, Soul Flower, Mission Playground, Prana, Green Label,Patagonia, Global Girlfriend, but you have to double check to see if it’s vegan. If you are into animal rights and vegan tee shirts, check out and Food Fight Grocery (under non food items, they have some tees). has an awesome vegan shirt. Northern Sun has awesome political, progressive tees, some of which are organic cotton or hemp. Also for shoes, check out and moo shoes. Hope this helps =).

  • Julia P says:, my favorite outdoor apparel company is committed to sustainable practices and animal welfare.

  • Jess says:

    dont shop at new look, theyre selling real fur mixed with faux on certain coat trims

  • Lexisaur(: says:

    TOMS shoes are vegan-friendly(:

  • Lone Merise Daugbjerg Frederiksen says:

    I don’t know if you are exclusively US or if you’ll include shops from around the world on your list? If the latter, I can recommend – a Danish web shop (and shop) that only sells cruelty free fashion accessories.

  • Chloe says:

    Here are some vegan fashion designers and stores. you may already have some of these:

    C. Marchuska
    Jaan J.
    Va Va Va Vegan
    People Tree

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