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Milkshake E-Mails Put a Little Good in Your Life!

Written by Ashley Palmer | July 19, 2011

Always true to my vow to bring you the latest and greatest, my most recent find does not disappoint.

Introducing Milkshake, a free daily e-mail that delivers good right to your inbox. Each day, you’ll receive one delightful, delicious, and entertaining find that can be ordered or simply ogled. Sounds familiar, perhaps, what with all those “best bets” and “fresh finds” popping up in people’s inboxes like so many e-weeds. But Milkshake is different. Here’s why:

“Everything featured in Milkshake gives back or is good in some way! You’ll be kept up to date about cool causes, compelling people, hip new products, destinations with meaning, sustainable endeavors, storefronts and restaurants—from all over the world.” —Milkshake

Be informed. Be inspired. Discover how easy it is to make a difference in the world just by shopping, traveling, or even eating. How fun and simple is that?

So what are you waiting for? Put a little good in your life and sign up for Milkshake today!

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