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Fashion Friday: Skip to My Lulu’s!

When it’s raining cats and dogs, nothing is more fun than staying in and shopping online—especially at!

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Fashion Friday: Fur Is Dead

Fashion allows you to make a statement. When you rock this outfit, the message will be loud and clear … “Fur is dead.”

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Testing (Fur) … One, Two, Three!

Testing faux fur can be as easy as one, two, three!

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Red-Hot ‘Sole’ Mates

Valentine’s Day has Royale seeing red … shoes. Find your red-hot sole mate today!

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Fashion Friday: Have a Heart (for Animals)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, this week’s Fashion Friday asks you to have a heart (for animals) by choosing cruelty-free fashions like these!

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Fashion Friday: A Friend to Fish

This week’s cruelty-free look shows love to our finned friends.

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Fashion Friday: Pretty as a Peacock

This week’s look is all about keeping it cruelty-free, fresh, and fly. You’ll be as pretty as a peacock!

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Join PETA on Polyvore!

PETA has joined Polyvore, and we’re bringing you the best in cruelty-free clothing, compassionate cosmetics, and killer looks without killing anyone.

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Warm, Fuzzy, and Animal-Friendly!

January’s shoes feature winter footwear that will keep your feet warm and your heart ice-free!

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Adorable Urban Outfitters PETA Tee

Head on over to Urban Outfitters to order your very own PETA XO oversized tee.

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