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Animal-Free Entertainment

How Many SeaWorld Partners Have Jumped Ship?

Take a look at which companies have abandoned SeaWorld.

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What Does Alan Cumming Cook for His ‘Cabaret’ Cast Mates? Taylor Hill/Filmmagic for PETA

What Does Alan Cumming Cook for His ‘Cabaret’ Cast Mates?

Want to eat like a Broadway star? ‘Cabaret’ star Alan Cumming will show you how.

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11 Tips to Make the Happiest Place on Earth Even Happier (aka ‘Vegan-Friendly’)!

Check out this helpful guide to compassionate eating at the happiest place on Earth!

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Have a Cruelty-Free Ski Season

Enjoy ski season in great animal-friendly gear! Find jackets, hats, and gloves that don’t use animal products such as down, wool, and leather.

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Deadly Destinations: Highway Hellholes

If you care about animals, avoid animal exhibits like you would avoid poison ivy.

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For My Next Trick, I Will Transform You Into a …

Magician Aaron Radatz shows us how he went from tigers to … robot fish?!

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Cruelty-Free Camping Guide

Looking for some summer fun? Then load the mess kits and matches into the minivan and make a break for the great outdoors—vegan-style.

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10 Things to Do in Central Park Other Than Hire Horse-Drawn Carriages

Checkers and chess, turtles and birds, vegan ice cream, and more!

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No More Chains: One Elephant’s Story

This book is a wake-up call about how many elephants have suffered profoundly in captivity and how many still suffer. Order your copy today!

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10 Summer Beach Essentials

Don’t step out the door without these summer beach essentials in your beach bag!

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