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Where to Get the Eco-Friendly Scoop?

Written by Ashley Palmer | November 8, 2011

We already know that eating a vegan diet can save animals, help us lose unwanted pounds, and drastically reduce our carbon footprint. But if you’re looking to make an even bigger commitment to treading as lightly as possible on this planet, then EcoStiletto has got you covered.

On EcoStiletto’s site, you can find eco-centric fashion, beauty, health, and celebrity news and advice. Think lipstick without lead, conflict-free jewelry, and the hottest sustainable styles—everything you need to stiletto-size your carbon footprint.

Even better? The site recently launched its “Veganista” column, devoted exclusively to vegan living and penned by Whitney Lauritsen of Whitney dishes about vegan and eco fashion, beauty, and celebs.

Want to see for yourself? Sign up for the free weekly newsletter, and you could win some of the $750 in sustainable swag that EcoStiletto’s spreading around each and every month!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and start feeling the eco-love today!

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