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Bunnies Say These Sweaters Are Must-Haves!

Drop angora and make some space in your closet, because these angora-free sweaters are must-haves for men and women!

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Crocodile’s Revenge

If you’re unsure about trading in your leather handbag for a cruelty-free one instead, this video might give you that extra nudge.

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5 Awesome Animal-Related Costumes

Need help with a Halloween costume idea? We’ve got some doozies for you!

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Vegan Boots for Fall 2013

Finding vegan boots is easier than ever!

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Fashion Friday: Fall for Faux

Be swept away by cozy fall sweaters, and save animals while wearing them!

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Fashion Friday: Vegans Love Oktoberfest!

Put on your dirndl or leather-free lederhosen, and let’s get to Oktoberfest in style!

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16 Things You Need to Know Before Buying That Sweater

The story that the wool industry doesn’t want you to see.

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Fashion Friday: Sheer, Not Shear

Show the wool industry that you don’t support cruelty to sheep and lambs by choosing sheer fabrics, not sheared fashions, this season!

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Fashion Friday: 13 Vegan Fashion Essentials

Check out PETA’s fall-fashion essentials.

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Fashion Friday: Pencil in Time for Animals

We all get busy, stressed, and overwhelmed sometimes. But animals everywhere need your help!

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