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Comfy Wool-Free Cardigans

Written by Ashley Palmer | March 10, 2011

♫ ♪I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan. Welcome to the land of fame excess! Am I gonna fit in? ♫ ♪ 

After recently moving to Los Angeles, my life’s current theme song is “Party in the USA.” Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I’ve been told that my celebrity doppelganger is Miley Cyrus and that I have a slight cardigan obsession.

Not that I need another, but right now, I’m on the hunt for a Hollywood-worthy wool-free cardigan. I’ve narrowed it down to three, but which one will it be?  

Forever 21 High Seas Cardigan: $22.80

ModCloth Show You Care Cardigan: $59.99

Old Navy Pointelle Knit Cardigan: $42.50

Readers may be wondering, “What’s wrong with wool?” I’ll start by telling you that I used to think the same thing. That was, until I learned that much of the world’s wool comes from sheep who endure the horrific process of mulesing, in which Australian farmers cut chunks of skin and flesh from lambs’ backsides. Ouch! In addition, millions of sheep whose wool production has declined with age are exported by ship to other countries, where they are eventually slaughtered for food.

Clearly, there is no need to wear wool when sheep suffer, and there are plenty of stylish, cruelty-free clothing options. Leave a comment letting me know which cardigan you would pick, and pledge to be wool-free today!

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  • Wool For Knitting says:

    Please tell me how can we get more information about Comby wool and knitting pattern?

  • Ashley-P says:

    Hi Silvia, you’ll have to check with the company’s site to see if they’ll ship to Brazil. There are links below each image to where you can order. Good luck!

  • Ksenya says:

    The first and the last are gorgeous! I like them.

  • Silvia Pertence says:

    Do you sell to other countries, like Brazil?

  • Maja Dutrieux says:

    Dear all,
    Is there any possibility to order en pay in euro’?

    Kind regards,
    Maja Dutrieux

  • Jenn says:

    I like the white Old Navy cardigan. And I won’t be wearing wool againnow that I know!! Thanks!

  • allison says:

    the first cardigan is great. it is casual yet unique. would wear it with jeans or a cute skirt.