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Coming Soon: Official PETA SpiritHood

Written by Ashley Palmer | February 3, 2012

Lions and tigers and bears—oh, my! These are just a few of the animals who have been paid homage by the designers at SpiritHoods. And now they’re working on a design to honor a different kind of beast: PETA. Yep, that’s right! Your favorite relentless, courageous, and inspired group that fights for the rights of all animals will be personified by a faux-fur SpiritHood.

But which animal will represent PETA? I can’t give that away just yet, but I want to hear your guesses! Cast your vote for which animal you think it will be in the following poll:

What will PETA’s SpiritHood be?

SpiritHoods, which recently won a Libby award for best cruelty-free accessory, will donate a percentage of the PETA SpiritHood profits to the organization. The faux-fur hood will be released in March, so be sure to check back to see the finished product!

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  • Caroline says:

    Are so many human here seriously debating on how this world should run? Seriously the very attitude of us human own the world is the beginning of all problems. At least I see SpiritHoods are only trying to promote what they can create without harming any animal/human feelings. Before anyone point fingers to others, lets look at himself/herself; If you want to treat the animals right, the fairest way is to let go of your human comfort and return the world to all living things equally. Give up technology and go back to time when people respect the mother nature. I am sure that is the best for all the animals we all care so much about.

  • cassandra church says:

    Man some vegans are too uptight!!! I am a vegan & luv spirithoods & faux fur. Nobody was hurt, & when faux fur is done in a chic way , more people will wear it. I think this makes common sense. Faux fur is fun, lighten up.

  • Seraphim says:

    Whether or not it’s a contradiction for PETA to peddle these, I don’t really care… but I’ve always thought these stupid ‘spirithoods’ were godawfully tacky. It’s a step up from the three wolf moon shirt. Ugh.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    white rabbit.

  • [email protected] says:

    PETA saleing the Faux-Fur Spirit Hood is a controdiction, yeh its fake, but i still don’t like the idea.And why change the bunny?

  • Snarls-at-Fleas says:

    Totally agree with Sharon. How long till we see a cheaper versions of these from Chine made from tortured dogs & cats and labeled “faux fur”?
    Next disgusting design I’d like to see is human scalps headwear. Faux human scalps of course. With arm skin hanging from them.

  • Aki says:

    The designs are so cute, but is it really suitable for PETA? I’m going to agree with Peter. We should abandon fur altogether, faux or real.

  • Cristine says:

    Oh all are cute, but I didn’t have all choices to vote, ie: no seal, no tabby cat, How do I vote? I’d love to see all the choices…well, I guess I’ll have to vote fox…since I cant see the others to vote! But all are cute

  • dee says:

    this is a dumb idea. for us who don’t support real fur-we’re not gonna walk around in fake fur. it’s just as tacky and portrays the same idea. stupid,stupid,stupid.

  • pugtales says:

    Real or fake….fur is just tacky. This is coming from a 100% vegan woman.

  • April says:

    I agree with Sharon and Peter. As long as faux fur is fashionable, there will always be those who want to ‘outdo’/show off/brag (especially if they have the money and means to do so). This simply leads to the continued suffering and torturing of animals to produce real fur. Once fur is NO LONGER fashionable (real or fake) then many more animals will be saved. I support PETA in so many ways, but I do not understand them endorsing fur – even if it is supposed to be faux.

  • Moxie says:

    Witty sholloway96, I loved your comment about the stuffed dead humans. Right on the nail.

  • sholloway96 says:

    @Sharon and Peter. Get counseling. This is harmless and only a nutcase would think otherwise. People have faux stuffed animals, bet you did too as a kid, but it doesn’t mean we think it’s okay to have real stuffed animals decorating our homes. Oh yeah, we even have dolls and that doesn’t mean we support having stuffed dead humans in our homes. So having faux fur doesn’t mean we support people wearing real fur.

  • peter says:

    I agree with Sharon. The concept of faux fur is as bizarre as wearing faux human skin. Why perpetuate the thrill of wearing the skin of a dead animal, albeit an imitation one? While ever we keep such a thrill alive, you keep open the possibility of real fur as a fashion item. Stop it altogether.

  • Susan says:

    A bunny – PETA’s symbol.

  • auréli says:

    In Totems science, the Badger is relentless and courageous; he will fight bigger and stronger animals if necessary to protect his loved ones. Must be the perfect animal to represent PETA.

  • Sharon says:

    I don’t see how the faux fur fad is helping anyone. It is under this pretext, that fur, as long as it is false, is good. Take away the ‘as long as it is false,’ and you have this new craze of coyote being brutalized in North America and raccoon dogs and other furry creatures in China. And many still believe they are wearing ‘faux’ fur. Sorry, but I find it disgusting.