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8 Fall Boots You Can’t Live Without

From Free People and Cri de Coeur to Forever 21 and H&M … yes, please!

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Get the Look: Vegan Fall Favorites

Be comfy and kind in your favorite flannel, wool-free scarf, and vegan leather boots. See the look now!

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Practicing Ahimsa Never Looked or Felt Better

Thinking about taking up yoga? Read on for all the inspiration (and the perfect yoga outfit) that you’ll need to get started!

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Take Your Fall Handbag Game to the Next Level

Looking for chic, durable, and versatile? You’re in the right place!

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PETA and VAUTE Collaboration T-Shirt Reminds Us That ‘We’re All Animals’ Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

PETA and VAUTE Collaboration T-Shirt Reminds Us That ‘We’re All Animals’

Update your back-to-school wardrobe with VAUTE’s ‘PETA week.’

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Fall in Love With ASOS, Express, Forever 21, and More This Season

We couldn’t be happier that so many kind companies are ensuring that angora rabbits stay warm this season, too.

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Get the Bags Loved by Anne Hathaway and Sarah Jessica Parker

Introducing the #AnimalsWeGotYourBackpack and #TotesForTilly.

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How PETA Made Fashion History Ebet Roberts

How PETA Made Fashion History

PETA gets a spot next to some of the fashion world’s biggest influencers in a unique exhibit that explores how politics and fashion intersect.

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Wilby’s New Vegan Handbag Collection

PETA U.K.’s celebrity liaison, Meg Mathews, creates accessories that are as stylish as they are eco- and animal-friendly.

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8 Awesome Alternatives to Wool

Many fabrics feel great, perform extremely well, and don’t involve cruelty to animals during their production. Here’s a list of eight of them!

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