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Animal-Free Entertainment

Looking for a Vegan-Friendly Airbnb? Try Vegvisits

Vegvisits will help make your next vacation a vegan dream come true.

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8 Animal-Friendly Destinations for Your Vacation

Going on a road trip and want to avoid harming animals? We thought so. Visit these destinations, and steer clear of animal abuse.

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How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel ©

How Not to Be a Jerk to Animals When You Travel

If you’re thinking about swimming with dolphins or riding elephants on your next getaway, read this first.

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Highway Hellholes: 17 Roadside Zoos on the Blacklist © Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals

Highway Hellholes: 17 Roadside Zoos on the Blacklist

If you care about animals, avoid animal exhibits like you would avoid poison ivy.

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Your Guide to Vegan Road Tripping

These tips for being vegan on the road will make your trip easy-breezy.

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62 Southern California Vacation Ideas (Other Than SeaWorld, of Course)

There are many attractions in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas that don’t support the captivity of marine mammals.

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How to Eat Vegan at Sports Stadiums Across the Nation

It’s not just veggie burgers and vegan hot dogs anymore.

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11 Ways to Go Vegan at Disney

Check out this helpful guide to compassionate eating at the happiest place on Earth and go vegan at Disney!

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Take a Trip: How to Be Vegan Around the World

You have to read this before traveling.

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First-Ever Vegan Lifestyle Show Coming to a TV Near You

We can’t wait to kick back and literally “veg out” to the new vegan lifestyle show.

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