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Follow ‘VeganShopper’ for Deals and Steals ©

Follow ‘VeganShopper’ for Deals and Steals

Giving you the heads up to exciting contests and special offers, @VeganShopper is where you’ll find the latest compassionate deals and steals.

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Pleather Your Tot’s Tootsies

I didn’t see a need to abandon my ethics in order to put shoes on my son, and the time eventually came for the boy to get some shoes.

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Men’s Vegan Shoe of the Month

With a soon-to-be-full closet of shoes and a surprisingly full wallet, you’ll be turning heads with every cruelty-free step.

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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Show your support and spark great conversations by proudly sporting your favorite cause’s message on your clothing!

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Vegan Sweaters: Trendy and Sheep-Friendly

With all the amazing alternatives to wool available these days, it’s easier than ever to shed cruel woolen wear in favor of hip and humane fabrics.

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Vegan Knitting

What do you get when you cross a love for animals with a love for knitting? Cruelty-free crafting, of course!

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Fur Trim: Bad News for Bunnies

No federal law protects animals on fur farms, but you can help them simply by refusing to buy or wear fur trim.

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Alternatives to Wool

Choosing to buy these non-wool products not only helps animals but also can reduce or eliminate many of the consumer problems and inconveniences that go along with wearing or …

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PETA’s Shopping Guide to Compassionate Clothing

PETA’s shopping guide to compassionate clothing!

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Dad

PETA has gifts for all ages, styles, and budgets, and we’ve broken it down for you.

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