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Does Your Pooch Buckle Up?


According to a recent study, 60 percent of dog guardians have been distracted by their canine companions while driving, and only 17 percent use some sort of restraint system for their furry friends. Using a travel harness, carrier, or restraint for your companion animal protects you and your dog by minimizing distractions while driving and safeguarding your animal from being thrown about in an accident.

Penny, my rescued spotted princess, accompanies me to work every day, and before starting our commute, we both buckle up. In addition to a restraint, she also has a hammock-type seat cover that keeps the seat clean from her hair and serves as a barrier between the front and back seats. Although Penny isn’t typically a distraction (car rides equal nap time for her), I invested in a harness for her to keep her safe in case of a crash. If a wreck occurs at just 35 miles per hour, a 60-pound dog can exert 2,700 pounds of force on impact!

There are plenty of companies that manufacture travel safety gear for companion animals, and you can find them at pet supply stores or through online retailers. A simple search online produces dozens of results. Protect yourself, other drivers, and your furry friends by making sure your animals are safely secured while driving.

Where do you go with your dog in the car? Does your pooch buckle up?

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  • Megan Cutler says:

    After some serious research I found the ASPCA recommends the Bergan safety harness (sold at walmart) it’s well priced and can actually withstand the force of your dogs weight in a crash, turns out, most of the seat-belts and harnesses out there can’t hold up in impacts. I bought one for my dog and my sisters dog asap!

  • KBinBoston says:

    this was a horrible write up. even more important than a restraint for a pet traveling in a car is keeping your pet away from seats with airbags. sure it’s great if your dog is secured in a harness in the front seat as long as you don’t mind haveing your dog decapitated or crushed to death on your lap in a little fender bender.

    i really love reading these little articles but a little research and a bit more information would go a long way.

  • Mylie says:

    Hi Robyn,

    You can find a variety of options here:


  • Robyn VanWagenen says:

    quick question where do you get these? is there a link? local stores?

  • Nancy says:

    Can they lie down while in the harness so they can sleep? I used to have a dog and she would put her head on my shoulder while I drived because she was so appreciative for the ride, but I always had fear she would be injured in an accident because she wasn’t buckled-up.

  • JEAN says:

    S ounds like a wonderful idea. now all I have to do is get a dog….

  • Nanci says:

    I always buckle up my dogs. It’s great that you are letting everyone know how easy it is to keep your pets safe while in the car!

  • valerie says:

    Can dogs put their heads out the window while in the harness?

  • Marie says:

    We mostly go local. Once in a wile we take a big family vacation and we’re in the car for several hours. Our dog has a seat belt harness, that he loves to wear, he knows when we put him in it, it means ride in the car time. He can be belted to the passenger seat himself, but usually he’s attached to one of our belts and in our laps. We don’t usually travel one on one with our dog, since he likes to move around a lot while the car is moving.