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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing

Finding cruelty-free clothing and accessories has never been easier! Whether you’re looking for a cozy wool-free sweater or vegan combat boots, you’re sure to be able to find it at your local mall. Use this guide to get started!


Featured Companies Offering Fabulous Vegan Products

Melissa McCarthy Seven7: This is an animal-free, all-size clothing line that appeals to women with plus-size hearts for animals.

Tom Bihn: Here you will find vegan leather laptop cases, briefcases, messenger bags, travel bags, and totes.

MooShoes: This company offers stylish and high-quality vegan leather goods.

Pangea ( Pangea has a tremendous selection of food, clothing, shoes, and much more.

MATT & NAT: After designing cruelty-free accessories for fashion forward boutiques for the last four years, Via Vegan is proud to launch its online store.

Urban Expressions: Urban Expressions produces a trendy and fashionable collection of women’s handbags made of the finest vegan leathers.

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  • SC says:

    Animal lover 65.If there’s ever an apocalypse we”ll all be dead,don’t u understand that?

  • Marilyn says:

    I’d like to address the comment made by Animal Lover 65 … in the event of an apocalypse we could resort to means of survival. But if we continue to abuse the environment and wildlife as we have, then not only will we hasten the apocalypse, we will also find there is a shortage of what we need should that occur. I gave up beef and pork and found so many great alternatives that I don’t even miss them. I actually found this site because I Googled companies that don’t use animal hides in their shoes and clothing. So happy to see that there is such a site.

  • Naturegirl16 says:

    This comment goes out to Animal Lover 65. I have to say I with what you have to say. natural products are much better for us and for Mother Nature, but that doesn’t meant we can’t be ethical and compassionate when using those products. PETA is an organization that, in my opinion, rejects products like meat, eggs, dairy, and fur for example and accepts fake alternatives because right this is the only way to bring compassion and love to many animals. Remember, we have to respect the being that provide us with these natural products and we have to make sure we dont exploit or abuse them. Without them, many of the things we consume right now would not be in existence. So I applaud the fact that you are very self sufficient and that you respect your environment and Mother Nature, but please remember to respect the providers of your natural products as well. 🙂

  • Animal Lover 65 says:

    Wow… so instead of using natural products, you would rather pollute the environment by creating fake alternatives. In cold climates, nothing is as warm as fur or feathers. Nothing wears like leather. I have raised my own meat animals, then used the skins.

    If an apocalypse were to occur, most of you would never survive. I can hunt, fish, grown my own food, and be able to survive should complete devastation should happen. I would use the leather to make shoes. Fat to render down to make tallow to make soap and candles. Goose feathers for pillows and beds. Deer hides and other furs for keeping warm on cold winter nights. Wool from sheep that I have sheared to weave into blankets and cloth to make clothes. All of this is sustainable and can be used in an off-the-grid sustainable lifestyle.

    The substitutes that you support are unsustainable and put a great stress on Mother Earth. BTW, cotton is a crop that uses HUGE amounts of pesticides to keep it growing.

  • Animal Lover 65 says:

    Wow… so instead of using natural products, you would rather pollute the environment by creating fake alternatives. In cold climates, nothing is as warm as fur or feathers. Nothing wears like leather. I have raised my own meat animals, then used the skins.

    If an apocalypse were to occur, most of you would never survive. I can hunt, fish, grown my own food, and be able to survive should complete devastation should happen. I would use the leather to make shoes. Fat to render down to make tallow to make soap and candles. Goose feathers for pillows and beds. Deer hides and other furs for keeping warm on cold winter nights. Wool from sheep that I have sheared to weave into blankets and cloth to make clothes. All of this is sustainable and can be used in an off-the-grid sustainable lifestyle.

    The substitutes that you support are unsustainable and put a great stress on Mother Earth. BTW, cotton is a crop that uses HUGE amounts of pesticides to keep it growing.

  • wholesale men clothing says:

    A big thank you for your blog.Really thank you! Really Cool.

  • Tammy Robinson says:

    I can’t sleep at night, without seeing the images of all those animals suffering at the cost of humans. I think their needs to be some kind of law against using animals for their hides! They are living beings and feel just like we do. May God have all his creatures in his hands and stop them from suffering.

  • Mich says:

    How can we get the rest of the world on board with animal cruelty free or atleast our country (USA)…I pray the future children see all the youtube videos and the facebook posts and get sick from what has been a sick hidden industry for along time….Now that technology allows us to find out anything and everything there might be hope for a brighter future for animals…I pray atleast….Althought, large sell out companies like True Religion, Mary Kay, Avon, Estee Lauder have just digressed and now is now longer on the cruelty free list…I can’t understand how companies that were once cruelty free can go backwards…I wear nothing supporting the cruelty of skiining alive or testing on precious animals

  • Tina says:

    @sharon, yeah I totally agree! It’s really difficult to find vegan and environmentally friendly products. I would never buy leather shoes, but synthetic leather isn’t very good for the environment either. In the summer its easy with canvas shoes, but when its snowing… 🙁

  • Alicia A Slater says:

    Great idea ! Please also provide the list of restaurants by city and state that provide vegan foods and residential communities that are animal friendly.

  • Lilian says:

    No estoy de acuerdo con usar pieles solo por moda o status, pero si considero que al que le guste comer algo animal, puede hacerlo… pero bajo ningún punto de vista acepto la tortura por placer o ignorancia de los que trabajan en estan granjas…. Y la verdad aunque suene cruel me encantaría ver que sienten estas bestias si los animales tuvieran la oportunidad de hacerles lo mismo(porque no son humanos los que hacen esto, ni siquiera merecen pertenecer al reino animal). No puedo creer que todavía seamos tan cavernícolas!!!!!!

  • chander kumar soni says:

    i love peta.

  • Andrea says:

    FYI: I got a great faux leather jacket a few seasons ago from Chico’s. It looks like a really great black leather jacket and I get compliments on it ALL the time! People always think it’s real leather. And I feel great wearing it, knowing that I’m wearing a jacket that did not cause any animal suffering.

  • De says:

    Killing for food in a humane way without animal suffering I accept, hey kind of part of nature.. But what for me is just insane.. just pure cruel, is the torture they put these animals in ….. hunger, maltreatment, abandonees … all those are bad enough, but when it comes to … things like playing with chicken still alive in factory and having fun out of the chicken misery, or skinning animals still alive … for me is just …. people have to know th esufering with the animals sufering and screaming, I wish people that do such a thing die and burn in Hell!
    sorry saying that, sounds brutal… I have no other way of expressing my despair when I hear such thing.

  • Amelle says:

    PLEASE could you add to ?
    Their collection on 19th Feb 2012 featured fur, fur and more fur.
    Emma Hill is a disgusting fur-fetishist.

  • sadhu vedant muni says:

    some one argues that the animals are for the pleasures, eating, killings and entertaining for the human. every instincts are not like pains, killings, torturing. every one fears with pains. it is our moral duty to preserve , protect them for survival of nature. we are the lovers of peace, non violence. so we must protect them.

  • mich says:

    I think it depends on the life of the animal and the usage of the animal and the way it is killed. I think its o.k to kill animals for food and clothing however, they do not deserve to spend their lives caged, tortured, slowly slaughtered such as being skinned alive. I dont understand these people. Do they not realise the suffering they are causing? I think they should look up what peoples’ accounts of hell are like (possibly on youtube etc) and they will find that it is pretty similar and they are on an express train there. I believe in justice and I have faith that sooner or later justice will be done. May the Lord have mercy on them.

  • Suzanne Hanna says:

    Faux fur is the only fur I would ever wear!

  • Shanon says:

    I am all for not using animal products. But the more I try to switch to somethong else the more I see that most alternatives are also harmful to our environment, like anything made from plastics. I am at a loss of what to do and where to find products that are cruelty free and environmentally friendly.

  • Jen says:

    Alice: Ultimately, were the sheep on the farm you grew up on sold for meat? That’s one of the main reasons why there’s a problem with it. I don’t think that the wool they provide is valuable enough to support the maintenance of the animal on a commercial farm. Most vegans choose not to use any products that are derived in any capacity from animals, so it’s part of the vegan belief system. Though I’m not completely vegetarian, I am striving to avoid all unnecessary animal products like wool, leather, etc. Little by little I’m trying to lessen my cruelty footprint and giving up stuff I don’t really need has been far easier than one might think.

  • Alice says:

    Why is it that vegans get so high and mighty about some things (no real offence)? People who wear leather may not have a fashion victim attitude; they may just prefer it; and it IS their choice. Also; what is wrong with wool? I grew up on a sheep farm, they just mooch around all day happy as you like eating grass; and come summer time (when it gets hot anyway) their winter coat is shaved off, like a hair cut.

  • Bunny says:

    Question: Obviously there are a lot of faux-fur products in the shops at the moment, and most items I’ve seen are labelled as being made from polyester and/or acrylic only (with no mention of real fur) – is it possible that they could still contain real fur or would this be mentioned on the label? Thanks 🙂

  • Sally Lawrence says:

    Hey Peta, please target that gruesome magazine Marie Claire. I flicked through a copy at the dentist and was sickened to see every type of fur, even exotics, on every third page being promoted via advertising and articles. It was impossible to tell if they were fake fur or real. Doesn’t matter, I hate the faux fur equally because the Chinese make copies of faux fashions with real dead animals.

    Jen, I agree with what you say, but sadly those people who slavishly follow fashion to get ahead will not succeed in the long run because they lack a strong sense of identity, a strong sense of self and a strong sense of individuality. It takes a strong personality to succeed in this cut throat world.

  • goy says:

    fashion is a big part of society…you can’t change everyone’s style or taste. But making products that can be worn to each person’s style without harming animals is to me a very good solution. You can look at it as promoting fur but if you were to have more people…designers…celebrities…etc…promote that it is 100% faux then i think more people would have an acceptance or gain an appeal for faux. It may take a while but one day i hope faux will be a bigger seller than real animal products. I’m a girl…i like fashion…but life doesn’t have to be just black or white…100% faux is a good “in between” for me. I don’t want to promote wearing real fur. i want to promote how awesomely fantastic fuax is. “100% fuax” not that fake faux stuff made from cats and dogs or rabbits…

  • Jen says:

    KTsMom: It’s an understandable question that I really believe I can answer. Many people are very much influenced by others, oftentimes those they work with and feel intense pressure to “keep up” with them, particularly those who are making more money or are in higher positions, and who can afford expensive brands and status symbol items, be it a car, a purse, a wardrobe, you name it. So it’s possible that even though they might want to make the change to a less cruel lifestyle by not buying that designer bag or animal skin coat, they still want to show that they “fit in” so that they aren’t branded a weirdo or “too alternative.” I’m not saying this is fair, but living and working in a large city where the job market is extraordinarily competitive, if you can’t solely make it on your personality, you have to do everything you can to be like everyone else who is successful. That’s why it helps if you can buy stuff that looks like high fashion with all its horrible cruel skins and other thoughtless materials. At least then you don’t have to explain yourself when that might not be a welcome conversation. To my advantage or detriment, I’m the type of person who wears my beliefs on my sleeve, and I am thankful that I work in an environment where alternative is the norm and can I talk about it as much as I want. However not everyone has my conviction, nor the benefit of a relatively free thinking workplace and I think that wears really heavily on many people, hence the need to fit in and purchase things that will help them to do just that.

  • Jessika says:

    I stopped wearing leather a few years ago. I have a black leather coat and just gave it to my boyfriend who isn’t a vegetarian.I gave it to him as an x-mas gift. It is a nice looking coat but I refuse to wear it anymore. I also hate sitting on my parents sofa and the car has leather seats.
    It’s amazing how you can find leather free stuff through

  • Lauren says:

    Hi KTsMom! That is a good question. I think some people just really like the look and feel of fur/leather products, as well as eating a burger, but don’t want to harm any animals to have them.

    As a vegan myself, I love veggie burgers because they are tasty, and I just think it’s fun to eat a burger! haha 🙂 It’s something I grew up doing. If you think about it, these products/foods don’t much resemble the animals they came from in the first place.
    A normal meat burger is ground up cow parts, so why not make one of ground up beans, grains, and veggies instead?

    I like knowing I can still enjoy “normal” foods and clothing, but ones of which nothing had to suffer or die for them to be produced. I also love that I can eat vegan food that looks and tastes like it’s un-healthy counterpart, but is actually much better for me, animals, and the environment. 🙂 Hope that helps a little!

  • AJ says:

    I agree KTsMOM – why would you want someone to even think you are wearing fur? I don’t agree with Sally to let everyone else think what they want, bringing about change requires effort. We must gently and in a non-confrontational way convince others to be compassionate. Just because they didn’t learn it growing up, doesn’t mean we can’t show them the light.

  • babrie says:

    i have a question…why is it so much more expensive to be vegan?

  • KTsMom says:

    As a vegan, and being against using any animal products, why would you use faux leather or faux fur? Why lead anyone to believe that you have leather or fur? Why the pretense? And why the garden burgers? If it’s wrong to eat the meat, then surely it’s worth the sacrifice of not tasting a cheap imitation of the real thing? I’m not a vegan, and I’m not against vegans, but these things really do puzzle me. I’m honestly asking here…no sarcasm intended at all…really!

  • Sally says:

    Ghandi said “live your life as you would like to see the world” You can’t worry about how others will perceive you or if you’re actions motivate them to do the opposite. The only person you have control over is yourself so live your life as an example and let others worry about their own lives.

  • animallover101 says:

    I have just found out about this and i feel so sick. What person would do this to a animal the is so beautiful. when will people get the message that fur can be expensive, but they are not worth the price!! I am very happy that PETA brought up this topic>

  • screaminmimi says:

    I have NEVER liked the look of fur or leather. Any thought of an animal suffering for ANY reason makes me sick. I work at a veterinary hospital and you would think these people who love Fluffy so much would not want another animal to suffer an untimely death for fashion, but every single day, I see people come in wearing dead animal skins. Where do they think leather & fur come from? Most people are so ignorant.

  • Lu says:

    Found another site that sells ”veggie” shoes.. even non-leather-type doc martens..

  • Dom says:

    Why wonder what people are gonna say if you wear fake fur? Just be good with what you believe and feel good with your acts, not what other people think. I love the look of leather, but I buy faux leather so I can still get the looks but not the cruelty. If people see you with your fake fur and they say “I’m gonna buy a fur coat NOW!” they are stupid don’t you think? They are responsible for their acts.

  • ElizabethsKindCafe says:

    I have my own line of vegan shoes – you can find them at

  • melissam says:

    I go out out to eat and order veggie burgers and veggie dogs I’m sure no one stops to wonder if it’s vegatrian unless they themselves are vegatarians. Does no one remember the Pamala Anderson incident where tabloids attacked her for eating a veggie dog assuming of course that it was meat. It’s the same thing.

  • Ashley-P says:

    Our goal is to reduce the sum total of animal suffering. Encouraging people to buy faux fur rather than real fur certainly helps. At the same time, we understand and respect why many people choose not to purchase any faux fur or faux leather products. For those who do wear fakes, PETA makes pins and stickers available to help people make it clear that their jackets and other items are not made from animals.

  • donnamartin12 says:

    To comment on Melissam’s metaphor comparing wearing fake fur to eating a fake burger…When you wear clothing you are a walking advertisement, clothing is meant to send a message whether its a t-shirt with a sports logo, a purse with the Coach Label or a uniform. Wearing Fake Fur STILL promotes fur! Eating a veggie burger for dinner in your house isn’t going to perplex that many people…

  • Angela Henderson says:

    Unless a product is labelled “cruelty free” some of the ingredients that make up that product were likely tested on animals. When a product says “not tested on animals” it only means that the end product was not tested on animals. Always look for products that say cruelty free!

  • Shelly says:

    Faux Fur often comes from dogs and cats. Yes people thats right, dogs and cats. Do your homework. Stop wearing any type of fur. Radek has it right, it sends a confusing message. People can’t tell the difference. No Kill Nation by 2015!

  • melissam says:

    If wearing fake fur promotes wearing the real thing than it’s also true for eating veggie burgers and vegan cheese. Does eating vegatarian products promote eating meat?

  • radek says:

    Why do people need to wear fake fur? You risk people thinking it is real…in the negative sense OR also in the sense that if you look good in a fake fur, which is going to be assumed real – arent you promoting wearing fur??? There are many ways to keep warm and to look good/fashionable…fur (fake or real) should not be worn at all if you don’t like the practice of skinning animals and wearing them. Mixed messages…people aren’t as smart as you think.

  • Shayna says:

    I am 15 years old and have been a vegetarian for at least seven years. Thank you so much, PETA! At my school people ridicule me and make fun of me for loving animals. I could never hurt anything! One girl laughed at me for moving a worm out of the road and into the grass so it wouldn’t die. Spiders scare me to death but I would never kill one! People can be scared of dogs and they don’t kill them, do they? I’ve been mocked for my entire life and the adults all say I’m ‘too sensitive’. If I’m not, who will? Thank you so much PETA.

  • geordilil says:

    Fabulous furs look so real you might get accused of wearing the real stuff. You do need to ask or be careful before you attack someone for wearing fur! Thanks to Chad Ochocino for not wearing fur and his poster. Fur belongs on the animal that owns it!

  • Sandra says:

    I will stop buying L’oreal products. What about Nivea, do they test on animals?

  • nikkidee says:

    Just a note to people…please don’t throw paint or insult people whom you “suspect” of wearing fur!!!! I am a very strict vegan and animal rights proponent and I own “fake fur”…I would never, ever wear real!!! But I have been screamed at and had things thrown at me without anyone even asking if it was real!!!
    So, before anyone acts out of carelessness, *think* and *ask* before you act!!

  • Migsi says:

    Ana Maria they have a link in the page before that you can enter the company you use if is not listed. I can’t stand the people who make suffer those animals they really don’t have a heart. I have always wondered if they would like that something like what they do to the animals someone do it to their kids.

  • Ana Maria says:

    I am surprised you do not have Donna Salyer’s Fabulous Furs listed on your website. She started her company many years ago out of compassion for animals. Her products are outstanding, both in style and quality. Please give her a look. I think she deserves to be listed here. She makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of luxurious animal fur without harming any creatures in the process.

  • any says:

    hola hase un mes q soy vejetariana gracias a ustedes no puedo creer como matan a los animeles les juro q pense q era distinto m dio tanta bronca y odio lo de las pieles y el sufrimiento de los animales q maldad es terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!