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Vegan Summer Sports Gear

Sports are the stuff that summer’s made of—pick-up soccer matches, baseball games at dusk, and beach volleyball are perfect ways to celebrate the season of sunshine. But there’s no reason why sports fun needs to be at the expense of animals.

Animals like to run, roll, and play just as we do. Make sure they can get their summer playtime, too, by opting for sports equipment that doesn’t use sheep intestines, pig skins, cow hides, or other animal materials.

Here are a few great animal-friendly options:

Be a Sport: Play Vegan by officialpeta


Carpenter Trade Baseball Gloves

“The time for synthetics in professional baseball gloves has come,” says Scott Carpenter, founder of Carpenter Trade baseball gloves. Scott produces the only all-synthetic gloves ever to be used in professional baseball, but he’s confident that trends are pointing toward non-animal leather. “Completely synthetic gloves will eventually be an industry standard,” he says. Carpenter does use wool for the padding in his gloves, but customers can request all-synthetic padding as well.

Fair Trade Sports Soccer Ball

Many soccer balls nowadays are made with synthetic leather, primarily because the material doesn’t absorb water like animal skin does. But depending on where in the world you purchase your ball, your soccer ball might still contain animal parts. To ensure that your fútbol is animal-friendly, check out Fair Trade Sports’ soccer ball. These fair-trade, eco-certified balls are a sure-fire option for consumers looking for humane, responsibly sourced soccer balls. Also check out Social Conscience soccer balls.

Tachikara Football

When the phrase “toss around the old pigskin” hit mainstream speak, we should have learned to evolve the barbaric construction of footballs. Until football fans come to their senses, though, there are vegan options. Try Tachikara’s football, which is made of synthetic material and is regulation size.

Tachikara Zebra Volleyball 

Foam-backed synthetic materials make this a ball that you can bump, set, and spike with a clear conscience. The zebra stripes on its surface are a fun reminder of the animal lives you’re sparing when you purchase vegan sports gear.

Grishko Ballet Slippers 

Skip the silk and leather as you’re honing your pirouettes. Grishko uses vegan glue and offers a canvas slipper. If you specify in your order that you want a vegan pair, they’ll skip any potential non-vegan material and accommodate you.

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  • John says:

    Carolyn, I agree, the use of organic materials in producing these items would be the best choice, but the car you drive, bike you ride, food you eat that was no doubt trucked to your local organic market has certainly had some impact on the millions of creatures that inhabit this planet. This is about trying to do less in the most rational way. Ddpdx, I’m sure Carpenter would love to make these gloves more affordable for the masses but simple economics will tell you that if the is not a mass demand for your product and you can’t sell in high volume then your overhead costs have to be adjusted properly to even survive in this market.

  • Debbie says:

    I don’t think Vegan Essentials sells sports items anymore, just as an FYI.

  • chander kumar soni says:

    nice and cool sports.

  • Ddpdx says:

    I have been wanting a vegan baseball glove! Oh wait they are $300 and above!!! Carpenter trade should be ashamed to charge that much. How is anyone going to do the right thing and buy a friendly glove?!

  • Carolyn says:

    Synthetics are a good alternative to animal products as long as they are made with organic material. If the material – cotton, oil, etc. – that produce these synthetics are responsibly farmed or drilled, they can kill millions of innocent creatures. Pesticides, oil spills, destruction of habitat are no more humane than factory farms.