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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing

Finding cruelty-free clothing and accessories has never been easier! Whether you’re looking for a cozy wool-free sweater or vegan combat boots, you’re sure to be able to find it at your local mall. Use this guide to get started!


Featured Companies Offering Fabulous Vegan Products

Melissa McCarthy Seven7: This is an animal-free, all-size clothing line that appeals to women with plus-size hearts for animals.

Tom Bihn: Here you will find vegan leather laptop cases, briefcases, messenger bags, travel bags, and totes.

MooShoes: This company offers stylish and high-quality vegan leather goods.

Pangea ( Pangea has a tremendous selection of food, clothing, shoes, and much more.

MATT & NAT: After designing cruelty-free accessories for fashion forward boutiques for the last four years, Via Vegan is proud to launch its online store.

Urban Expressions: Urban Expressions produces a trendy and fashionable collection of women’s handbags made of the finest vegan leathers.

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  • Richard says:

    Is there a place I can go to find out what department stores to avoid? Maybe who the top 10 are that use animal based products? I need to know where NOT to shop and who to steer clear of.

  • andrea says:

    i say no to fur but if you have to have fur kill the animals normal and use every single piece of the body like the way the natives did. they used skin bones and meat. but first of all why do we need fur?

  • MOREL says:

    vous êtes une association super et je me réjouis de voir de telles personnes exister. J’ignorais ce que l’on faisait subir aux moutons d’australie c’est ignoble j’en ai les larmes aux yeux et j’ignorais également que l’astrakan était la fourrure de bébés moutons pas encore nés. La vie pour les animaux sur terre est horrible et il y a tant de choses à faire pour eux que j’ai l’impression de ne pas avancer malgrès toutes les pétitions que je signe. Je suis végétarienne depuis 16 ans et ne porte plus de cuir depuis plusieurs mois cette industrie ainsi que celle de la fourrure et de la laine devraient ne plus exister car je trouve cela vraiment pitoyable. Je suis avec vous de tout coeur et vous soutien du mieux que je peux Merci à vous d’exister

  • Amac says:

    Thankyou PETA for such an informative site, because of you I became a vegetarian a year and a half ago and now again, thanks to your informative site that opens my eyes to what really happens in fashion, I am no longer buying leather shoes. How lucky is this world to have people like you who care enough to spread the word. I will continue to spread the word for you too.

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve recently become Vegetarian and am slowly making the switch to Veganism- it’s complex with today’s lifestyles. But! Thought I’de share a luvvvvly website for Vegan shoes! They’re Italian designed, and made in Germany! What could be better?!

  • Ashley-P says:

    Hey Marc! Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of man-made options that are more protective than leather (afterall, leather is just skin). Check out this article written by a former staffer who is a vegan motercyclist: Many man-made jackets/gloves/shin-guards are reinforced with kevlar, which is the same stuff that bulletproof vests are made of (kind of important when it’s you versus pavement). 🙂 Thanks, and ride safe!

  • Marc says:

    I wear leather boots,chaps, and jacket. About 3 months ago I found a deer the hard way on my motorcycle. Knowing what it feels like to tumble down the road about 40 miles an hour the only real way to be safer. Before anyone says it I have seen how the nylon stuff takes the abuse. no thanks.

  • Claudia says:


    Decime que necesitas traduccion y te ayudo. tiene mucha informacion para traducir.

  • Zora says:

    This is a note to Apa who commented on 4-30-2011. I know you think that meat is your only source of protein but guess what most people around the world only eat beans as a main source of protein and they have lived longer life’s then us here in the USA because of the diet being so healthy so you may want to study up on your beans and legumes it would do you wonders. I never thought I could live off of vegs and guess what I am healthier then an OX these days and I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 yrs now. May family has also cut down on there meat just because they see how good I feel and look on this diet for life. So study up and try something new, you wouldn’t believe what your life will feel like if you get out of your little box that people have put you in for years. ( :

  • Betty says:

    Hey, sutlbe must be your middle name. Great post!

  • apa says:

    In Russia it`s impossibily to leave without eating meat? because is very cold in vinter.

  • rita says:

    Did you know that most clothing is made of cotton?? Cotton has nothing to do with animals, so really this isn’t an issue.

  • evan says:

    Awesome resources. I need to get a new pair of vegan shoes.

  • Roxana says:

    @graciela aguirre aqui esta la página de PETA en español. Para que puedas obtener más información acerca de y para luchar contra el problema de crueldad a los animalitos. Saludos 🙂

  • serenity lagoy says:

    I am proud people are sticking up for the poor litte animals who can not speak against the harm …. thank you all for caring and god bless

    ~Serenity Faith Lagoy~

  • Dianna Marie Ada Berton says:

    I Like & Love PeTA’S Guide’S!

  • graciela aguirre says:

    soy argentina estoy impresionada con el video, y me dá mucha bronca que esa gente respire el mismo aire que yo. por favor envien la página en castellano yo no se nada de inglés no les puedo entender lo que dice la página.

  • Tammy says:

    @greenisthenewblack…YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!

  • Greenisthenewblack says:

    I buy everything from Frank & Faith – 100% fair trade, sustainable or organic fabrics, 100% made in Britain. And best of all, 100% anti-cruelty to animals. They have a big paragraph on their animal welfare policy on their website and they are fully transparent (they even posted pictures of one of their factories in UK). Help make a difference and purchase LOCAL and cruelty – free. You never know what animal may have been tortured in the process of manufacturing abroad. you pay a bit more for the clothes at Frank and Faith but it’s justified – they will be of superior quality and won’t be ripped apart within a week or so like mass produced made in far east sweatshops clothes they sell in our stores today! You’ll also buy less and put more thought into what you are buying so helping the environment too (after all, we share our environment with animals and we are destroying their habitat by not being sustainable)!

  • Jani~nutrition and animals are my passion says:

    Please UNDERSTAND that Burts Bees is owned by the clorox co. (NYSE:CLX)

  • Chris Burke says:

    I never ever eat animal flesh nor do i eat any animal products. I love my furry friends thats why i am a vegan.Send me some information on how i can help some poor animals. 🙂

  • KrinaM says:

    Where to find wool free AREA RUGS?

  • Olivia says:

    @ Robin Bush – sorry to tell you but Burts Bees are NOT good! They have LANOLIN in their products (from sheeps wool and not necessarily cruelty free) AND some coloured lip products have Carmine which is from crushed BEETLES!!!

  • sammac says:

    The video on fur farms made me incredibly furious. I want to get involved actively (not just giving a donation and letting celebrities take all the credit) in anyway to stop fur trading permanently. What should I do as the more time we waste there are still animals being skinned alive for fashion faux pas?

  • mia says:

    And now vegan winter coats!
    (They’re cute too!!!!)

  • R. J. Merkinsmith says:

    This is very helpful, too, if you care for animals, as I do. Share it with your meat-eating, dead flesh wearing friends and family. 🙂

  • andrea says:

    i have a question, are sketchers shoes leather free??? please answers is a live or dead question literary…what other brands are leather free???and ofcourse fur:)
    A last but not least question, what are the covers of the cars made of???

  • Carol Evans says:

    I am so impressed by this website and its many features that you can be sure that I will hang out here more often. Good job guys! Oh,by the way, I have been a vegan/vegetarian for 16 years. It was my husband that taught me about how vegetarianism is beneficial in so many ways to my health. Thank Goddess and God fpr Peata! Blessed be!

  • Robin Bush says:

    I Love Burts Bees Products! They are animal free, YAY! The more I find out about what our society does to innocent animals just kills me. I am learning to read labels and say NO to anything that is cruel to animals. I am a huge Peta fan, but it also breaks my heart as well..

  • JoAnne Renee says:

    Having just moived back to a cold climate after 30+ years in California, I needed boots for the winter weather. I wear a size 11, wide shoe – not an easy size to find. I was delighted to locate a pair of vegan boots at Nordstrom’s on-line store. They were originally a shoe store in Seattle and they always have a huge variety of styles,sizes, and widths. I also located some Muck boots at a local farm and ranch supply store. The Muck brand comes in many varieties and sizes. They are durable, comfortable, and there are many vegan choices.

  • Christina says:

    Does anybody know of a cruelty free/vegan outdoor or winter clothing company? I do a lot of outdoor things and buy lots of outdoor clothing and gear, which I always make sure is vegan, but I would love to support a strictly cruelty free company if possible. Right now I’m looking to buy some winter gloves and it’s surprisingly difficult (without going to the internet) to find ones that don’t contain leather or goretex (which is quite bad for the environment and harms animals).

  • Teruyo says:

    I like to agreeable and simple cloths, my feel be no good when have seen who has on fur coat of fashion…but I don´t say nothing them becouse free of a privately but I really don´t like to arrogance and avaricious people.

  • Trish Hartley says:

    There is a company in Denver that makes cruelty free purses, I think they are called Vamp Bags. I love upscale Vegan options.

  • silvana says:

    I really like Tara’s question of re-using existing furs and skins. Although, I suppose the problem would be ensuring consumers know that. May just promote fur full stop so difficult…

  • angel says:

    Please do not wear second hand fur or leather b/c you are still promoting it. Maybe someone or you will find another way to recycle it.

  • selina says:

    Animals should not be hurt for our stupidity. STOP NOW.

  • una says:

    I watched for the first time the video on how animals are killed for our food. I don’t particularly wear a lot of leather nor am I a big meat eater, but I cried like I haven’t cried in a while just witnessing the disregard and the cruel ways in which animals are slaughtered. Unfortunately I have a lot of food allergy’s that’s very limiting to my diet, but I’m greatly considering the possibility of becoming a vegetarian. I can say… that I’m definitely done with fur! Thank you for educating a population that is just to busy to care…

  • Bodhi Psy says:

    My wife is looking for a wool Pea Coat. Any suggestions?

  • austerix says:

    Bárbaros, MONSTROS.Por estas e outras o fim da vida no planeta está próximo e estes não terão perdão.

  • NEHA10SHARMA says:

    I always thank GOD that he made such INNOCENT , ADORABLE , LOVABLE ANIMALS…I just LOVE THEM…

    ..One day of my childhood , I came to know that how and from where the meat products and leather products come from( thanks to ” Heads And Tails” show by Great Mrs. Menaka Gandhi)….I cried for days out of guilt . since then I havent used even a single tiny thing made out of leather and never had meat in my meals. AND I AM VERY PROUD OF MYSELF FOR DOING THAT.

    Theres never been a day has passedby that I havnt got compliment for My fashion statement..for all these years without using animal’s skin or produucts… friends jz love the way I groom myself…:)…I love myself..I LOVE ANIMALS.

  • keri b says:

    Alternative Outfitters is great too! I love Moo Shoes, its like an upscale vegan option of shoes and accessories, but you can find good quality decent priced lasting shoes here. Theres really nothing else to say about wearing animals other than it is completely selfish and cruel. There are so many options, so we have no excuses of why its ok to wear dead flesh

  • Rebekah Glendinning says:

    I’m so glad that there are ways to be both fashionable and cruelty-free. Great list!

  • super star says:

    I do sacrifice fashion! so many non leather bags to choose from. I feel great to contribute to compasion and still look tre chic!

    Thanks for the alternative fashion with out the guilt

  • further says:

    what about second hand fur and leather products…it is horrible what they do to these animals to obtain the materials however what about those that have already died…do we just toss it all in the trash or throw red paint on people wearing it? there are hundreds of millions fur and leather products thrown away every year, can’t we turn these into something new rather than skinning new animals?

  • Tara Ashford says:

    I have also found some great cosmetics that are cruelty free. I really like smashbox and pur minerals. Also Ahava makes great skin care that is animal friendly. So far the hardest thing for me to find is shampoo, but NEXXUS is good amd so is BioSilk.

  • Yes says:

    I love fashion, but I love animals more. It’s sort of become my new obsession to find cruelty free products. My boyfriend thought we’d be spending more money because of it. Actually, we’re spending less. 😛

  • nancy says:

    Thank you. I need help finding quality cruelty-free products.

  • LAXMI SINGH says:

    PETA others is an inspiration for institutions.This is too rock.

  • Sandra Abril says:

    como osan llamarse seres humanos si no sienten conpasion, respeto, amor por los animales…..en este momento me aberguensa saber k por ahi anda un loca lleno de furia sin sentido k osa matar cruelmente, sin sentido ni respeto a miles de inosentes animales k su unico pecado ha sido confiar en nosotros y permitirnos observar su inimajinable bellesa………

  • misslaverton says:

    totally helpful! love it (: