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Deadly Destinations

“Habitats” made by humans may appeal to visitors who only look at them for a few minutes, but they’re still cages for the animals who are forced to spend their whole lives in them. We buy our cotton candy and move on with our lives; the animals are there to stay. They are housed in cages that don’t come close to the jungles, deserts, savannahs, and forests that are their natural homes. They have no choice in their diets, mates, or living companions. Every aspect of their lives is controlled and manipulated.

A few fleeting moments of distraction for humans mean a lifetime of misery for animals. If you care about animals, avoid animal exhibits like you would avoid poison ivy. Here are a few of the saddest spots for animals:

Barefoot Landing/T.I.G.E.R.S.

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Barefoot Landing allows notorious exhibitor Kevin Antle to shill tiger cubs and a chimpanzee to tourists for photo ops. Antle’s operation, T.I.G.E.R.S., has repeatedly been cited and fined by federal authorities for serious violations of the Animal Welfare Act, including failure to provide animals with veterinary care and proper shelter and failure to handle dangerous animals safely.

Barefoot Landing also features its “Alligator Adventure,” which offers live animal shows and displays more than 700 alligators, crocodiles, tropical birds, snakes, and other reptiles.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Part theme park, part zoo, this tourist trap displays orcas, beluga whales, dolphins, sea lions, and walruses in cramped tanks. Visitors are allowed to feed and touch the belugas throughout the day. Far too many whales and dolphins have perished at Marineland: It is estimated that more than 40 whales and dolphins have died there, approximately 25 of them dying in the last 15 years. Marineland has imported beluga whales and dolphins who were ripped from their ocean homes.

Marineland also keeps bears, deer, bison, and elk in cages surrounded by noisy roller coasters and rides.

Sea World

San Antonio, Texas; San Diego, California; Orlando, Florida

At Sea World, orca whales perform tricks for food; swim endless circles in small, barren concrete tanks; and live far short of the 60-year lifespan that orcas enjoy in the wild. In the wild, these whales live in tight family units, with bonds that may last a lifetime.

In their ocean homes, dolphins swim together in family pods up to 100 miles a day. At SeaWorld, their home is reduced to a virtual bathtub.

Sea World, which owns most of the captive orcas and dolphins in the United States, has one of the worst histories of animal care. At least 35 orcas and over 100 dolphins have died at U.S. Sea World facilities. The aquarium industry worldwide has claimed the lives of at least 150 orcas and 963 dolphins. And until it was exposed to the public, Sea World routinely shot and killed hybrid ducks who flew in and joined Sea World’s resident bird population.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Vallejo, California

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom World can’t even keep its own employees happy, much less its animals! In March 2001, two former Six Flags Discovery Kingdom employees filed a report with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) alleging animal beatings, neglect, suffering, and terror caused by inadequate veterinary care, improper housing, mishandling by untrained and unqualified personnel, and exposure to noise from thrill rides and growing crowds at the park.

Since 1995, eight elephants have died at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Elephants are forced to perform tricks and give rides to park visitors. Elephant handlers and visitors to the park have been injured by elephants on three separate occasions. Despite these serious incidents, Discovery Kingdom World continues to use cruel, outdated circus-style training methods, in which elephants are beaten with bullhooks (rods with sharp metal hooks on the ends) if they don’t perform on cue.

Six Flags Wild Safari

Jackson, New Jersey

There are 31 Six Flags parks in North America; Wild Safari is one of two that exhibits elephants (see Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, above). The elephants are kept in a drive-through exhibit, which means that they are subjected to a constant stream of vehicles, exhaust, and unsupervised visitors.

In one three-month period, 26 animals died at Six Flags Wild Safari. The causes of death ranged from neck and skull fractures to hypothermia, tetanus, pneumonia, and drowning. While drive-through wildlife parks give the impression that they’re “sanctuaries,” Six Flags Wild Safari has sold “surplus” baboons to biomedical researchers and exotic hoofed animals to hunting ranches.

Come Home Happy, Not Heartbroken

Vacations should hold only happy memories. Instead of tainting your trip by seeing tortured animals, why not simply hit the beach, take a cruise, or visit a museum? There are loads of eco-tourism companies that offer cruelty-free excursions.

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  • Pls Shut Down Black Forest Bear Park! says:

    Ditto to the two previous comments on Black Forest Bear Park in Helen Georgia! I just saw an instagram video showing someone feeding the bears. Absolutely APPALLED at the size of their cement prisons! In my opinion, WORSE than other Bear parks that have already been shut down! So inhumane :'(

  • Jane Fiorindi says:

    Add Bowmanville Zoo to the list. This Ontario roadside zoo keeps an elderly lone elephant who is used for giving rides and is hired out to circuses. Many of the animals display abnormal behaviors caused by frustration and boredom. Visitors are encouraged to get up close to the animals and even feed many of them.

  • Shut Down Black Forest Bear Park! says:

    I’m with Courtney on this…Black Forest Bear Park in Helen GA is NOT humane and must be shut down ASAP. Please check into it, please!

  • Jodie Smith says:

    The sea world in london is a very big attraction for visitors, however the penguins are badly kept they are in a place where there is little room, there is not enough space for them to swim at length nor do they have anything to do they are surrounded by a few walls and cannot put any of their natural instincts to use. I feel that this is very cruel as do other vistors.

  • Animal lover says:

    The Amazing Animals show in Branson, MO should be added to this list. The little dogs are trained to walk on hind quarters for an audience’s entertainment. Those poor little poodles! It can’t be good on their delicate joints.

  • V says:

    La isla shopping mall in cancun Mexico houses dolphins in appalling conditions. Especially with regards to the tiny tank at the top

  • Courtney says:

    Black Forest Bear Park in Helen, GA also needs to be reported on. They cite this place as an “attraction” where you can feed bears. It consists of 8 tiny cement cubicles, two bears to one, with a tiny “pool” for the bears to swim in. They beg for food that you can toss down to them for $1 a tray. The food consists of stale bread and rotting apples. They bake in the hot Georgia sun while sitting in a cement enclosure with their own feces. I left the place crying. It’s truly disgusting.

  • CanadiangirlIam says:

    Calgary Stampede, too, is one that needs to be exposed for the horrible, cruel form of entertainment. Especially when others are being exposed, so should them. Sadly, animal entertainment has no true laws to protect these creatures from this horrific life. Just people like us, to try to give them a voice, to speak out for help when help is needed.

  • Liberty says:

    Animals need a voice. When they can’t vocalize, they need someone to speak for them. Animal entertainment is never in the benefit of the animal. Humans are the cruelist to these animals. We, humans caused this, we humans need to fix it. Animals lives are at stake here.

  • Rosie Craig says:

    The Toronto Star article revealed that the trainer had quit over the horrific conditions that the public dont see.The sealions,walruses,and dolphins are all kept in filthy water,its so bad the workers have to wear hazmat suits and tags that turn white to indicate that the ozone levels are dangerous to be exposed to.One trainer had to quit because of skin rashes from being in the water.The sealions are blind, one had his eye pop out when he barked,are left in dry cells for months at a time with only a bucket in the corner of water,which if you see the video shows the poor creature dipping it’s head into the bucket repeatedly because its eyes are burning and painful.The walrus is so distressed,it is sucking on it’s flipper constantly,it’s eyes are red and covered in lesions.The dolphin’s skin is flaking off,IN LUMPS!The holding pen in the back,away from tourists is small,filthy green water so bad the trainers can hardly see the animals in it.The dolphins,walruses,sealions and belugas all swim with their eyes shut.The deer are in a bare area, no shade,water or food,covered in open wounds,tumors,and starved so they will eat wafer cones from kid’s hands.The bears are losing their fur,and stand in a pit with green filthy water up to their waists begging to be fed cornpops, sold to tourists for 9 dollars a coneful.This is only a few of the atrocities happenning here.Please read the Toronto Star article on Marineland and any links you can find.This man is a monster in my opinion,and has no regard for anything or anyone.A baby beluga was put into a tank with two males who beat it to death over two hours,while the mother kept shoving it over to a park employee who radioed for two hours for help…none came till two hours later it was pulled from the water and died convulsing in an employee’s arms.The horror stories go on and on.All this so people can see animals that don’t belong there,no help,no respite,no escape from their days filled with torment.DO NOT GO THERE PLEASE.

  • vincenzo says:

    please Stop cruelty!!!!

  • Katherine says:

    Shouldn’t the Calgary Stampede be added to this list? The rate of yearly animal deaths each year is mind boggling, yet every year they insist all the animals are treated “according to regulations”..

  • :) says:

    at least six flags great america is just a theme park and not animal hell like discovery kingdom

  • Susan Rubin says:

    When planning vactions time I will avoid going to these places;and will share with others to do the same.

  • Julie says:

    This is true the lawmakers are the ones who can bring about change,but i will never go to anywhere that has caged animals, or makes them perform on cue….the circus, zoo’s are all hell holes for these beautiful animals. We need to teach every child about treating animals decent, even though most humans are not.

  • BERYL FURMAN says:


  • chander kumar soni says:

    really deadly.

  • Ashley says:

    Marineland is disgusting and shameful. My family took me there when I was a kid and it was just depressing. The tanks looked especially tiny, there was only one dolphin left at the time because all the others had died off. The deer were crowded and had no protection from the summer sun and they were covered in the excrement of pigeons who came to eat the food that was left on the ground. The so called ‘friendship cove” where chidren can pet whales, and the poorly maintained rides are accidents waiting to happen in my opinion. This tourist trap is unsanitary and dangerous but I’m sure that it will never be shut down because every tv station in Canada plays non-stop commercials for the place that are geared towards children who want to see the animals. I am sure that this dump wouldn’t be able to prop itself up if it weren’t for the draw provided by the orcas and beluga whales and the scumbags from seaworld have provided them with animals to exibit and to breed so there will be more animals to suffer and pull in paying customers, so it looks like there is no end in sight.

  • Karla Cardenas says:

    Stop cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • France Leblanc says:

    Wow thanks for opening my eyes. Being canadian, i have been to Marineland twice and never knew that so many animals had died there. So sorry for going :(

  • ivana santos says:


  • Virginia Greenwood-Warner says:

    What a despicable species we are! There is no place in this world that we do not confirm by our actions just what cruel, savage morons we are. Sadly not until the last creature is dead, will we examine our actions and then it will be far too late.

  • Nora says:

    I would never even think Of going to one of these theme parks and it’s time for people to realize it as well and not go so that these theme parks close.

  • Jennifer says:

    I am so disgusted with this list. I will never go to these theme parks or support these organizations. Hell, the Six Flags in my area doesn’t have a safari and I’m not going there either!

  • leeanna m goodall says:

    we have to put an end to animal mistreatment! what will our future look liek if we dont… and what are your children think of us knowing there living in a world where its just over looked ,there for ok??? its not right!

  • Soriano says:


  • online bedroom furniture stores says:

    this type of parks are unnatural they are against the ethical treatment of animals. I dont know why men forgets always the they are animals themselve and each and every animal feel pain equally and so have equal right to live.

  • Georgina says:

    Stop cruelty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pj says:

    Animals are not people, but don’t they deserve to be treated like they are? They’re are not ours, and they have feelings too.They can’t speak for themselves, but they CAN and they WILL be heard. How can we help?

  • Prakash Shrivastava says:

    Only animals rescued from wildlife trade, private abusive owners, labs, circuses, animal farms, cruel roadside zoos etc that cannot be returned to wild should be in captivity. Every possible effort should be made to make the lifes of captive animals as enriching as possible & they should get the best care, activities & entertainment.

  • Teresa Sedillo says:

    If we know about this, then what is being done about it? I know that we can do are part by not going to these places, but what else can we do?

  • Debbie C says:

    I was looking on the internet and saw this website for Animal Adventures Live located in Florida. They
    are caging lions, tigers, lemurs, bears, etc. under the premise that these are unwanted animals and or dangerous. I am wondering if keeping them imprisoned is just an excuse to make money off of them? What special training do these people have that qualifies them to run a zoo for these exotics? Not a fan.

  • Chunkyboy says:

    The lawmakers are the real point to address. As awful as the some of these perpetrators are, they must be ignored to an extent in favor of focussing on the lawmakers. Because the lawmakers are the ones who can bring about definate and lasting change.

  • giovanna says:

    IT’s orrible the suffering of this animals!Please avoid animal exhibits

  • Christiane Vander Motte says:

    My admiration goes to Peta and all the people who are defending animals against barbarian practices of humanity. If we want a better world, it has to start with respect for non human species and nature otherwise the world will become more and more cruel toward all species including humans. It’s the task of top politicians like Barack Obama and other top leaders to speak up for protection of animals and nature. It has to come from the top and then things might start to change. I admire all those who defend the rights of animals and who fight daily to protect and respect these poor creatures. When human kind will stop putting itself at the top of hierarchy of all species, things might change for the better. I pray that that day will come! meanwhile I suffer each day thinking of all animals who are being tortured, killed, exploited, manipulated for money, or purely out of sadistic behaviour. Bravo to Peta for their courage and their achievements and keeping us informed of what’s going on on this planet ! You are doing a fantastic job !
    With all my admiration. Christiane Vander Motte.

  • Carol-Ann says:

    It really sickens me that humanbeings think that it is their right to make money off of animals. It is slavery, pure and simple. What makes some humans really think that they have this right over animals. I actually respect animals over many people. I feel repulsed by such people who have this sense of intitlement over animal’s right and freedoms!!

  • michelle hutchens says:

    Adopt, rescue, or even foster a shelter pet! They need homes and r dying every minute at the hands of ”us” humans! Fostering is free and is short term-u can email me if It is so life changing for these fur babies!

  • Evelyn H says:

    It just hurts my nature lovin’ heart to hear/read about animals being treated so inhumanely. How can anyone believe they have the right to do such cruel things to animals and their habitats?