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Hitting the Road With Rover

In these last few weeks of summer—in case you’re planning to slap an “I Heart My Mutt” sticker on the family truckster and load up Rover for one last summer romp—the following are some tips to help keep life happy on the holiday road:

Plan ahead.

Before pulling out of the driveway, make sure that you consider the trip from Rover’s perspective too. Does he get motion sick? Will he be in a hotel all day while you’re hanging out on the beach? If you decide that Rover would be more comfortable at home, be sure to find a reputable sitter who will keep him happy and safe until you are together again.

Be Prepared

Go through our detailed checklist to help make sure that you’ve got everything covered, from bottled water to a first-aid kit for your pooch.

Find ‘pet-friendly’ lodging.

Check out our guide to animal-friendly hotels before you go. Knowing which major hotel chains will accommodate your needs will make things run more smoothly than driving up to hotels in the middle of the night with your fingers crossed to ask about their companion animal policy.

Read more of our tips before hitting the road, and have a safe and fun trip!

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  • Debbie says:

    Here’s a link to a product that will allow you to prop your hatchback or a car door open while keeping the car itself securely locked. It comes in several sizes to let you decide how large you want the opening to be. Of course your dog needs to be crated inside the car for this to work, but that’s the safest way for them to travel anyway. I’ve found the Ventlock invaluable when I’ve traveled alone with my dogs in warm weather and had to leave for car for three or four minutes — to run to the restroom, for instance.

  • Serena says:

    Oh! That backpack for dogs is so totally jazzz and overly too cute!